“…They (the CIA) water boarded Sheik Mohammad 183 times…”

Jon Stewart- “..You would think that after the 90th time of water boarding, that Mohammad would say: OK, I’m not going to die..”

David Letterman- “..183 times..?? You would think that after a while, the terrorist thugs would realize that they were not going to die..”That is funny stuff..!!

But, it is completely and factually false.

Sheik Mohammed was water boarded 5 times during the month that this statement and these jokes were talking about.

5 times.

Liberals did this very same thing with Gov. Palin.

Liberals take some obscure statement or law, (like victims of rape in Alaska having to pay for “rape investigation kits”), a law which was on the books BEFORE Palin became mayor, and liberals claim that Palin wanted to charge women for “rape kits”.

Sarah Palin NEVER charged a single women for a police “rape kit”. But it didn’t matter to the left. They went ahead and pushed this story because the truth doesn’t matter to liberals.

Feelings are the only thing that matters. And liberals hated Palin. So lying was justified.

Today, liberals are lying about water boarding. (Because they feel that it is torture.) So, liberals believe that they have a right to lie about it.

But a lie is a lie. (It doesn’t matter if you think that you are on the “right side.”)

Sheik Mohammed was water boarded 5 times during the month in question.

When they water board a terrorist, they do not just pour one cup of water on the guys head and send him back to his cell. They continue to pour water on him until he begins to struggle. They continue to pour water on the terrorist until he talks, or the doctor says: enough.

The figure: 183, represents the number of times water was poured on his head. NOT the number of times Mohammed was water boarded.

The left doesn’t tell you that.

Progressives pick the high number, bend the truth, and toss it out there as a fact.

But it is all based on a lie.

Oh, and by the way; yes they did try peaceful methods of questioning on all terrorists. They only resorted to enhanced interrogation after peaceful methods no longer worked.

“…Winston Churchill did not resort to torture..”

Well, that is not exactly true.

Churchill probably didn’t bother to pour a bucket of water on a Nazi’s head. More to the truth, the British probably place a gun to the Nazi’s head and said: “Tell us what you know, or you are dead..”When you have the enemies bombs dropping on your beloved city of London, on a nightly basis; you are not so concerned with the creature comforts of your enemy.

President Obama has proved to me that he doesn’t pay much attention to his staff members paying their taxes.

President Obama has proved that he doesn’t write, pratice, or learn his own speeches. Because when the Teleprompter screws up, Obama is lost.

Obama doesn’t seem to control what happens with presidential equipment. (Air Force One “buzzing” New York City.)

And President Obama has proved to me that he never studied Winston Churchill’s WW1 escapades.

Winston Churchill (plus) pouring water on a terrorists head (equals) torture..??

Ha… Ha… You are one funny guy, Barack Obama..!!

The words of Sir Winston Churchill: “..One ought NEVER to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and WITHOUT FLINCHING, you will reduce the danger by half..”Flinching- is the KEY word in that statement.

Flinchto avoid through fear or anxiety.

Progressives are afraid to interrogate these terrorists because they FEAR that they will be seen as mean, or ruff, or uncivilized. Liberals have anxiety that the “rest of the world” will look down on them.

But that is precisely what Churchill was warning of: “Flinching.”

You MUST not hesitate during a war. You could double the danger, and the amount of people killed.

President Bush didn’t use enhanced interrogations to get his “rocks off.”

These technics were used to try and find out where other terrorist cells could be located inside the United States.


“…The outing of these two interrogation professionals on ABC News; placing their names and faces on TV, is exactly the same as the Valerie Plame case. Liberals should be outraged, and calling for an investigation into the Obama Administration on who leaked their names…”


This one is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

That someone loyal to the democratic party has leaked out the names, faces, and addresses of the CIA contractors who designed the water boarding practice.

Remember how outraged the left was about Plame..??

Where are they now..??

Those same people should be hounding the Obama administration until we find out who did this.

It’s not going to happen, people.

The left didn’t give a rat’s ass about Ms. Plame. (Or they would be equally outraged with this current leak.) The left only cares about politics and power. The left doesn’t care about people like you and I who get stepped on by this administration.

I have been willing to give President Obama the time to prove that he can be “presidential.”

But that time is running out.

Obama’s political decisions (and endless speeches) are proving that he hasn’t become “presidential.” Barack Obama is still running for president and someone on your side needs to explain the job of the president to him.

This “attack” by the left has become personal. Even naming publicly; the people who did the water boarding. People who believed that they were doing their jobs to protect this country.

People who were promised secrecy.

The American left has betrayed this agreement for political gain.

President Obama MUST put a stop to this “circus” immediately, or he will pay the price.

As I write this, CIA and FBI agent’s morale is dropping. They no longer feel that they can do their jobs. They fear that anything that they do can be prosecuted by some future liberal. I do not blame any CIA agent who drops out and enters private security.

This is how the intelligence community erodes. This is how America gets attacked.

We get attacked NOT because the terrorists get smarter. (Come on, 19 guys with box cutters taking over 4 planes is not a master plan..??)

We get attacked because America gets dumber. Our CIA gets blinded by the left’s restrictions placed on them.

In conclusion:

I would like to build on a couple of statements made by Bernard Goldberg and Dennis Miller.

Bernard Goldberg: “..I am against enhanced interrogations 99.9 percent of the time. I am against ET’s for jaywalkers. I am against ET’s for theft. However, if you have a terrorist in jail, and he knows of a bomb that could kill thousands of Americans, then I am for it..”I agree with Bernard. A president MUST keep this option available. We do not want to “torture” people for the hell of it. However, we must have this option to save American lives.

Dennis Miller: “..Liberals are being disingenuous. I mean; are they really saying that they could live with themselves knowing that a school filled with children BLEW UP because they refused to pour water on Sheik Mohammad’s face..?? How could they wake up that next morning..?? Would they really pat themselves on the back and say: ‘ Oh well, the American kids are all dead. But at least we didn’t get the Sheik’s hairy backside wet..”People on the left who believe that water boarding is torture…

Just because you, or some retired FBI agents claim that water boarding is torture, doesn’t mean that it is.

That is for an American court to decide.

If federal judges want to claim that water boarding is not a method for us to use in the future, I will go along with that. Because we have other methods.

If you want to investigate whether President Bush was justified to use this method? That is fine, I am all for that. (Because we plan on investigating President Obama in the future. And Obama’s record isn’t that great right now.)

But if you are trying to say that America can never use enhanced interrogations for ANY REASON…

I, and millions of Americans will fight you on this.

It is uncivilized to allow thousands of Americans to die because you are afraid to pour a bucket of water on someone’s head.