Why I LIKE President Obama

During the entire 8 years of President Bush, I was always hoping that at least one liberal would come out and complement Bush for- something (anything.)

Maybe this liberal could have said: “..Well, Bushy did keep us safe here in the US for 8 years..” But I never heard a liberal say this. If anything, they argued that we were LESS safe because we pissed off everyone. (IE- the Iraq War)

Maybe this “opened- minded” liberal could have said: “..Well, old Bushy did work with Sen. Kennedy on the ‘No child left behind’ program. Which happens to be one of the other passions of the late Sen. Kennedy- education..” This didn’t happen either, and in fact, many liberals tossed poor Ted Kennedy under the bus to claim that ‘No child left behind’ was a failure.

There were many opportunities for a liberal to say something nice about President Bush, but it never really happened.

I guess the closest that I have seen; came from Bill Maher (host of Real Time- HBO) and Michael Moore who BOTH said something like this:

(I am combining both of their comments together)

Moore and Maher said this:

“…Bush was a horrible president. The worst. He was an evil man. The devil. Disgusting, and Bush made me want to vomit. However, Bush didn’t care if he was popular, (Bush) continued to work on his goals and got things passed, even when Bush became unpopular. Obama needs some of that…”

That was it folks…

If I was looking for a liberal to complement President Bush, I will have to settle for that.

But, that is BIG.

It is a big statement. What Bill Maher and Michael Moore have said, is something that I have always said on this Web Site: “..I am a conservative, who votes republican because republicans get things done. Democrats ‘talk’ about a lot of stuff. But democrats never seem to get their ‘stuff’ off of the drawing board.

So, with the exception of Bill Maher and Michael Moore’s backhanded complements, I really do not have a list of liberals who said great things about President Bush.


If I expect a democrat to say “nice” things about one of my presidents, shouldn’t I say a few “nice” things about one of theirs..??

Fair is fair, right..??

So, here it goes…

(This is where I get kicked out of the “conservative club” folks, a man without a party. A rebel without a cause.)

Actually, I do have a “cause”, if you read to the end of this post.

Why I like President Obama

By AR Babonie

Barack Obama is a great speaker.

I first noticed this during the 2004 democratic convention. I watched Obama speak and I said: “Holy crap, that guy can speak.” At the time, most of us knew nothing about Barack Obama, and many news casters couldn’t even pronounce his name right, but I knew that he was destined for higher office. (But NOT right now.)

As I have said many times on this site, I would have held Barack Obama back in the Senate for a few years, to gain experience, before running him as president, if I were a democrat. (But that didn’t happen.)

President Obama and the missile shield / Russia / Iran

I have been mostly silent on this issue. Mainly because I wanted MORE info before I shot my mouth off.

I understand the fear that my side has, and the issue of Russia.

However, I watched closely last year during the missile “ordeal” with North Korea. While Lit’ Kim Jong was testing his missiles, we (America) tested a missile shield that KNOCKED down a missile, similar to what North Korea is using.

This “missile shield” that we used in the Pacific Ocean, near Korea, was mounted on ships and subs. And it worked out great.

Technology moves very quickly, my friends. The old thinking that a missile MUST be lodged somewhere on land, is old “cold war” thinking.

Placing missiles on land makes for an easy target. Your enemy knows where the missile silos are. A low flying, Tomahawk style missile COULD take them out.

If you mount the missiles on trucks or trains, you still have the problem of being visible by satellite.

But by mounting a missile shield on submarines, you become invisible. I trust our military officials, and I believe that a mobile shield can be just as effective as a land based shield. (More so, because you can move it to the “hot spots” in the world.)

So, I agree with President Obama on the missile shield decision. And if it makes the Russians happy, jackpot..!!

(Though, I wouldn’t put too much stock in EVER making the Russians happy. They buddied up with President Bush during his first term. That didn’t go well. The Russians are NOT going to help us with Iran.)

With President Obama, THE WORLD LOVES US, again.

Even a blind man can see this.

People feared and despised President Bush. Sometimes that is a GOOD thing. (And sometimes that is a bad thing.)

If you are fighting a war, you want your enemy to fear you. If the enemy believes that you are a crazy “som bitch” who will do anything- including start WW3, they are less likely to screw with you.

However, if you are trying to build a coalition of countries to help you, having people despise you doesn’t help.

The world loves Obama.

And right now, that is a good thing.

Just as I did five years ago, the world is now hearing President Obama and they are saying: “..Holy crap, that guy can speak..”

Everyone needs friends.

America needs to be “liked” again.

For this, President Obama can be a great embassador for our nation.

If I really thought about it, I could probably come up with many more reasons why I like Barack Obama. (However, we still have a few years to go with Obama as president, so there is no reason to push the issue further, today.)

My hope, with this post, is that some young liberal / progressive will read this post and it will stick in their mind. Then, in the future, when there is a republican president and we are involved in a bitter policy debate, this liberal could speak a few kind words about the person they oppose. And it will take the debate down to a civilized discussion.

So we do not have democratic politicians standing on the House floor with a poster that reads: “The Republican Parties health plan- Die quickly.”

And we do not have a republican politician screaming at President Obama: “You lie..”

(You may have noticed that I left out Sara Palin and her “death panels” from the above examples. Say what you want about Palin, however she did wait until she resigned as Governor and became a private citizen, before she claimed Obama wanted “death panels.” There is a difference. Sitting members of congress, the Senate, and Governors need a little more respect for each other.)

As I said early in this editorial, I do have a “cause.”

From time to time, the “cause” of my web site changes. I write posts about current topics, that doesn’t change. However, the “cause” does change.

Last year, the “cause” was trying to stop Barack Obama from becoming president because I didn’t care for his policies. (That didn’t work out so good..!!)

Stopping Global Warming laws has always been a “cause.”

And a in 2005, I did several posts on “what is radical Islam.”

My “cause” this year (the winter blogging season) will be: “jobs.”

American jobs.

We have become a country that doesn’t “make” anything.

We sell things.

We “service” things that we sell. We service people (doctors, prostitutes, etc), and provide services for people.

But we do not MAKE anything, anymore.

This winter season, I will be putting out a series of posts on jobs. What happened to American jobs, where we went wrong, and how to get them back.

It will be a learning experience for me, and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

As always, Thanks for reading The Angry Republican