A very scary Halloween story- WARNING



Gather around kids, this story is spooky.

It seemed like a good day in Washington DC.

Better that a good day, it was a GREAT- good day, really.

The police had arrested the swine flu.

With swine flu, locked safely behind bars, it really was a GREAT- good day.

However, people should have worried; they should have been filled with fear.

For, today was Halloween and the democrats had just released their Health Care Bill.

1,990 pages of pure hell, which all of congress MUST read. This bill listed everything from vending machine food safety– to how high a new tax will be on Granny’s next oxygen machine.

It was terrifying stuff.

But, people in the community never seemed to notice. “..Why would they..??”

After all, it was a GREAT- good day, it just felt right.

A GREAT day, that is, until day turned to night.

All of the children were snuggled in their beds.

While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.


When all of a sudden, from the lawn came such a clatter.

The children ran to the window to see what was the matter.

What they saw was so scary, the children started to run.

It was Florida’s democratic congressman: Rep. Alan Grayson.



With a DEEP, blood boiling voice, Grayson cried out in a roar:

“..I apologize to the DEAD. You K Street whore..”


The children ran to a closet, where they thought Grayson wouldn’t be.

But there was no hiding from The Grayson, he was on EVERY- TV..

“..Die quickly. K Street whore. I apologized to the dead..”

The words Grayson uttered was stuck in every child’s head.

The children huddled, as low as they could be.

One child look over, and shouted to me:

“..Kind sir, is there any way to kill this beast..?? Will he die..??”

“..Because Grayson is democratic, No, to say the least..” Was my reply.


“..If the Grayson were a republican, there might be a way..”

“The mainstream media would swoop in to save the day.”


Would grab their cameras, pitchforks, torches, and wait for the republican to fall.

The republican wouldn’t stand a chance.

(Anyone remember Mark Foley..??)

But, because this beast is a democrat, he will live on.

To devour your intellect, until free- thought is gone.


So, the moral of this story is:

If you are a politician, and you happen to be:

A crook

Or a crook who hides $90,000 bucks of bribe money in your freezer.

Or, you are the King of Pork and love spending tax payers money:

or you happen to be a sex pervert:

Crooked politicians, should heed my words, before joining the Fed.

Join the democrats, live forever, as the “Living Dead.”

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

PS: If this story didn’t terrify you, why not read the actual House Health bill..??

LINK: The “very scary” House bill. All 1,990 pages, if you dare..!!



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