Proof of UFO’s (or UFFO’s)

There are so many interesting news stories this weekend, I couldn’t pick one to focus on.

So why try and pick just one?

“Balloon Boy.”

Yes, I was caught up in the drama, like many other folks were.

Thursday, I was traveling from one town to another and caught the news that a boy was sailing across Colorado, trapped inside a homemade helium balloon.

It was not feasible for me to pull over and set up my laptop computer, to get video of this spectacle. But as soon as I made it to the next town. I turned in.

The balloon looked to be going 100 mph, (from the video I viewed), and was heading towards the ground. I walked away from the screen. This was one train wreck that I didn’t want to watch.

You know the rest of the story:

Balloon boy was never in the balloon.

TV news looked like a buffoon.

The father of this family is a Loon.

And that is the name of that tune.

But, take a look at this photo again..!!

Is this PROOF that UFO’s exist..??

OK, maybe NOT UFO’s

Maybe- UFFO’s

Unbelievably Foolish Families On-tv

File this under weird “stuff” on TV and the Internet.

Which leads us to famous movie director Oliver Stone. (JFK, Platoon) who doesn’t like you, much.

Stone doesn’t care for the Internet and video sharing sites.

Stone says:

“..Certainly at the beginning of this thing, the internet was an enemy. It was just a disaster for people like me who are classically trained in film school…”

Makes you kind of feel sorry for Oliver Stone, right? He spent all that time studying the “craft” of film making, and people are staying home to watch a monkey pick his butt on YouTube.

Stone Continues:

“…(The Internet) It’s a joke. It’s jerking off in front of the camera and that’s what most people are doing and I’m sick of it…”

Yes, Mr. Stone. When you are climbing that mountain, it is fun, rewarding, and a challenge. However, after you reach the peak, the only thing left is to head down.

(It CAN make you angry. And blame the Internet.)

Maybe, Mr. Stone, the reason people are not packing movie theaters is this:

Comment by Colin Cody (Actor):

“..I was a professional actor during the time when movies were transitioning from clean and inspiring to filthy, poorly done and depressing. That is why I am no longer in the business and why I feel sorry for all who remain in it, many of whom are too young to know what it used to be like.

The film industry is clearly declining and with good reason. A large and growing part of their former audience can no longer stomach the degrading experience of going to a modern movie on Saturday night. We have much better things to do now, and we are willing to allow increasingly decadent Hollywood to rapidly sink below the slimy surface of the entertainment sewer they have chosen to inhabit. Good riddance say I, and may their like never be seen again..”

I couldn’t have said it better..!!

LINK: Oliver hates the Inter-web

Hey, Oliver…

If you think that there is nothing good on the Internet, look at this…

Halloween Costumes for your dog.

(OK, maybe that isn’t the best example of how important the Internet is?)

Chicago High School: 115 girls get pregnant

Robeson High school has 800 girls.

115 of them got pregnant. (That’s 1 out of every 7 girls.)


(OK.. OK, I know what they DID to get pregnant.) But, what went wrong..??

The Religious Right will say that we didn’t teach these kids abstinence.

The Liberal Left will claim that we should have delivered a truckload of condoms to this school.

Hey, I don’t have the answer.

Giving kids condoms is kind of like saying: “Hey, go have a party, it’s OK.”

However, I know that when I was a child, telling me NOT to do something wasn’t a guaranty that I would follow that order. BUT SHOWING ME why I shouldn’t do something, did work.

I was lucky, I witnessed several classmates have children while still in school. The cost. The burden. Not to mention what kind of life this baby will have.

That was all I needed to see.

Something went wrong in this Chicago neighborhood.

Blame the schools. Blame the family unit. Blame TV.

Maybe the children never had “family time” where they learned the story of:

“Ho White”

Yes, “Ho White”

An Australian Beer company is using the children’s story of Snow White to sell beer.

LINK: Disney is suing, (of course.)

Not much else to say about that.

However, on the virgin side of things, comedy writer and TV star Tina Fey, (who spent last year making fun of Sarah Palin) stayed a virgin until she was 24.

She told David Letterman this while on his show.

(It’s a good thing that Tina Fey worked for Saturday Night Live and not for David Letterman. She may have never made it to age- 24, virgin style.)

Speaking of virgins…

Hillary: MORE popular than President Obama.

I know that many conservatives, like me, are happy about this poll. It shows President Obama slipping.

However, we can make polls show anything, by asking the right people the right questions.

Like all politicians, Hillary is MORE popular today because we NEVER see her.

Really, what does it matter? Obama is still president.

However, this is something that will plague the democrats, during Obama’s presidency:

Obama ran on BIG change and BIG hope.

When you put that much hype out there…

People expect “some hope” and “some change.”

Unless Obama does something, AND FAST, his numbers will continue slide.

What’s up at The Huffington Post..??

It sounds as though Huff Post founder Arianna Huffington is calling for VP Joe Biden to resign..??

(Isn’t that something that WE republicans are supposed to do..??)

I feel like someone is stepping on my toes here.

No, actually, I want Joe Biden to hang in there as VP. Biden brings “comic relief” to the constant “campaign mode” that President Obama is stuck in.

Biden is funny. (I’m not sure that he is trying to be- funny.) But, that is what I like about him.

Fox Facts

Marc Lamont Hill PhD, has been fired from Fox News.

Hill, who was a regular on Bill O’Reilly’s show, and presented the liberal perspective, was canned because of his reputation of defending cop killers and racists.

Link: to the story

I do not care for Hill’s stance on rap songs about “cop killers” as expressions of “free speech,” that is sick stuff. And there isn’t much that I agree with Hill on- in politics. However, I always felt that Lamont Hill was a polite man who did a good job presenting his side.

Fox should have Lamont Hill on to talk about this situation. However, I am sure that Lamont Hill will be welcomed with open arms at MSNBC.

Speaking of liberals at Fox News…

I was horrified to hear a liberal radio talk show host tell Fox News’ Juan Williams to “go back to the porch.” (A reference to “Uncle Tom, token Negro type stuff.)

Juan Williams doesn’t see a “big deal” in Rush Limbaugh wanting to buy into an NFL football team.

(Ooohhh. BIG no, no) Especially if you are liberal (and Black.)

So, Liberal talk show host: Ballantine told Willaims to “go back to the porch.”

All because Williams defended the right of Limbaugh to buy a football team

This is just sick stuff. I hate to even print the fellows name who made the comment, but I have to: Warren Ballantine, who was appearing on the O’Reilly Factor, made the comment.

There are many, many racist liberals out there. But somehow, we conservatives are always blamed for everything- racist.

Papa- Bush calls Keith Olbermann and Maddow “sick puppies.”

The LEFT is clearly strung out about this.

Never in the history of America, has a former president done anything like this.

Well, except for President Carter calling Americans “racist” for not walking in lock-step with Obama.

Oh, and President Clinton calling us “Angry Republicans”, (one of the reasons for the name of my site.)

And don’t forget that Barack Obama called people in Pennsylvania: “bitter people who cling to our guns.”

Or that his grandmother was a “typical White person.”

Oh, and don’t forget that Obama has a running feud with Fox News.

We can tolerate that stuff..!!

But we cannot tolerate Bush calling Olbermann a “sick puppy.”

I’m not sure why, but I find that funny.

See ya..!!

Thanks for reading The Angry Republic