The Prez- Saving you, from yourself

“…Ask a conservative about global warming and they will point to the North Eastern United States (which is having one of the coldest summers on record.) How can it be “cooler” during global warming..??

But, they are JUST conservatives.

What the hell do they know..??

Scientists will tell you that the North East is experiencing a “special” weather pattern. The North East is actually getting warmer, scientists say (64 degrees today- the normal for today is usually 82..??) It is just that a “super- special” weather pattern is making it cooler in the North East.


Scientists will point out that Arizona, (located “smack- dab” in the desert) which is seeing 114 degrees today, IS PROOF OF GLOBAL WARMING.

Arizona IS NOT experiencing a “special” weather pattern. Arizona is PROOF of global warming.

The Arctic is also PROOF of global warming.

Forget the fact that the Arctic packed on about as much ice as it usually does each winter. The Arctic is experiencing a “different” melting pattern, this summer.

Scientists will tell you that this is NOT a “super special” weather pattern. The Arctic is proof of global warming.


If a place on earth appears warmer, it is proof of global warming.

However, if a place on earth is cooler, it is a “super special” weather pattern.

I believe I understand it all now.

(And to be honest, if my paycheck depended on government grants…

If I were a scientist who was charged with studying global warming…

I would probably tell you the same thing.)

Besides, it is better to be safe than sorry..!!”


But, what is the COST of being “safe”..??

What if YOU are wrong..??


When I think of a leader…

I envision a person who guides us through a difficult time. Maybe it is some kind of war, or a tough economic environment.

(Which, by the way, we are experiencing both today.)

When I think about a person that will tell me if my house windows leak air, or if my car burns to much gas, or if I am eating right, if I am getting enough exercise…

That is NOT a President.

That is a Mother.

President Barack Obama- “Mommy Dearest.”

In my last post, I was stunned to find out that President Obama and his democratic congress wanted to check out your house and make sure it was “green” before you can sell it.

If you want to buy a house, the government will tell you which house you can buy. Forget location. Forget about your budget.

The house MUST be “green.”

(Green- IE- Fuel efficient furnace, hot water heater, weather proof windows, doors, government approved insulation, hot water lines insulated from heat loss, etc.)

This reminds me of a story…

One of the saddest tales I can think of is a local Heating and Air conditioning installer who DIED from his own water heater.

(I am going to leave his name out of this story) however, his story is important.

Being in the business, this Heating repairman knew that if he added MORE insulation to his house, he could save money in heating and cooling costs.

He went overboard.

His house was so “air tight” that it killed him.

What the Obama administration forgets is that most every house in America contains radon gas.

Radon is a gas that is created naturally in the earth, and can get trapped in your “air tight” house.

Mold can also build up in your house if you do not remove the molded materials.

Without enough fresh air, your gas water heater WILL leak carbon monoxide into your house. (Which is what killed this contractor that I spoke of.) An air tight house traps this gas.

The average middle class American doesn’t have the money to “green” up their homes. Then provide proper “radon” protection. And, provide some form of “fresh air” vent or intake, etc.

Sure, the government will come around and see if your house is “green”. And they will tax (fine) you if it isn’t. But will the government come back and check your radon levels? Your CO2 levels?

Will the government check to see if you are safe..??

How many times will the government show up at your doorstep and demand to check your house..??

I, being a freedom loving America, assumed that most Americans were like minded. I figured that most Americans would be outraged at this government intrusion.

After all, it is us middle class people who were already turning our furnaces down, we didn’t run our A/C units as much, and we drove our cars less; to save money.

Why would these laws target the middle class..??

But, they do.

So, this week…

From the mouth of President Obama…

This MUST bring all of the freedom loving Americans together.

President Obama said that “incentives MUST be given to employers who make sure that their employees are EATING RIGHT, getting enough exercise, if they are smoking, or involved in unsafe activities..”

As part of the Obama health care program:

Employers should make sure that their employees are eating right and NOT eating junk.

Your boss should make sure that you exercise.

And your boss should find out if you are smoking (cigarettes or weed) at home.

This “Obama government” wants to rule your house. You might as well send Obama a copy of your front door key.

This proposal from Obama and the democrats should get the attention of even the far left liberals. (IE- the weed smoking at home. BIG Obama no, no. One joint has almost same amount of carcinogenic as a cigarette. Very bad for your health.)

I can almost feel Barack Obama peeking into my house, right now. Checking out my water heater. Seeing if I did some “sit-ups” today. Can you picture Obama lifting the lid of a pot on the stove, checking to see what you have planned for dinner..??

Americans MUST be joined against this.

Liberal and conservative.

The liberal hippies of the sixties were all for personal freedom.

Today, those same liberal hippies want the government to inspect their water heaters and their refrigerators. “What kind of food do you have in their, Mister Hippie..??”

We must unite and stop these democratic bills.

People MUST be made aware of what was in those bills. (The bills that their senators passed, but didn’t read.)

Maybe I am wrong.

Maybe people do not care much for freedom.

Maybe Americans want to be told what to eat, where to live, when to exercise, how warm to have their house, and when they can take a vacation with their car.

Maybe I am wrong about Americans.

As I always say:

If you can’t beat them, (don’t join them) but find a way to make money off of them.

(Remember, I am a capitalist.)

I have created a NEW company, called: “Obam-a-Co.”

We build and sell a product called: “Narc-o-matic.”

See, it will be impossible for your boss to tell if you are exercising at home, (as President Obama demands.) Unless your boss actually shows up at your home and watches you exercise, this Obama wish is impossible.


Not with my new Obam-a-Co “Narc-o-matic” system.

Narc-o-matic is connected to your treadmill, your exercise bike, and your refrigerator. If you DO NOT exercise, Narc-o-matic automatically calls your boss, (and President Obama) and tells them that you are just sitting on the couch. A third call also goes out to a local government worker who can “peek” into your windows and verify that you are not exercising.

And just try and stick a cheesecake in your refrigerator… (I dare you..!!)

“Narc-o-matic” not only calls your boss, (and President Obama), but “Narc-o-matic” also calls local police who can rush to your house and confiscate the “said” cheesecake.

Once the “offending” cheesecake is safely removed from your home, a “sweet team” of government workers will console you on the evils of cheesecake. “Just one cheesecake will bankrupt the national medical care system, you will get fat, and be a burden on all of us.”

Narc-o-matic is a Trademark of “Obam-a-Co Enterprises.”

I plan on making a trillion dollars off of “Narc-o-matic”, considering ever home will need one.


Just in case this idea doesn’t pan out and you Americans wise up and push for freedom, I have another idea…

The: “Sticker Picker.”

With my new “Sticker Picker” device, you are able to remove those “Obama for President” bumper stickers from your car.

(And then you can pretend that you didn’t vote for all of this loss of freedom.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic