President Obama said he didn’t see any controversy in the fact that he did not issue a formal public statement upon Jackson’s death, and said he was unaware of any dissatisfaction in the black community with Obama’s very late response.

President Obama said:

“I know a lot of people in the black community,” Obama said. “I haven’t heard that.”

Well, Mr. President…

I know a lot of people in the Black Community, too. I grew up with many Black friends. Should I get some kind of badge..??

Matter of fact, I know quite a few people in the White community. What the hell does that have to do WITH ANYTHING..??

A comment from a reader comes in:


I voted for change (Obama); however I did not vote for this. I fell under his spell, but the spell is broken. I think our president would rather be a movie star than president. I can not wait until 2012.


Neither can we..!!

(The worm is starting to turn.)

“…Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it…”

“…Those who DO STUDY history, are doomed to KNOW that history is repeating itself. (Because of the idiots we have running the country, who didn’t learn from history.)…”

Today, we have a lot of people who will learn a very valuable lesson.

I believe that last year was the first year that I made the point that: “On this day, back in 1776, our founding father declared ‘Independence’ from Britain.

However, declaring independence and winning independence are two different things.”

Winning independence came MUCH later than July, 4th, 1776.

50 percent of the American population, at the time, were terrified at the prospects of fighting a war with the British.

They didn’t want to do it.

Today, we face a similar problem. (Thankfully, without the gun and canon fire.)

Today, 50 percent of the American population seem willing to sit back and watch freedom slip away.

Here is what REALLY pisses me off:

People who were so vocal about President Bush’s wiretapping laws and how they felt it was unconstitutional.

These very same people have no problem with the “invasion of personal privacy” for global warming laws by President Obama.

President Bush invaded our phone lines to stop terrorists.

President Obama will invade your home and car to stop global warming.

There is NO difference between the two.

If you were upset about one presidents invasion of constitutional privacy, then you must be upset about the other.

If you believe that Bush was wrong, but Obama is right, then you are using our liberty and the constitution like a masturbation tool. (For your own self- gratification.)

Why would 50 percent of the population allow freedom to be expelled..??

Because they do not understand what freedom they will be losing.

In the middle of the night, 300 NEW pages were added to the “Cap and Trade Bill” that the House passed this week.

No member of congress had an opportunity to study ALL of this Bill. The House PASSED this Bill without reading it.

(Which seems to be the norm for this Democratic Congress.)

Freedoms that you are losing:

If you want to buy or sell a home, it MUST be “green.” (Environmentally friendly.)

If you are very, very rich, this will not effect you because you can afford to “green up” your home.

If you are one of Obama’s poor, we tax payers will be paying for your “green- house.”

However, the middle class, who isn’t wealthy, will be killed by this bill.

What if you lose your job, but you find a new job in another city; you cannot sell your old home until you pay to “green it up.” You will spend tens of thousands of dollars to add insulation, a high efficient furnace and water heater. Double pane windows, etc.

(But Obama will give you a $1,500 tax credit, which might buy the furnace.)

The 1,500 page “Cap and Trade Bill”, (which no member of congress read) will increase the cost of gas and electricity.

Because no American oil refinery has been built in America in 30 years, they will most likely NOT reach Obama’s “green” standards. Instead of building new refineries, (which will cost billions) Gas stations will raise the price of gas and pass the cost on to you.

The same is true with electricity.

This will not effect Obama and his family. They are far more richer than George Bush, Dick Cheney, or any of us. The super rich, like Obama, will just pay the high cost of fuel.

Obama’s poor will also not be effected by this “cap and trade” bill because we tax payers are already paying for their electricity and natural gas bills.

It is the middle class that will suffer from this bill.

The middle class:

Who were already cutting costs, by lowering their furnace, turning down their water heater, and driving their car less.

Republicans claim that the average family will see an increase of $2,000 per year from “Cap and Trade.”

Democrats say: “Nawww, you might see a $300 dollar increase, trust us..”

Guess what, I do not “trust” the democrats.

Barack Obama said that there would be “no new taxes for people making $250,000 per year”, and that was a lie. (IE- cigarette taxes, cap and trade taxes, etc.)

Why would so many people sit back and allow this to happen..??

Maybe you are a liberal who rents an apartment and you think that this will not effect you..??

You are wrong.

I own a couple of apartments.

In the city that these apartments are located, they are already taking about mandatory “safety and green” inspections for landlords. (But not for owner- occupants.)

OK, let’s forget the “unconstitutionality” of inspecting one group of people’s homes (landlords) but NOT inspecting the other group (owner- occupants) but if I have to spend thousands to “green up” my rental properties, I will double the rent.

This is not a guess.

I am not a politician who is telling you what you want to hear.

I am telling you a fact. The truth.

I, and millions of other landlords, will double your rent.

If the city, the state, and Obama’s federal government force me: the landlord, and you: the tenant, to green up the property; the government will force you to leave while the property is under construction. I will spend thousands in improvements. When you return from your motel stay, your rent will double.

If you paid $1,000 per month plus utilities, I will now charge you $2,000 plus utilities.

There is nothing that we can do about it, the feds are in control, now. They will say what constitutes “green.”

Ask yourself: “Is this what you voted for..??”

What was wrong with we Americans trying to conserve fuel on our own..??

Why do we need the Nazi “jack boot” laws to force you to conserve..??

Can’t you do that on your own..??

Do you need a freaking law to save the earth..??

Couldn’t you force, with guilt, your liberal Hollywood buddies and Al Gore to STOP wasting fuel on private jets, owning 5 homes, and driving BIG vehicles..??

Why do we needs laws for this..??

Laws that hurt the middle class.

On this 4th of July, we find ourselves in another battle for freedom.

Our founding father won us this freedom with their blood and their lives.

We must fight to hold on to this freedom.

To my conservative friends…

In the next few months, you will begin to see many democrats crossing over. Their eyes will be open and they will have awakened, they will realize that America is heading down a path that was already tried in Europe and failed.

We must welcome these liberals.

There is no time for “I told you so.”

To beat (and replace) Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama; we will need everyone.

And that includes all the democrats who are now beginning to see.