Historic Health Care Bill Passes


The US House of Representatives passed the Health Reform Bill (Act) by a margin of 220 votes for it, and 215 against it.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi called this an “Historic Moment.”

It is “Historic.”

This is the first time, that I can remember, that the federal government will FORCE you to buy something, or throw you in jail if you do not.

Many people were under the impression that this Bill would provide FREE health care.

Oh, no, my friend. You were very much asleep at the wheel. Many of us tried to warn you about this Bill. (But you do not trust us conservatives.)


Let me give you the exact quotes:

“..The $1.3 trillion-dollar bill would REQUIRE individuals to BUY health insurance..”

(I’m really sorry to have to do this) But, do you see the word “free” anywhere in that statement..??

You do not see the word “free” because it isn’t free.

To get all of you Americans covered with health insurance, the democrats are going to FORCE you to BUY it. Simple as that. Problem solved.

We have people in America who do not have health insurance. Solution- FORCE them to BUY insurance, or risk going to jail.

Here is how it works:

You WILL get your ass out there and BUY health insurance. If you do NOT buy health insurance, you will be fined. If you do not pay the fine, you go to jail.

You go to jail and you will be sitting next to a guy named Bubba who raped 5 women. When Bubba asks what you did to get in jail, you can tell him that you “didn’t buy health insurance.” Then, you and Bubba can head off and do… (Well, whatever Bubba WANTS to do.)

Now, maybe you think that “low income people” will get FREE health insurance? After all, wasn’t that the whole point to all of “this”.

You would be wrong.

Again, the exact quote:

“…Low- and middle-income families would receive government subsidies to PURCHASE insurance..”

WOW, I do not see the word “free.”

I see the word “purchase.”

I looked up the definition of the word “purchase”, and it doesn’t say: “FREE.” it says: “the act of buying.”

Low income people will have to BUY health insurance. Then they will take the receipt and use it on their tax return for next year to show that they “purchased” the insurance WITH THEIR OWN MONEY. And then, later on in the year, they may, (or may NOT) receive a refund (subsidies) that covers the total (or some of the) amount that they spent “buying” insurance.

The “very poor” already qualify for Medicaid, so they are out of this loop.


Maybe you already HAVE health insurance, and you think that THIS will not effect you..??

You would be very, very wrong.

The exact quote:

“…(Subsidies for the low income,) which would be paid for through tax increases on individuals making more than $500,000 per year, as well as fees on medical providers…”

OK, the democrats are going to tax the hell out of the rich people. People who provide JOBS for us Americans.

“..Fees on medical providers..”

The democrats will raise taxes on hospitals.

Hospitals will charge MORE money for medical procedures. Which, in turn, will raise the cost of your health insurance.

Remember: Whenever you tax the RICH more, whether it be some rich business owner, or a BIG hospital; it always trickles down to you. (In the form of fewer jobs, lower paying jobs, and higher priced goods.)

The House Bill includes a “public option,” which the democrats claim will be a lower form of insurance. However, I find it hard to believe anything that the democrats tell us, at this point.


The House Bill will include a raise in your income tax. (Which, President Obama said wouldn’t happen..??)

The House Bill also mandates that insurance companies cannot turn a person down because of pre-existing illness. I have never had a problem with this aspect. (I know that some conservatives do.) We are a compassionate nation. There is no reason that a cancer patient should have to search for health coverage.


As Nancy Pelosi said: “This is a historic moment.”

It is.

I cannot remember a time in which the federal government has ever forced you to buy a product, or faced jail time if you do not buy this product.

Some people have claimed that the government already forces you to buy car insurance. “So, why not health insurance..??”

The mandate on car insurance is a little different, and people are confused.

My State, Pennsylvania, mandates that you carry “liability” insurance. That is all.

Liability insurance does not cover your car, or your body (if something happens to you.) Liability insurance covers the poor bastard that you slam into, with your one ton car.

You can expand your coverage to comprehensive, which would cover the person you slammed into, plus your car, plus your body (broken leg, broken face, or someone sues you for driving too fast.)

Health insurance is a little different.

If you sit on your ass and eat greasy cheeseburgers all day, the only person that you are hurting is yourself. (Unlike, when you plow your one ton car into someone’s house and destroy their lives.)

Some argue that “we all pay” when the uninsured are rushed to the emergency room for treatment. That is true.

But what this bill does, is force all of us to pay NOW, just in case this guy has a heart attack later on.

So, this is an argument on “pay now” or “pay later.”

Democrats claim that if we cover more people with health insurance now, the cost will be lower because of preventative care.

Oh, really..??

These democrats have never stepped foot into the billings department of a major hospital. People on Medicaid are far more likely to head to the doctor FOR ANY REASON. (Sick belly, “I feel dizzy” my foot hurts) Far more times then the average person on regular health insurance with a co-pay.

We will NOT save money with this Bill.

It will cost more.


Let me be the one to say that the republican health bill was a joke. It had me asking: “guys, why even bother..??” It was a stupid idea for the republicans to toss that piece of crap out there. It wasn’t going anywhere, and if conservatives had read the republican health bill, they would have been pissed off.

But, this democrat bill is very bad.

I believe a lot of people were mislead into believing that it would be free.

Keep in mind that the very poor already have Medicaid.

Low income people will have to BUY insurance and they might get a percentage of that money back, at the end of the year.

Middle income people, who went without health insurance, are the ones who will be screwed.

“Why didn’t you buy insurance before?”

Maybe you were single with no kids. Maybe you were young and starting out. Maybe you were trying to buy a house, or just having fun. Maybe you paid the doctor cash, instead. Maybe you just liked having a choice?


I had that choice.

I went 15 years without health insurance and it freed up monies for other things. Today, I do have health insurance because I am middle age and it makes more sense.

The democrats do not want you to have that choice. You are silly and stupid, and the democrats know better what is good for you.



If you refuse to BUY health insurance and you do not pay the democrat’s fine.

You will go to jail.

Democrats, is this what you wanted..??

Really, I ask: “Is this what you wanted.?”

Or, has this thing gotten so big, and so political, that you are afraid to speak out now?

There is still hope.

The Senate must still pass a bill. They are having real problems doing that.


If the Senate can pass “something”, both bills would be “compromised” to make one bill that all must re-vote on.

So, this isn’t a “done deal” just yet.

But it is inching closer.

Folks, Let’s reform health insurance.

Let’s NOT force people to BUY into a system that we all agree is broken.

Written by AR Babonie for the Angry Republic


LINK: To the story about the passage of this Bill