Death Panel Member- An exciting NEW job in Obama- Care

The minute that Sarah Palin opened her mouth, and spewed out the now famous line- “Government controlled Death Panels”; the liberal left has their panties in a bunch, and they have gone nuts.

“…Palin is a whack job. Who would be stupid enough to believe that President Obama is going to have ‘death panels’ that will pull the plug on Grandma..?? Palin is nuts..”

Could Sarah Palin be correct..??

Did democrats want to KILL Grandma..??

Or, are the people at The Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, and Maureen Dowd of The NY Times correct? That Sarah Palin is a nut and a liar..??

The truth might not be found in words…

The truth might be found in actions.

In the middle of Washington DC, in the middle of the night…

The exact line of the Health Care Bill, (section 1233 of HR 3200) that Sarah Palin was talking about, is being REMOVED from the Senate version of the health care bill.


Because it COULD create a panel of government workers whom would decide who is too old and too sick to receive the latest treatment. (In a round- about way, it is a “Death Panel”, and I will explain later.)

So, who was crazy..??

Sarah Palin: for reading the Health Care bill carefully and reporting on a section that caused her alarm..??

Or the left: who DIDN’T read the bill, and just labeled Sarah Palin- Crazy..??

Why would President Obama promote a bill that ‘could’ KILL grandma..??

Because President Obama didn’t read the bill.

No one has.

Not one person has read the bill because there are about 3 different bills being passed around, with about a “kijillion” pages in them.

Not one American has read every section of every bill, AND understands what the hell congress was talking about, in these bills, when congress put these dam things together.

And democrats were demanding that congress pass these bills- FAST..??

I ask…

Who is “crazy”..??

Before I get into an editorial on “Death Panels”, I wanted to make a point:

I read The Huffington Post, not because I agree with them, but because I want to know what liberals are talking about.

I check, and double check any information I find on these liberal web sites; and most of the information is based “loosely” on mis-information, or stuff taken out of context. However, every so often; a scandal involving a republican will erupt, and it WILL NOT be covered by Fox News, or Rush, etc, right away.

I do not believe that many liberals do this.

Liberals immediately dismiss a person like Rush, or Sarah Palin as “crazy”, and they miss very important details, because they are only getting one side of a story.

Why would you do that to yourself..??

Arm yourself with only half of a story and walk around uninformed..??

OK, let me get into this editorial:

“Death Panels”

I believe that a “living will” is a very personal thing. It should NEVER be forced. Or persuaded.

I will prove, to all who reads this, that “living wills” and “end of life” counseling can be perverted, by the wrong people.

But first, I experienced the problems of a “living will” on a personal level.

My Mother signed a living will. Without going into details, my Mother did not want to be kept alive by machines.

(She had done up this will ten years earlier. Hence; therein lies the problem.)

Medical science moves very fast. There are things that they can do today, that they could not even conceive of five, or ten years ago.

My Mother, when she fell ill, was only in a comma for two days, but because of her living will, they would have to “pull the plug” on my Mother.

You see, even a “feeding tube” (can be) considered “a machine” that is keeping you alive.

People have revived from a state far worse than my Mothers condition, and there was a new procedure that the doctors could try. This procedure could restore my Mother back to a relatively healthy life.

But the “living will” that my mother signed ten years earlier, stopped all of this.

This would be the end of the story.

(Except, that we live in the greatest country on earth. America, the land of the free.) And we conservatives want to keep it that way.

Between my Mother’s doctor, the surgeon of the hospital, the hospital’s lawyer, and myself; we were able to “over-ride” my Mother’s living will, and try this new procedure.

I, having known my Mother better than anyone on this earth, (far better than President Obama or any government worker) I knew that my Mother wasn’t a quitter.

Yes, my Mother didn’t want to “cling to life” on some machine, being a burden on everyone, for months.

But we were not talking about months. We were only talking about a couple of days.

Between the hospital staff and myself, we were able to over-ride this “living will”, I took power of attorney, and the procedure went on.

To make a long story short, the procedure didn’t work. All of the doctors agreed that my Mother wouldn’t make a recovery, and we then preceded with my Mother’s wishes.

I had to try.

I could never live with myself if we didn’t try. And I remembered the last words from my Mother was that she wanted to go home. She didn’t say that she wanted to die. She said that she wanted to go to her house and sit on the porch. That is what we (the doctors and myself) tried to do.

It didn’t happen.

But we had to try.

That was over three years ago and I am at peace with it all, now.

“Living Wills” and “End of life” counseling

I want to show you how a “living will” can be perverted.

If I asked you:

“..Do you want to be kept alive by machines, lying in a bed like a vegetable. You are drooling on yourself for months, while your loved ones miss work, and are tortured with the sight of seeing you like this, do you want to be kept alive..??”

You would say- no..!!

Hell, I would say “pull the dam plug”, send me off to “where ever” or what ever is next, after life.

Most people, especially at old age, do not want to be a burden, and would not want to be bedridden in a comma and kept alive by machines.

But what if I changed the thinking:

What if I asked the question this way:

“..You have fallen ill and are unresponsive. Machines are keeping you alive. The doctors and your children believe that a new procedure could restore you to health. Do you want the to hospital and a government worker to KILL YOU and NOT try this new procedure..??”

(Aaahhh, I am waiting for your answer..??)

OK, I understand how someone on the left could remind me that the “wording” in the living will can be drawn up to take in many different scenarios, including time lines. But most people do not consider this. Most people just claim that they do not want to be kept alive by machines. (Which could include a feeding tube.)


Let me speak blunt, here:

A living will is a very selfish thing.

It only takes in consideration what YOU want. It doesn’t consider the wishes of the ones who love you.

That is why the government should NOT be involved in “living wills” and “end of life” counseling.

Have you ever known anyone who had to fight with the government for unemployment compensation..??

Have you ever known anyone who had to fight with the government for disability payments..??

I cannot imagine what it would have been like fighting with the government on my Mother’s “living will” to get that new procedure done..??

The government would have been charged with saying “Yes” or “No” on my Mother’s “living will”, under President Obama’s health care.

(You see, my Mother was on Medicaid and Medicare. She was 71 years old at the time. And she was very sick.)

A “living will” is a personal matter that a family should talk about. The government SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN THIS MATTER, at all.

Hopefully, “living wills” will be removed from all the bills. (Just incase one of the bills gets passed.)

(The stupid) Sarah Palin found a serious flaw in Obama’s health plan and she blurted out a phase (death panels) that cause US politicians to READ parts of this bill. These politicians also became alarmed and are removing this section.

(The inexperience and uneducated) Sarah Palin did a better job than your local politicians had done.

No one believes that President Obama would want to “pull the plug on Grandma.”

That is just plain silly.

However, because President Obama DIDN’T read this health care bill, he didn’t even know that the government would form a panel of government workers, that would educate people on end of life choices, that would lock people into “living wills.”

President Obama didn’t know that the only way to over-ride these “living wills” would be government workers on a “panel.”

These “panels” of government workers would decide who could live, and who was too sick and too old to spend money on.

These panels would decide “life” or “death.”

They were: “death panels.”

Just as (the ignorant) Sarah Palin had described.

Death Panels

(You know, that might not be a bad job for us conservatives to get into.)

What if Obama’s health care gets passed, as written..?? (Remember, democrats don’t need us republicans to pass this horrible bill.)

We conservatives could “stack the deck” and get jobs on Obama’s “death panels.”

Since most of the time, we conservatives choose “life” over death, we could give a thumbs up to everyone’s Grandma.

Not one person would be sentenced to death by Obama’s death panels, if we conservatives ran them.

That might be a GREAT job to have..??

You would go home every day thinking that you helped save a life..!!

(Except, if too many liberals get on the “death panel” and vote to “pull the plug” on Grandma.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican