Special ANGRY Award- category- GAY

It is time once again, for The Angry Republic’s “special”: ANGRY Award.

The ANGRY Award is given out to people who do (or say) something that is so hypocritically stupid, that it MUST have been said (or done) in ANGER.

(It is a psychological- type thing.)

NOTE- I am not a psychologist. I am a guy who sits in his sweat pants, and writes a blog.

Today’s recipient of the Angry Award (category GAY) goes to- Perez Hilton.

Wow, I think Perez Hilton won this award before, back when he called Miss California, Carrie Prejean: “A Bitch” because he didn’t like her answer to a question, at a beauty pageant.

(Then, of course, Carrie Prejean had naked pictures and a sex tape appear out of nowhere.) That’s the end of that story.

Perez Hilton is a blogger who fights for Gay Rights and he wins the Angry Award today because he is trying to force CNN’s News Anchor- Anderson Cooper to admit that he is Gay.

Now, I realize that there are other people involved with this “outting” of Mr. Cooper. For example, there are bloggers at the web site “Gawker” who are also pushing Cooper to talk about his personal life. But Perez Hilton allows us to put a “face” on the issue.

And here is that face.

(Sigh.. Must control urge to say something REALLY politically incorrect, here.)

I am not a Gay man, so maybe I do not understand the need for some Gay people to FORCE famous people to come out of the closet..??

I do not understand this..??

I have tried to put it into a prospective that I might understand…

What if an Italian / American man became president. BUT, he changed his last name to Smith, to hide his ethnic background. Would I, an Italian / American want to “out” this man because I want the world to know that an Italian man was president of The United States..??


Matter of fact, I’m not even sure what nationality President Bush was..?? It didn’t matter to me.

Let me go a step further…

I once thought that Fox News’- Greta Van Susteren was Gay.

That’s how silly I am.

However I never felt the need to FORCE the issue. It was something that I kept to myself.

But come on; Greta doesn’t dress like a girl, she wears suits. She likes football. And when she sits down for an interview, she crosses her legs like a cowboy. “What is a neanderthal like myself supposed to think..??”

I found out later that Greta is very much married. And she is not Gay.

But this is the point; I never felt the need to force Greta into telling if she was Gay. I watched her show because it was interesting.

I really do not care what Anderson Cooper does in his bedroom. I do not want to know. (Sick little bastard probably does all kinds of things, with implements and such, but it is none of my business.)

Which brings me back to the beginning…

I do not understand why some people in the Gay community want to FORCE famous people to admit their sexuality..??

Here is Perez Hilton’s reason:

“..Maybe because (COOPER is) so secretive about it, it’s having a reverse effect. If (Anderson Cooper) just came out, there might not be as much interest. You don’t ever really see people talking about Neil Patrick Harris’s boyfriend or anything along those lines..”

Wait a minute…

Neil Patrick Harris is Gay..??

Doogie Howser M.D. is Gay..??

OK, there are things that I just do not “need” to know.

In life, it doesn’t really matter.

I know that Rush Limbaugh was hooked on drugs. Big deal, many of us were, at one time. He bounced back from it, so what? It doesn’t change my opinion of him.

I do not know “for a fact” that the rock band Pink Floyd was “stoned” when they wrote most of their songs. I don’t need to know, and it wouldn’t change my opinion of them. (Actually, I would be stunned to find out that Pink Floyd was SOBER when they wrote that stuff.)

I never felt the need to find out whether Freddie Mercury, from the band “Queen” was Gay. And when he came out of the closet, (ON HIS OWN) PICTURE it didn’t change my opinion of his music. (Though, we all did wonder why a band of “hard rockers” would call themselves- “Queen.”)

It was part of the mystery.

There is no “mystery” today.

Everyone must “run” to a microphone and proclaim who they prefer to have sex with. It is “important.” We MUST know.

To win the coveted “ANGRY Award” in the Gay category, you MUST say or do something that is truly- hypocritical.

Perez Hilton has done just that.

Perez Hilton fights for the rights of the Gay community. That is very noble.

However, Hilton also wants the government to stay the hell out of HIS bedroom, and quit governing morality.

Mr. Hilton, if you want the government to stay out of your bedroom, don’t you think that Anderson Cooper wants YOU to stay the hell out of HIS bedroom..??

What gives you the right..??

(I love stories like this one. There is no “gray area.” Right is right, and wrong is wrong.)

Let’s check in with our current poll question and see how you, the readers, feels about this:

Leave Anderson Cooper alone.

If Cooper wants to talk about his sexuality, he will. If not, let it be a “mystery.”

The Winner of the November 2009 ANGRY Award goes to…

Perez Hilton

If you know of anyone who should be considered for a future ANGRY Award, let us know in the comment section.

To be eligible for this award, your subject MUST be a human, from the ages of 1 to 150 years old. (Though, we have never had an infant win this award. There is not much that a baby can say that would be construed as: hypocritical. “Da Da, Ma Ma, etc)

Also, you MUST fall into several categories: Gay, heterosexual, Hollywood, political and carbon based life forms.

Producers of “The Angry Republic” are NOT eligible to win The ANGRY Award because what are the chances of “us” ever saying anything hypocritical (heh heh)..?? Besides, we run this joint, why would we ever point a finger at ourselves..??

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