If you are a conservative…

Then this is the question of the year.

Should the republican party be LARGE and inclusive? Should we welcome ALL people, no matter if they are pro- choice on abortion? Or homosexual and looking to vote for gay marriage..??

What if a person believes in some kind of a national health plan? Should we welcome their voice..??


Should the republican party become purer..??

Should we tell “pro- choice” people to “hit the road.”

Should we tell people who favor some government programs: “you are outta here.”

Should we tell homosexuals: “It is my way, or the highway.”

I was going to add a poll question here to see what you think.

Unfortunately, not all the blog systems that my site is seen on will handle poll questions.

So, after this paragraph, some of you will see the poll question, others will see a link to the poll question.

Basically, the poll question is: Should the republican party become purer, or larger?

This will probably be the most lopsided poll I have ever done. Most conservatives believe that we need to return to the basic principals. (Smaller government, less taxes, more personal freedom, etc.)

Any liberal who reads my site will laugh and vote for a purer republican party. Democrats; believing that if republicans become an exclusive club for conservatives ONLY, republicans will never win another election- ever.

And many moderates probably voted for Barack Obama in 2008. They are not really interested in the “republican party house cleaning”, and moderates haven’t paid enough attention to politics to even CARE what republicans do next.

If we cleanse the republican party, we may pick up a few seats in the House and “maybe” the Senate in 2010. But democrats will still hold a strong majority.

If we stick to strict conservative principals, (and President Obama still holds a 51 to 60 % approval rating), we will lose the 2012 election.

(Which means 8 years of Barack Obama, and others.)

However, if we stick to conservative principals, and we have the right candidate, we will win in 2016. By then, even the stupidest moderate will realize that giving money to the government doesn’t fix things. So why give more than you have to..??

The only way that a republican can win in 2012, is to sound like a “liberal version of the republican party.” (Or, Obama has to fail miserably.)

Let’s face it…

The media is in love with President Obama.

Average Americans, (who do not pay as much attention to politics as we do) think that President Obama is doing fine.

Barring some huge scandal, Barack Obama will have no problem winning a reelection.

In my humble opinion, we need to get back to conservative principals. So what if we lose in 2010 and 2012? We have to offer an alternative to democratic socialism. “Republican lite” just isn’t working.

This reminds me of an “old time” method for teaching children not to like something.

My grandfather was “old school” when it came to lessons on life.

He was “old school” on many issues and made his own wine and beer. I was about 7 or 8 years old, and I was fascinated by this “stuff” that my grandfather was brewing. I had noticed that my grandfather would whistle, and seem happy after having a few glasses of this “secret” stuff.

One day my grandfather caught me with an open bottle of his wine, and I was sniffing the contents.

I was sure that he would be mad, but he wasn’t. Instead, he poured two glasses of homemade wine and slid one to me.

In a heavy Italian accent, he said: “You gonna drink with the big boys..??”

I was proud, yes…

I was going to “drink with the big boys.”

Grandpa chugged his glass of wine. (Yes, grandpa’s wine was sooo strong, that you chugged it like whiskey.)

So I did the same.

I was NOT prepared for the “taste” of homemade booze.

I went running for the door and spit up every last drop of that vile drink.

Never again, did I ever go anywhere near grandpa’s homemade brew.

And he knew that.

(I always wondered what grandpa’s lesson for “sex” would have been..?? Maybe I don’t want to know? I could have become a forty year old virgin.)

Maybe this is what America needs..??

Americans NEED to taste the democrats’ homemade brew.

After hearing their democratic president say he will close Gitmo. (But Obama doesn’t REALLY close Gitmo.)

After hearing their democratic president say he will end the war. (But he doesn’t really end the war.)

Obama says he is sympathetic to gay rights, however he hasn’t done anymore than Bush did on the issue. (Or Clinton, for that matter.)

Obama says he cares about the poor. However, taxes and prices will rise on power, (electricity, heat, fuel). These increases in price on the necessities of life will effect the poor, most of all.

Once Americans remember that democrats “talk about doing things”, but never seem to get around to “doing those things”, we conservatives will have nothing to worry about.

However, it may take 8 years.

I vote for strict conservative principals.

Smaller government.

Lower taxes.

More personal freedom.

When I say “more personal freedom”, I mean “more freedom for everyone.”