American Jobs- Safety First

(What’s in my chicken..??)

For years, many of us have worried about the job situation in America. It was difficult to bring the issue to the forefront when the unemployment figures hovered around 5%.

5% unemployment is about the best that you can do, right..??

It’s hard to “cry wolf” when most people are employed, and no one wants to listen.

“..What about the under employed? People working less than 40 hours a week, or those making much less than their skills..??”

These cries were not heard.

Today, the unemployment figures are closing in on 10%. In some cities, the unemployment rate is around 13% and for American youths, the rate is 25% unemployed.

1 out of 4 young Americans are out of work.

If the unemployment rate can double from 5% to 10% in a little over a year, it could double again next year, if we do nothing to stop it.

20% unemployment is unacceptable, and we cannot let it slip to that level. Hell, the Great Depression saw unemployment at 29%.

The time to act is now.

Republicans are clearly stuck somewhere between “liberal lite” and conservatism. Many republican politicians seem to think that they can “talk tough” on Fox News about how “conservative” they are. Yet, they head off and endorse a socialistic compromise in congress.

Democrats are stuck in campaign mode. They haven’t stopped campaigning since the election.

The “cure- all” for the democratic party is health care. Health care: that will not take place for 3 years, (which could be too late.)

If you press the democratic party on the economy and American Jobs, their answer is to use taxpayer’s money on “stimulus jobs.”

“Stimulus jobs”.

I saw some “stimulus jobs.”

They came through my town and fixed all of our cities sidewalks and curbs. There was about 100 people fixing curbs.

The sidewalks and curbs are all fixed now. What will these people do next year..??

Maybe next year, we could take MORE tax money and have these “stimulus people” trim bushes and pick up trash..??

This is a band-aid on a broken arm. It looks like we did something because there is a cute little band-aid on there, but the arm is still broken.

We need permanent JOBS. Not a temporary fix.

American Jobs- Safety First

In my last editorial on American Jobs, I talked about a system that has broken down which would allow a “chicken” to be raised in China, butchered, placed on a ship; to sail across the ocean, to then be sold in American stores. AND IT WILL BE CHEAPER than raising the chicken here, in America.

The system is clearly broken, and we have known that for years. Yet, we cannot get the republicans and democrats to do ANYTHING about it.

We the people, are going to have to do it ourselves.

Before we get into the solution, I wanted to talk about safety.

How “safe” is it to rely on other countries for FOOD..??

Currently, we buy fruits and vegetables from Mexico because the labor is cheap, and they have a longer growing period then we do.

We also buy “farm raised” fish from China. Why..?? Because the labor is cheaper and the cost is low because some of these Chinese farms feed the fish a collection of “stuff” that I do not even want to list here. (I will NOT eat this fish.) However, the fish meat from China passes the US- FDA because the meat shows up as being: acceptable.

Soon we will be eating chicken that was raised in China.

You will never know that you are eating this “Chinese Chicken” because the restaurant is not going to list on the menu where it came from. When you buy chicken in the grocery store, the package is not going to say: “Raised in China.”

You will never know.

We know the facts: Baby toys that contained lead in the paint. Poison pajamas that caused people to have allergic reactions. Canned soup that contained e- coli. Babies milk that was contaminated. All products from China.

It is one thing to import a DVD player, however…

Importing food..??

America has some of the most fertile land that the world has ever seen..!! Why are we importing FOOD..??

Food safety is a major concern.

However, there is a deeper, more dangerous concern, as well:

When talking about national security; how “safe” is it to rely on other countries FOR FOOD..??

At any time, China, Russia, and the Arab world could boycott America; for any reason. They could STOP products from coming to America.

If we import 60% of our oil, most of our manufactured goods, and now FOOD…

A boycott against America would bring this country to a standstill.

Sure, the Europeans would help us. Canada and Mexico would too. But if China held back manufactured goods and food, if the Arab world held back oil, and Russia provided the “muscle” to enforce this boycott; which one of our friends would cross this “blockade” to help us..??

Safety is a major concern when talking about American Jobs, and that is why I wanted to use one editorial talking about safety.

What is the “safest” product that you have ever owned..??

It is the product that you made, yourself.

Because you were there when it was formed from steal and wood. You watched as it was shaped and molded and transformed into a viable product. You know its weakness, and strength. You know, because you were there.

American Jobs are very important to put people back to work. But you cannot discount safety.

Facts are stubborn things..!!

It is much easier to inspect a factory in America, then it is to inspect a factory in China.

In China, we must get an OK from the Chinese government, which could take days, maybe weeks. By then, the factor will be “cleaned up.”

In America, the only thing that we have to do is get proper documentation from the FDA and a judge, and we can inspect that factory on the same day. We can catch them in the act of doing (whatever it was that they were doing.)

This pretty much concludes this editorial on American Jobs- Safety First. If you folks have anything that I forgot, please comment below.

In my last editorial on American Jobs, I forgot to list “taxes” as playing a major roll in “what went wrong” with American employment. Nobullthinker pointed that out, and I hope that you will add comments on this editorial, as well.

It is real tempting to just roll right into the solution for American Jobs. But I am trying to put together a web site that is fun, entertaining, and interesting; so I am holding “the solution” back, for the NEXT editorial on American Jobs. (Besides, you folks who are reading this are very wise. You already know the solution.)

As I have said before, my site takes a look at current news and politics, and we talk about it with humor (and a tad bit of anger.) However, we also pick a topic each year and focus on that topic.

One year, we focused on “radical Islam.” Last year, because of his idealism, we focused on stopping Barack Obama from becoming president. (Which didn’t work out so good.)

This year, we are focusing on American Jobs.

The editorials that we have lined up are:

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American Jobs part 2- Safety First

(You just read that one.)

American Jobs part 3- The Solution

(Due out in about a week.)


American Jobs part 4- “Franklin, Adams, tell us what to do..??”

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