Rush Limbaugh ended his broadcast week by joking that Nancy Pelosi could help the “women’s movement” by being THE FIRST female “Speaker of the House” to resign.

Many conservatives and some democrats are also asking the same thing:

Democrat; Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi should resign.

I respectfully disagree.

Ms. Pelosi should stay right where she is.

The American people MUST see the face of the democratic party.

They must experience it for themselves, or they will never learn.

As many of you know, I was not always a conservative. When I was younger, I was a liberal. For years, I thought that the democratic party stood for “freedom” and that they cared for the poor.

As I grew older, I realized this wasn’t true.

Democrats create “half- assed” programs, that are not planned out good enough, that keep people living next to the poverty level, FOR LIFE.

Democrats say they will help the environment and stop global warming. And in doing so, they will restrict your freedom MORE than anytime in American history. (Just wait until you see what democrats have in mind for the Internet; to protect you from cyberbullying, phishing, identity theft and more.)


In the future, you will look back on pre- 2009, and remember how FREE you were.

As I learned many years ago, younger Americans today must also learn;

Democrats DO NOT stand for freedom.

Democrats restrict freedom, (in the guise of helping the environment, or the Internet, etc.)

Democrats do not help the poor.

They create programs that keep people poor, and they raise taxes on us people who try to better ourselves.

Nancy Pelosi

Harry Reid

Joe Biden

Barack Obama

These people MUST remain right where they are. (At least until 2012.)

Folks, we can tell Americans (until we are blue in the face) that these people are NOT sincere. However, until they see it with their own eyes, they are never going to believe it.

(Just as I had to witness it for myself, many years ago.)

Nancy Pelosi should stay right there. Stumbling and bumbling through answers like: “..I was NEVER briefed on waterboarding..” “..OK, there were briefings, but I thought that the CIA was talking about interrogation methods that they wouldn’t use..” “..OK.. I changed my mind, the CIA lied..”

The American people MUST see President Obama say he will close Gitmo, but he doesn’t.

That Obama will release photos of CIA interrogations, but then he doesn’t.

That Obama will end military tribunals, but then Obama starts them back up.

Yes, people MUST see it for themselves.

President Obama is becoming President Bush’s third term.

And this scares the crap out of the liberals. Go read a few liberal web site. They are stunned and confused. (Though, publicly, they are blaming “outside forces” and NOT Obama, at this point.)

To his credit, “The Daily Show’s” host: Jon Stewart has been taking a few shots at President Obama and his “waffle house.” But even Jon is holding back the “tough” humor and reserving it for the always safe- republican bashing.

It’s happening folks, and I am very optimistic about the future.

We are facing a different time, today.

In the past, democrats would rarely criticize their own party. However, America as a whole, had no problem criticizing Presidents Clinton and Carter.

But with the FIRST Black President, America as a whole will never truly take Obama to task.

I believe that President Obama could restrict free speech on the Internet, (which he might) and America will say nothing. Liberals will defend Obama, claiming: “..Well, we had too much freedom on the Internet, anyway..”

We had too much freedom..??

On the Internet, too much free speech..??

I will take some time, and Obama will never be criticized the way that Bush, Clinton, and others have been in the past.

It is a shame.

Racism is still very strong in America.

You would think that by now “all men would be equal.” But a White man cannot criticize a Black man. (It just doesn’t “look” good.)

So, we will have to tolerate the silence, (in the media and on talk shows) about Barack’s performance.

We will have to put up with the “blood sport” crowd who are living in the past, (and defying Obama’s wishes) who want to see Cheney, Rummy, and Bush in prison. These pundits want a HUGE trial of everyone involved in “torture.” (Except, of course, any democrat who went along with it.)

NY Times columnist Frank Rich is sure to be the talk of the talk show circuit this week.

Rich wrote an editorial Saturday in which he believes that President Obama is trying to “turn the page” on the Bush years, to move past all of this “stuff.” In that: Obama doesn’t want to release the interrogation photos.

Rich’s editorial is filled with the usual liberal propaganda that you find on the Internet. That there is “..much, much, more than JUST water boarding that the EVIL Bush administration did, and if we just hold a MASSIVE public trial, I am sure we will find more EVIL things that Bush did..”

This is stuff that we have all heard before. Razor blades on prisoners genitals, women’s underwear on terrorist’s heads, secret memos between White House staff, yada, yada yada.

Every single case, (razor blades, genitals, ladies underwear) are all being tried and those responsible are being prosecuted. Even Gen. Richard Sanchez resigned over these matters.

However, this is not good enough for Frank Rich and the liberal left.

They want BIG news and they want blood.

What I find interesting about Frank Rich’s “story” is the blatant contradiction contained within.

I cannot believe that the NY Times editorial board, or Rich himself didn’t catch this error..??

At the beginning and at the end of Rich’s editorial he talks about the importance of holding massive hearings on the Bush administration. To “shed some light on where every body is buried..” (Please..!!)

Rich even claims that the Arab world would see how we handle and respect law, and the Arab world would gain respect for America.

Yea, that worked out REALLY well when President Clinton held the “Blind Sheik” for the FIRST World Trade Tower bombing, and Clinton tried him as a criminal. (Not a terrorist.) Terrorists gained so much respect for America that they came back again eight years later and killed 3,000 Americans.

But here is the mistake in Rich’s column…

In the middle of his editorial, Rich claims that if secret memos from Rumsfeld to President Bush ever leaked out, it would incite the Arab world and cause MORE violence to US Troops.

OK, do you follow me on this..??

First, Frank Rich says that releasing this information WILL HELP our standing in the Arab world.

But then Frank Rich says that releasing this information would piss off the Arab world..??

Which is it..??

It cannot be both ways..!!

Frank Rich is not a stupid man. He is just liberal.

But I am beginning to wonder if Rich is even reading his own editorials and double checking them..?? Because this was a blatant mistake.

It is almost like the NY Times and Frank Rich are pumping this stuff out, without checking it. Like some kind of sewage plant. “..We ain’t got time to check it, just pump the shit outta here..”

Liberals are not concerned with the truth. Because if they were than they would want to try Nancy Pelosi and the 40 other democrats who knew about the CIA interrogations.

Liberals are not concerned with the troops who are still fighting the war. Because if they were, than they would take Frank Rich’s advice and NOT piss off the Arab world with a MASSIVE trial.

(That would be Frank Rich’s advice from the middle of his editorial, not the other Frank Rich who wrote the beginning of his editorial.)


Nancy Pelosi MUST stay right where she is.

We MUST continue to shed the light on President Obama’s “waffle house.”

It is the only way the Americans will realize just what they voted for.

Required Reading..??

Frank Rich- The New York Times

Watch as Rich explains how a trial on “torture” will HELP America, but yet HURT American soldiers.

More “flip- flopping” by Frank Rich

The Huffington Post- John Cusack

Cusack wrote a similar post about the importance of releasing all of our military secrets.

To give John Cusack some credit, he does take some of the responsibility for what happened. John states that we (democratic members of congress- Pelosi) should have known what was going on. (Exact quote:) “..If we are to be honest, most Americans knew or should have known- (what) was being carried out in our names..”

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