Did republicans really WIN anything, with this election?

Republicans MUST have won something because this little election is EVERYWHERE. On every web site, on every TV, and on every radio show.

So, it MUST mean something (to someone)..??

When I look at all the Left wing sites, they are ignoring the governor races that they lost, and focusing on a little district in NY State.

“..See, See..” the left is saying.

“..The candidate that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck endorsed LOST. Doug Hoffman LOST- big time..!!”

This is the stuff that the Left is talking about.

(Beck didn’t actually endorse Hoffman, but we will continue.)

However, things are not much better on the Right side…

I hear my Right wing friends say:

“…Well, Hoffman was a virtual ‘unknown’ just a few months ago. Look at how close he came to winning. Those idiots in the GOP picking Scozzafava is what screwed us up. Besides, look at how much republicans won elsewhere. Virginia and New Jersey Governorships..!! Woo Hoo..!!”

Let’s be honest, nothing NEW was learned here, with this election. (By us, the people reading this editorial.)

The only thing that happened was our beliefs were reenforced.

The other people who do not stay informed, or people who were wearing rose- colored glasses; they may have learned a few things today.

Let’s review the things that “we” already knew, but “others” may not have known. (Or “choose” not to recognize.)

(One) President Obama’s power is slipping away. If Obama still had the power that he once had, republicans would have won nothing. But, because people are still waiting for “hope and change”, democrats are losing these races. And democrats will continue to lose races in 2010. Unless, Obama’s “hope and change” is realized.

(Two) The top brass in the GOP have no idea what they are doing. Folks like Michael Steele and Newt Gingrich seem lost today.

(Three) People are not really worried about health care. They are worried about JOBS and the economy. Democrats do not understand this. Democrats are lost and out of touch.

(Four) Just calling yourself a “conservative”, doesn’t mean that you are going to win an election. We all hear conservative “talk stars” make the comment: “Every time the republicans run with conservative candidates, they win.”

Well, that’s not true. If it were true, we would be talking about PRESIDENT Barry Goldwater. If that were true, the 2008 republican primary would have been a neck and neck race between Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul.

It wasn’t.

More than just being “conservative”, you have to have a personality that attracts people. Doug Hoffman didn’t have this quality. Barry Goldwater (in 1964) didn’t have this quality. President Reagan did. President Reagan was able to bring NEW people to our party.

So, really, this election didn’t provide anything new, to what “we” already knew.

It did, however, uncover a few PROBLEMS… (Problems, again, that we already knew about.)

Republicans STILL do not have a national leader and there are rumblings of a “party- split.”

This problem, I do not really worry about. Republicans do not NEED a national leader at this point. We can win on local levels and state levels just by running against the BIG government programs that democrats are pushing. “Cap and Trade” and “Health Care” are the democrats downfall. People do not want these programs. They want smaller “fixes” that actually help. NOT big government programs.

Besides, why stick a republican leader out there now? Why place a person out in public to describe their ideas, only to allow the democrats 3 years to beat and blast those ideas away with “Chicago style politics”? That’s stupid..!!

It is better to fight on a local level, and let Rush, Beck, and Hannity pick away at the democrat leadership on a national level.

As far as a republican party split (between moderate republicans and conservatives)…

This doesn’t worry me much. (It’s too early to worry.)

Here is what we can all agree on, both conservatives and moderate republicans can all agree: the direction that President Obama is taking is WRONG for America.

That is all that we need, right now, to keep us together.

Don’t let the mainstream media and liberals pull you into an argument that republicans have BIG problems.

There is no REAL problem.

Moderate republicans and conservatives ALL AGREE: the direction that Obama is taking is wrong.

This will keep us together.

From now, until the 2010 elections, we will work together to win more seats in both Houses, and win over more Governor races.

Then, in 2011, if we do not like the presidential candidates that the GOP is pushing, we will have to make some serious choices. But, today, it is FAR too early to talk about a split.

There is strength in numbers.

At this point in time; the people who call themselves conservative, along with the people who vote republican, along with the people who are independent and feel that President Obama isn’t doing very well, FAR out number those loyal to Obama.

Democrats have REAL problems.

People are losing “hope” and faith that things WILL ever change.

Barack Obama promised so much, that he can never deliver on any of it.

Democrats in the senate have pushed back the health care bill until next year. We are still at war. There are no serious “war crimes” trials. Gay people are no better off today, than they were 2 years ago. And the economy is not getting much better.

These are things that liberals and progressives care about, and nothing is getting done.

Democrats have REAL problems.

However, democrats may have learned a valuable lesson:

It is MUCH easier to stand on the sidelines and bitch about a republican president, then it is to actually lead America.

A very tough lesson to learn, indeed.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Former President Bush and President Clinton will debate each other this February 25 (2010) at Radio City Music Hall. This debate is part of a series that places conservatives and liberals together in a program called: “Minds that move the world.”

For more info, check out this web site below. And you can even suggest a question for Bush / Clinton to debate.

LINK: Clinton and Bush debate

(Hat tip to The Huffington Post for bringing this to my attention.)

Is anyone else blown away by the TV show- “V”, and it’s similar aspects to President Obama..??

I mean it is so blatant. The “Visitors” come to earth offering “free health care” to us poor humans.

The leader of the Visitors will only take questions from reporters that will make the Visitors “look good.”

When a reporter claims: “That’s not how it works, I have to ask tough questions to be fair..” The Alien Visitor says: “Then this interview is over and you will be cut out from ever interviewing a Visitor again.”

Man, I almost fell out of my chair, when I heard that. That is president Obama and Fox News.

Just the fact that the lizard alien visitors are offering “free health care” is too much..!!

Yes indeed, things are a changing.

(Not the way that the democrats wanted.)