We will solve the health care “crisis” in less than ONE blog post, but first I want to tackle a misconception that I am reading.

This is my current favorite:

“…Those people call themselves Christians and they are protesting to stop people from getting health care..?? That is NOT very Christian- like..!! What hypocrites..!!”

This is the old: “What would Jesus do” morality play.

What would Jesus do..??

Well, I do not claim to be an authority on Jesus. However, I do not believe that Jesus would force people to BUY health insurance and FINE those who do not, $1,900 bucks. (And Jesus wouldn’t throw a person in jail who didn’t pay the fine- LINK)

To my knowledge, Jesus wasn’t a BIG government type guy.

In fact, Jesus would have been born in his nice warm house, (instead of being born in a stable) if it wasn’t for the fact that Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem to pay their freaking taxes.

(I’m not sure that Jesus is a great example for democrats to use, to justify growing the government BIGGER. Remember, that whole BIG Roman government crucifixion stuff..?? ) Nope, Jesus is not a very good subject to argue for BIGGER government.

Everyone in America has a right to health care. It is against the law for a hospital to turn away a sick person.

Health CARE is not at question, here.

What is at question is who will pay for the hospital treatment: The person who is sick? All of his neighbors? Or some “rich guy” who lives somewhere down the road?

I guaranty that religious people donate more money to charity than most other people of the same income level. Religious people do not need a FORCED government tax to make them help the poor, they do it out of the goodness of their hearts, (and all of the guilt that is forced upon them in church.)

I am not against giving people health insurance, I am against this (these) current bill(s).

Forcing people to BUY insurance. (Very wrong) Throwing them in jail if they do not buy insurance. (Very, very wrong.)

Living Wills and end of life counseling. (Wrong, the government has no right in your personal choices.) Does having a Living Will make you MORE healthy..??

If President Obama was pushing a “Death Bill”, then I could understand the Living Wills and End of Life Counseling.

OK- here we go- solving health care

If health care is a crisis, shouldn’t we do something NOW..??

Republicans cannot stop this bill. We do not have the votes to stop it.

So the “hold up” on passing this bill falls squarely on the democrats, fighting with each other.

If it truly is a crisis. If, as President Obama stated, people are dying because they do not have health care, then we MUST act now. Why are the democrats stalling..??

Didn’t we get upset when President Bush took too long to help the people of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina..?? Thousands of people were standing on their roof tops, waiting for help.

Today, MILLIONS of people are waiting for help. They have no health insurance and they are dying.

The democrats and Barack Obama are taking TOO long to help these people, who are dying with no health insurance.

We have a crisis, people are dying, and the democrats are fighting over words.


Here is the solution:

The reason that the “Blue dog democrats” have problems with this health bill is because the bill sucks.

I can’t say it any plainer than that.

I do not believe that there actually is a health care crisis, but lets work from the premise that there is a crisis.

President Obama can convince congress to draft a bill that would provide catastrophic medical coverage to those who do not have coverage. If you get a belly ache, or you need more Viagra, you are going to have to pay for that yourself. However, if you get cancer, the health coverage kicks in, and you do not loose your house.

President Obama could do this Monday and congress could pass it by the end of next week. (I mean, if we really have a crisis.)

The bill should have a limit. It should not be free for everyone. If you make $75,000 per year, you must pay for your own coverage. About $100- single. $250- family: per month. If you make between $74,000 and $35,000, you pay half. Under $35,000, you pay nothing.

NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO BUY HEALTH INSURANCE, PERIOD. We do not force you to buy flood insurance for your house.

This bill should have an expiration date. Just like the “Bush tax cuts” or the Patriot Act, Catastrophic health care would expire in 3 years. Congress would have to vote on it again.

Blue Dog Democrats would vote for this emergency Bill, (remember, we are in a “crisis”, and people are dying) and a few republicans would probably sign on. The bill would pass.

(Second) President Obama could direct congress to draft a bill making it illegal for an insurance company to refuse coverage to people who have an existing illness. This would be across the board and apply to all health insurance providers. (I do not believe that anyone is against this..??)

(Third) The democrats and President Obama could promise to continue to work on another health care bill, explaining to their far left base that this catastrophic bill was for emergency only. This way the democrats could take their time and draft up a logical bill that doesn’t have loopholes for big drug companies, BIG lawyers, and BIG hospitals that gobble up little hospitals.

We need REAL health care reform. Not this crap that congress tossed together. REAL reform might take a few years to hammer out the details.

And we the people, MUST continue to protest this crap- filled bill that benefits BIG drug companies. (Protest the RIGHT way. Not like the liberal protesters who busted up our city of Pittsburgh.)

President Obama could put together catastrophic health care tomorrow, if he wanted to.

If, as Obama says, we are in a crisis and people are dying, why are democrats waiting..??

Again, democrats do not need republican votes to pass any of these bills.

Democrats; blaming republicans for the delay on this health care bill, would be like a football team blaming the audience because their kicker missed a field goal. “The audience was making too much noise and it distracted our kicker.”

People wake up…

Democrats could pass this bill Monday, without republican votes.

What are they waiting for..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic