Trial of the Century- in NY City


I know that many of you are worried and concerned about President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to bring “alleged” Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York City to face charges in a CIVILIAN federal court.

I feel your pain..!!

After all, Khalid was rounded up during a BATTLE raid, which took place DURING A WAR.

Therefore, Khalid was apprehended by military soldiers, DURING A WAR, and probably not read his Miranda Rights, or given his “one phone call”, or given a nice cozy sweater with a picture of a Thanksgiving turkey on it.

You, (thinking all “logical”) would assume that Khilad Sheikh Mohammed would be tried in a military style court. Considering the fact that Khilad, and his dear leader: Osama bin Laden, declared WAR against America in the 1990’s. The two plotted this WAR on The United States, and then carried out the attacks on American interests.

American interests; which included the death of nearly 3,000 Americans at the World Trade Towers.

Had Khilad Sheikh Mohammed NOT declared war on The United States, and was arrested by NY City police officers for robbing Macy’s; then we would be talking about a civilian court.

BUT YOU, (thinking all “logical”) believes that Khilad committed crimes against America, not just New York City.

Because Khilad Sheikh Mohammed declared WAR on The United States, carried out a massive attack, and was apprehended in War Time; you believe that Khilad should be tried in military fashion. A court that is designed to handle conditions of the battle field.

Silly you…

Thinking all “logical”.

If we did what you are asking; we would miss out on…


Hurry, hurry, hurry…

Step right up.


Come one, come all.

See the spectacle that is: Bush vs Khilad.


Watch in amazement, as a trial on a 9/11 KILLER: Khilad Sheikh Mohammed, turns into a trial on an American President, and military activities during a WAR.

Watch, as the City of New York is held hostage, by a massive trial that brings on NEW threats of violence. Thrill, as the people of NY City are subjected to NEW rounds of bag, purse, and body searches.


Watch as New York City is terrorized all over again.

Laugh out loud, because you can watch this spectacle from the comfort of you home; not having to live, or get to work in NY City.

Maybe you thought that OJ Simpson was guilty of murder.


Silly fool.


Maybe you thought that Michael Jackson was guilty of child molestation.



Is Khilad Sheikh Mohammed guilty of killing 3,000 Americans..??


Will you be wrong, again..??

Who Knows..??


The only way to know for sure, is to tune into the circus, which is:


President Obama…

If you have evidence to bring on court trials of the Bush Administration for torture, war crimes, or any other aspects that the FAR Left can conjure up; by all means, you have the right to do just that.

However this chicken shit, back door method that you are using now, is pathetic.

Mr. President…

Will you grow a pair and BE A MAN..!!

If you want to go after the Bush Administration, then go after them.


This “back door method” is not fooling anyone. Even the FAR Left.

You are “playing games” with a terrorist who killed more people then the Japanese did during Pearl Harbor.

President Obama, you are playing games with the City of New York; which is already over crowded, and already under fear of terror attacks.


President Obama…

Khilad Sheikh Mohammed MUST be tried in a military court.

Quit “playing games.”

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic