Thanks for voting- Obama, now go away you White racists

I REALLY really thought that after America elected a Black President, we could put all this “racist” stuff behind us.

“..How could America be racist if we have a Black president..??”

Think about it, we are miles ahead of everyone else.

Has France EVER had a Black president..?? Has Britain ever had a Black King or Black Prime Minister..?? What about Germany..?? Has Sudan ever had a Black president..?? (OK, scratch that last one, can you really call Sudan’s leader a “president”..??)

So, how can America be racist?

Remember, it was White America that got Barack Obama elected president. (Current census- there are 41 million Blacks in America. There are 199 million White Americans.) Any idiot can see that Obama would NOT be president today if White people didn’t vote for him.

So how can America BE racist..??

I will tell you…

Remember how we used to surf the Inter-web with our stories on how Bush was a liar. “Bush lied, people died.” (That was great..!!)

It was not racist when we called Bush a liar because Bush was stupid, mean, and evil. Bush was a beast, really, when you think about it. Bush was sub- human.

Today, when people call President Obama a liar, IT IS RACIST because a Black man cannot lie. You should NEVER say that President Obama is a liar, because he is Black.

Remember when we made that movie: “Death of a president” where we showed Bush being killed..??

That was great..!!

Remember when we used to make up funny little posters about Bush and head to our Iraq War protests..?? Those were the days..!! We would draw up posters that made Bush look like Hitler. I remember people wore masks that looked like Bush, Rummy, and Condi Rice. They had handcuffs on and carried posters reading “war criminals.” That was great stuff.

Do you remember the political cartoons about Condi Rice..??

They were really great..!! They used to make Condi Rice look like Bush’s slave, or a parrot on Bush’s shoulder, or even a monkey.

There was nothing wrong with these political cartoons because Condi Rice was an evil republican and the people who did these cartoons were just speaking out about the president’s cabinet. Besides, Condi Rice is sub- human. She believes that Saddam needed to be removed from Iraq, which makes Condi Rice an evil beast. There is nothing wrong or racist in poking fun of the Black Condi Rice.

But today, when people make fun of President Obama, it is evil, and of course, it is racist. Because Obama is Black. You can NEVER say mean things about a Black Obama. You cannot disagree with Obama. It is racist. (However, it is OK and you can still disagree and make fun of the Black Condi Rice or Michael Steele. It is NOT racist because The Black Condi Rice is an evil republican bitch.) And lets face it: Is Michael Steele really Black? He is republican. Steele is NOT down with the struggle.

Remember when we used to laugh about the “truthers”..??

We used to smile when the truthers blamed Bush and Condi Rice for the 9/11 attacks.


Instead of defending Bush, (which we would NEVER do) we helped out this conspiracy by adding little phases like: “why did tower 7 fall, it didn’t get hit..??” (That was great and funny stuff..!!)

There was nothing racist or wrong with allowing the truthers charge against Bush, Rice, Rummy, and Cheney to stick because it was challenging the opposition. Keeping them on their toes.

However, today; the “birthers” are evil and racist. Just because Obama’s relative says Obama was born in Kenya… (Like we are going believe one of Obama’s relatives, duh..!!) These idiots want to push this stupid theory. And the other republicans are racist too for letting this theory fester.

So NOW you see…

America is racist because people are being mean to Barack Obama. (Because he is Black.)

Back when we did this stuff to George Bush, it wasn’t racist, or evil, or mean; because Bush was a monkey, an idiot, a sub- human.

Today, people who call President Obama a liar, or they disagree with Obama, are racists.

They are racists because Obama is Black.

And you cannot say “that stuff” about a Black man.

(Ok, let me step out of my “sarcastic liberal voice” for a moment.)

We have found the answer to the question that started this editorial:

“How can America be a racist country after electing the first Black president..??”

I will explain the answer in a minute, but first, some background:

One of my best friends happens to be Black. (Or “exceptionally Black” as he might say.) We grew up together, both from single parent homes, we had a lot in common, and we both pulled ourselves out of the ghetto with just our willpower and talent.

My friend can call me a stupid greasy Italian, and I can call him a dumb coon. We laugh about this stuff because these “names” hold no meaning. We have seen it all, and been down many roads. Our skins are very thick.

There is no name that you can call me that will hurt me, because I never give you THAT MUCH POWER, to hurt me.

I asked my friend one day if he ever was hurt by racist White people, and he said:

“..I would rather people speak their mind around me because then I know who I am dealing with. It is the “smiling faces” that hurt more. People who act ‘different’ around me, they are the ones who hurt..”


THAT, is the answer.

If you have ever wanted to say something in public, but stopped yourself and thought: “..I better not say ‘that’ because someone might think I’m a racist…” You are a racist.

You are acting ‘different’ because someone is Black, or Asian, or Hispanic.

You are a “smiling face.”

And “Smiling faces, sometimes, they don’t tell the truth.”

“Smiling Faces” preformed by “The Undisputed Truth.

Extended version (11 minutes) The Temptations- “Smiling faces”

(Here are a couple lines from the song “Smiling Faces”)

“Your enemy won’t do you no harm, because you know where he is coming from.”

“Beware of the pat on the back. It just might hold you back.”

“The impossible task, is to find out which smile is a mask.”

(Lines from the song “Smiling Faces”)

I may have just handed you an impossible task.

If you speak your mind and say something stupid, you are a racist.

If you hold back your thoughts, (because you might offend someone) you are a racist, because you are hiding behind a mask. A “smiling face.”

(Yes, I know. You are dammed if you do and dammed if you do not.)

Remember, the word “racist” is just a name. Not unlike the term “dumb greasy Italian, or the “n” word.

It is “name-calling”, and I am not going to get into a name- calling match with the democrats.

Are there stupid White people who say dumb things..?? You bethca..!!

Are there dumb Black people who say stupid things..?? Kanye West, anyone..??

Just remember what my friend said: “It is better to know what people really think, because you know who you are dealing with..!!”

I will NOT treat President Obama any different than I treated Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, or any other president.

The pinnacle of equality is when we treat everyone the same, regardless of skin color, or gender.

So, if you are speaking out about President Obama because you do not care for his policies, welcome to equality. Welcome to 2009, and the FIRST Black president.

However, if you are holding back your TRUE thoughts because Barack Obama is a democrat (and he is Black…)

Well, you need to do a little soul searching, my friend..!!

It is racist to hold someone back, or push them forward, because of their skin color.

The pinnacle of equality is when we treat everyone the same, regardless of skin color, or gender.

(And I WILL treat President Obama the same as any past president.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic