Over the past few weeks, liberals have been SHOCKED to find out that religious women have breasts.

This must be true because look at the “out- rage” over Carrie Prejean, Miss California, and modeling pictures that she took years ago.

I was NOT shocked to find this information out because I already knew that Christian women had breasts. (I discovered it years ago.)

Liberals were also stunned to learn that Christian men enjoy looking at women’s breasts. (This too, I already knew about.)

So it was a learning experience for our democratic friends.

Liberals learned that Christian women have breasts.

And progressives learned that Christian men enjoy the female body.

(Sorry, but I just do not find the SHOCK value in this story that our progressive friends do..??)



That Religious people might except nudity..??

Michelangelo, who happened to be religious, lived 500 years ago, AND PAINTED PEOPLE IN THE NUDE.

The church, (remember, this was 500 years ago) the church; knowing that Michelangelo painted and sculpted people naked, the church HIRED (commissioned) Michelangelo to paint churches.

Liberal / progressives; you really do not know anything about us religious people, do you..??

You do not study history.

Liberals have this strawman image of what a religious / conservative person is. They do not research further than “media matters” or “truth dot org” or “move on dot org.”

“..If somebody put it on a web site, it must be true. Because I read it on the Daily Kos..”

This whole story was about free speech.

Nothing more or nothing less.

Free speech.

Miss California, Carrie Prejean; spoke her mind using her belief system which she described as the “way that she was raised.” (That marriage should be between a man and a woman.) No offence to anyone.

Angry Gay boy; Perez Hilton, didn’t like her answer, and began calling Miss California a: “Bitch.”

The media, along with the “thought police” (1984, anyone..??) didn’t like Miss California’s answer, either.

You see…

Today, in America, YOU MUST all think the same way. You cannot be an individual. (We will have none of that.)

If you do not think like we do, you must be taken down.


Semi- nude photos surfaced of Carrie Prejean.

The media, along with the “thought police” and members of the progressive / liberal community used these pictures to destroy Miss California.

Hypocrisy…!! (They shouted.)

But it didn’t work.

Yesterday, Donald Trump “ruled” that Miss California can keep her crown. She broke no rules.

Today, Miss California is BIGGER than the girl who actually won the pageant.

And I want to sift through this mess to make a couple of points, on my web site: The Angry Republic.

First: Carrie Prejean is searching for her 15 minutes of fame. That is true and lets make note of it.

However, so is Perez Hilton, and Donald Trump. (Trump is actually searching for his 50 years of fame..!!)

So we can remove “fame” from the equation, because everyone involved is looking for “stardom.”

“..Marriage should be between a man and a woman..”

Free speech means: “The freedom to speak your mind.” You may not like the answer, but they have a right to speak it.

(Which, by the way, so does Perez Hilton.)

On the issue of “gay-ness.”

I do not want to see a man having sex with another man. It sickens me.

Then again, I do not want to see a man have sex with a goat. That sickens me too.

Why can’t you understand that..??

If I do not want to except these images, why do you feel that you MUST force me to except these things..??

What is ingrained in your mental make-up that causes you to believe that I MUST except the image of a man having sex with another man, (or a goat)..??

What causes you to think that way..??

You do not like it when a religious person “preaches” to you. So why would you preach to me..??

Let me put it another way…

After the election, I was very close to excepting gay marriage. You know, what the hell..??

I said, on this web site, that: “Republicans may have to consider getting out of people’s bedrooms..”

Republicans might want to drop the issues of gay marriage and abortion on a federal level.

If a media hack asks a future republican candidate: “Where do you stand on gay marriage..??”

The future republican could answer: “It is really none of my business. Gay marriage isn’t a federal issue. States must decide these kinds of issues. I do not agree with gay marriage but the issue shouldn’t be a federal one. Let the states decide..”

That’s it. You are done..!!

Get the issue out of the White House.


Along comes the Angry Gay Boy: Perez Hilton.

To think that: before Perez Hilton made those statements about Miss California, I was considering that the republican party DROP the issue of “right and wrong” with gay marriage.

But after Hilton’s statements…

I will get off the couch and RUSH down to the voting booth, to vote NO for gay marriage.

Before Hilton, I might have Not showed up to vote, or even given a yes vote on gay marriage. Because really; I don’t give a shit about what you do in the privacy of your house.

You lost my vote because of Perez Hilton.

To the gay community…

I do not really think that you understand how badly Perez Hilton crippled your cause..??

Sure, I am “one voice.”

But how many millions of Americans were “standing on the fence”, with the issue of gay marriage.

With an election that was filled with “hope and change”, the first Black President; how many Americans were thinking about voting for gay marriage..??

But then the Angry Gay Boy: Perez Hilton, trashes a girl for using free speech, and your whole cause gets flushed down the toilet.

The “gay rights” issue is dead, for now.

President Obama is not going to push for gay rights. (But you already knew that, because he told you.)

President Obama MUST appeal to the Black community and the religious democratic voters. (He already has your vote.) So, Barack will not show any favoritism to your cause.

Sure, you can pretend that “Perez Hilton” didn’t say what he did, or that it isn’t “that important.”

You could point to Maine and now New York State voting for gay marriage, and you could give yourself a false sense of security.

Yet, you are smart enough to know that states were voting for gay marriage during the Bush presidency. So, nothing has changed.

How many people were “turned off” by Hilton’s statements..??

We will soon find out..!!

Your first mistake was to let Miss California drown in a media swamp, just because you didn’t like her “free speech.”

Your second mistake was to allow Perez Hilton to grab his 15 minutes of fame, while you giggled in the background, and did nothing to oppose him.

Your third mistake was trying to destroy a person with semi- nude pictures. (You thought that we would be upset over nude pictures..?? The “church” excepted nudity 500 years ago.)

It didn’t work, did it..??

Miss California won her cause. Perez Hilton lost his cause.

Miss California is MORE famous than the winner of the pageant, and Perez Hilton.

Hard lessons learned.

While I’m on the subject; why is the gay community allowing “gay- exploitation” on TV and movies..??

In the 1970’s, we had “Black- exploitation” films that showed a Black person with a big afro and all “pimped out” in rags. He would say things like “right on” and “that’s groovy man..” Usually he was portrayed as a pimp, or a hustler of some kind.

Today, the gay community is shown this way in movies and TV. The gay man is dressed in traditional “gay-ness” type outfits. He is emotional and cries at the drop of a hat. He “shops” and is a natural at home decorations.

I know several gay people and they are nothing like this.

Why do you stand silent while TV, the media, and Perez Hilton destroy your cause..??

I’m just asking..??