(2001- Sonia Sotomayor)

“…(I believe) that a female Hispanic judge would often reach a better decision than a White male judge…”



We can rest assured, people…

President Obama and his sidekick, (the part- time stand up comic) Bobby Gibbs- has said that Sonia Sotomayor would NEVER use that wording today.

Sonia “mis-spoke” about speaking.

Sonia’s mouth was moving, however; her brain wasn’t thinking, back in 2001.

Democrats are quick to point out that Sonia was talking about how a female Hispanic judge would understand Hispanic problems BETTER than some old “cracker” White judge.

That is what Sonia meant to say.

But those mean old neo-con’s are trying to destroy Sonia. (By using her own words.)

Folks, the democrats are taking a long walk on a short pier.


The American people realize that a fair minded judge, who is following the constitution, doesn’t have to be a particular skin color.

To say that they must have a particular skin color is- racist.

President Obama might have an opportunity to appoint 3 justices to Supreme Court during his presidency.

All three are liberal.

Try as he might, Obama CANNOT change the balance of power in the court.

So let the democrats spend all of their political capitol trying to appoint Sonia. (Because she is female, and she is Hispanic.)

Folks, do you know how many democrats talked to me this week and are upset that President Obama picked this person..?? (A racist.)

As I tell all democrats who are concerned with Obama’s performance, I will print it here:

President Obama is a GREAT speaker, and a smart man.

However, Barack doesn’t care about the “little” details involved in the job. He would rather delegate authority to lower figures, so that he (Obama) can continue to make speeches.

The problem is: Obama surrounds himself with shady people who make “back- door deals.”

That is why Obama; a smart man, can pick several tax cheats for his administration. (Because Obama didn’t really check these people out. Obama was too busy giving speeches.)

That is why Sonia, a racist; slipped by.

Because President Obama isn’t concerned with the details in the job. Obama is only interested in the speeches.

Second- Obama has too big of an ego to admit that he isn’t making the decisions.

Obama MUST lose all these shady people from his past. (Like we conservatives tried to tell you folks during the election.)

If Obama continues to run with this crowd, he will spend the entire 4 years defending all of his (their) choices.

I’m not to concerned about this court pick.

Obama can only replace a liberal judge with another liberal judge.

However, we should fight this pick.

She is a racist.

We have no room in America for racists.