Mess makers- shut your mouth

When talking about “angry” Americans who are speaking out at Town Hall meetings, President Obama said:

“..I don’t want the folks who created this mess to do a lot of talking..”

Yes, Mister President…

The people who caused this mess SHOULD STOP TALKING.

They SHOULD shut their dam mouths.

(And they should READ the health care bill that they “might” sign.)

I agree with President Obama- 100%.

The people who caused this mess SHOULD STOP TALKING.

However, the American people DIDN’T cause this mess.

The American people did what they were suppose to do. They went to work, took care of their families, and paid their taxes.

The mess that we are in, (the banking crisis, job loss, health care mess, etc) was caused by the politicians.

Unlike Bill Maher*, I know that the American public is NOT stupid. We can follow a time-line on all of these problems and we can trace them all back to politicians.

Take the banking crisis, for example: It was the democrats who pushed for “looser” lending practices in home mortgages to help first time home buyers get the house of their dreams. (That they couldn’t afford.)

And we know that the republicans didn’t stop this practice, while republicans held the White House, the Senate, and the House for 6 years.

The Health Care Crisis…

(Just do a Google search on: “Ted Kennedy- HMO”. Need I say anymore..??)

The current unemployment figures…

I wish I could say that it was only the democratic party who caused the mess that we are in today, but that would be dishonest. It was a team effort between democrats and republicans who delivered us into this “stink hole.”

This current finger pointing by the White House and the democrats is making me want to puke because they are equally to blame.

Now these same politicians want us to trust them on a Bill that THEY DIDN’T EVEN READ..??

So, I agree with President Obama…

The people who caused this mess (the politicians) should shut their freaking mouths and listen to the American public.

Aaahh, that would also include you, President Obama.

After all, first and foremost, Barack Obama is a politician. He was in the Senate before becoming ruler of the United States.

Might I suggest that ALL politicians use their month long August vacation to READ THE DAM BILL before they sign it.

Might I also suggest that the people who caused this mess, (the politicians) shut their freaking mouths and LISTEN to the American voters at these Town Hall meetings.

(That would also include you, Mr. President.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

*- Bill Maher- host of HBO’s “Real Time” called America a “stupid country.” (See my last post.)

Now, Bill Maher, (in clarifying his comments) claims that- “..America is like a college chick after two Long Island Iced Teas; America can be talked into anything, like wars, and America can be talked out of anything, like health care..”

So now Bill Maher feels the need to insult college girls..??

First you insult America by calling it a “stupid country.” Then you claim that college women are “easy”, after two drinks..??

I just do not understand the American left..??

Bill Maher reminds me of a sick dog that shows up in your back yard, tired and hungry. You feel sorry for this old dog, so you give it a bowl of food. The dog chows down the bowl of food and then bites you on the leg. Which causes you to kick this dog in the ass.

The next day, that sick dog shows up again, tired and hungry. For some reason, you feel bad for kicking that dog in the ass, and you give him another bowl of food. The sick dog eats the food and bites you on the leg again.

That is Bill Maher.

After the terrorist attack on NY City, Maher said that it took “courage” for the terrorists to fly planes into the World Trade Towers. Maher, (in referring to the US military) said it DOESN’T take courage to sit 200 miles away from the battle field and bomb a target.

After that statement, Bill Maher lost his job on the ABC Network and was unemployed. (Like the sick dog that we fed, only to get bitten in the leg.)

However, for some reason, people felt sorry for Bill Maher and they gave him another chance. (HBO- “Real Time.”)

And, just like the sick dog, Bill Maher BITES these people on the leg AGAIN, by calling them “stupid.” Maher went on to say that politicians “shouldn’t listen to (Americans) at these Town Hall meetings because (Americans) do not know what they are talking about.” Bill said that instead of Town Hall meetings, we should have “study hall” meetings.

You know, I like having Bill Maher around. Because with Maher in the public’s eye, I do not have to “build a strawman” when talking about liberals; I can just point to things Maher has said and done. Bill Maher helps prove my point that liberalism is mean, elitist, and just plain wrong for America.

Say what you want about Rush Limbaugh, but I have never heard Limbaugh call America “stupid.” In fact, Rush pushes you to be your best.

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