Have you ever felt the need to call America: “A stupid country”..??

Well, when I saw 52% of American voters pick a president who had never run a state, or a business of any kind, or spent any time (longer than 148 days in the Senate), it was tempting to call them “stupid” for voting for Barack Obama.

But I didn’t.

I didn’t call Obama supporters “stupid” because we have all been tricked by a “fancy car salesman” who promised the moon, but sold us a lemon.

Even smart people can be tricked.

America- you stupid country.

Yes, in this editorial, am referring to Bill Maher’s comment on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s show. (Which you can view the video clip below.)

However, I am talking about a larger view that Liberal Democrats have about America.

Liberals “say” that they LOVE this country. However, it is easy to find many examples of how liberals actually do “hate” America. Bill Maher’s slip up on CNN is a great example. Bill actually says that America is a “stupid country.”

Ask a liberal: “Do you love America.”

And the liberal will reply:

“…Yes, I love this country. That is why I bitch, piss, and complain about America. I love America SO MUCH that I want to CHANGE America into something else…”

Would that line of thinking work for something else..?? Let’s say, a spouse..??

Do you LOVE your wife..??

“…Oh, yes. I LOVE my wife. That is why I complain and talk bad about my wife in public. I love my wife SO MUCH that I want to CHANGE her so that she acts like someone else…”

This logic…

This way of thinking; only works when liberals describe their “love of country.”

Sometimes, a liberal will point to the founding fathers and claim that Jefferson, Adams, and Washington were “revolutionaries.” These rebels fought against the British because they loved this country so much, and wanted to make it better. The modern liberal will compare themselves to the founding fathers, and claim they are doing the same thing.

They are, of course, very wrong.

The founding fathers NEVER said that they “loved” the colonies, as they were being run by the British.

They hated it.

In fact, they would tell anyone who would listen, that they despised the way the colonies were being run by the British. The founding fathers wanted to tear down the whole system, and start a new.

This is where the liberal mind set is dishonest.

It is based on a lie.

You cannot “love your country” if you want to dismantle it and start over.

You actually “hate” your country. You want something else.

This explains why liberalism fails.

Because it is based on a lie; and most people figure it out, (sometimes too late, but I think that we, ‘the American people’, caught it in time, this time.)

So, now the liberal is forced to defend the idea of “dismantling America.”

The liberal says: “..I do NOT want to dismantle America, I love this country. I want to make it better..”

You reply: “You want to rip apart the American health system, correct..??”

“..Yes, it is broken. Don’t you think sick people should get medical help..??” The liberal explains.

You inform the liberal that it is against the law for a hospital to reject a sick patient without treatment. EVERY AMERICAN HAS ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE.

“..Yea, but, without insurance, one illness could wipe out a family savings..” the liberal claims.

You inform the liberal that if that same American loses their job, it could also wipe out their savings. If they gamble on the wrong horse, or walk down the wrong street in Compton California, they could lose everything. How far do you want to go in protecting people “from life..?? From living..??”

“..But, but, you hate sick people..” is the reply of the liberal.

No, I want to STOP a half-assed program, that is being RUSHED into law, from taking effect. You cannot plan national health care in a couple of weeks and expect it to work correctly.

Ask the liberal if they want to change the way Americans live, drive their cars, and the food that we eat..??

“Yes”, the liberal answers. “..We need to save the earth. People cannot live in BIG houses and drive BIG cars. It is killing the bunnies and the frogs. BIG cars are making it rain in the North East, and BIG houses are making it hot in the desert. People need to eat better because they are fat and costing tons of money..”

Ask the liberal if they prefer the capitalistic system, or would they like a more socialized system, where the money is spread around (by a government worker and high taxation.) You already know the answer that the liberal will give to that question.

OK- If you want to change the way that Americans live…

If you want to dictate what we can eat, who gets treated when they are sick…

And you want to change the entire economic structure of America…

Then you want to dismantle America, and replace it with your elite, utopian dream.

Therefore, you cannot “love” your country.

This is what stops liberalism in its tracks.

That FIRST little lie.

“..I LOVE America, (but) I want to change everything about it…”

A contradiction shared by millions of liberal Americans.

A lie.

Is Bill Maher correct..??

Is America a “stupid country.”

Not in the least. No country that started from scratch (just 233 years ago), who survived a Civil War, helped win several World Wars, put a man on the moon, survives racial tensions, and helped launch some of the greatest technical advances the world has ever seen; America could not be manned by “stupid people.”

However, from time to time, smart people can be fooled by a “slick car salesman” who promises “hope and change”, but delivers a lemon; a health plan that is so bad that his own political party has trouble voting for it.

Bill Maher, and the rest of the liberal elitists…

Don’t feel so bad..!!

You are not stupid.

You are just misguided.

A fellow (Barack Obama) told you that he could add 47 million people on “national” health insurance, and it wouldn’t cost you any more money, and you would have a BETTER system, AND YOU BELIEVED HIM..??

Don’t feel bad, Bill Maher.

I once bought a Beta Video Tape deck because the salesman said it had better video and audio. The Beta deck now sits in storage. It still works, but you cannot find tapes for it.

(Hey, he was a GOOD salesman.)

We all get fooled from time to time.