President Obama said:

“..I realize that Sen. Specter will never be a ‘rubber stamp’ for the democratic party, nor will he agree with all of my administrations decisions…”

Barack Obama; you got that right..!!

Having lived in Pennsylvania for most of Arlen Specter senate time, I can tell you that Specter WILL NEVER agree with any party; all the time.

In some cases, this could be viewed as a GOOD thing. I, myself, do not always see eye to eye with the republican party.

However, in Specter’s case, “it wasn’t always a GOOD thing..”

Like when most republicans were getting ready to impeach President Clinton; Arlen Specter was lecturing on European law as reasons NOT TO impeach Clinton.

(Do we live in Europe, Arlen..??)

When MOST republicans had turned away from the spending / stimulus bill; Specter signed on and made speeches in favor of them.

There are so many, many more examples, but let me just say this…

Here in Pennsylvania; we have always felt that Specter represented the liberal / moderate voters in the eastern (Philadelphia) side of the state.

Travel just a couple hundred miles west of Philadelphia, and you have millions of conservatives who own farms, small business, oil well services, etc. We never felt that Specter had our interests in mind.

“So, why was Specter supported by Pennsylvania republicans, all these years, if you didn’t feel that he represented you..??”


Because (the republican): Arlen Specter, could BEAT the democrats in every election. (Year after year; for decades.)


I can’t speak for every Pennsylvanian, but many of us felt that his senate seat could easily go to the democrats. Arlen Specter could beat all democratic challengers, election after election.

“It was better to have a ‘part-time’ republican in that seat, than a ‘full-time’ democrat..”

That explains why many of us republicans supported Specter, all these years. (Including myself, however; I did vote for Toomey in the last election and had planned on voting for Toomey again in 2010.) Toomey- Specter’s republican challenger.

Really, this is “much to do about nothing.”

Yes, I understand that this is a “big pat on the back for democrats.” And democrats should take it that way..!!

If a prominent democrat switched to the republican party, I would be high-lighting it as well.

However, in reality, when you pull away the “party atmosphere”, Specter has always been a “headache” for the republican party.

Now Specter will be a “headache” for the democrats.

Just when you need that “one vote” to tip things into your favor; Specter votes the wrong way. (I know, I am speaking from experience.)

I will give you one quick example:

Arlen Specter is NOT in favor of having hearings on Bush administration officials over “so- called” torture of detainees.

Specter is against hearings on “enhanced interrogations.” (Specter said so in an interview just this past Monday.) So he will not vote with the far left, who are seeking the revenge of Bush.

When you look at it; not much has changed. We still have a guy that “might” vote with us. Or he might vote against us. It doesn’t really matter whether he has a “D” in front of his name, or an “R”.

“..So what is the BIG deal..!!”

Arlen Specter was pissed off at the republican party.

Specter was pissed because the RNC was backing Pat Toomey for Specter’s senate seat. Pat Toomey was ahead of Specter by double digits. (Hell, Toomey was ahead of Specter BEFORE Toomey even said that he would run.)

Specter: who wants to end his senate career with a big fan fare, trumpets blowing, and free chicken dinners for everybody; Specter didn’t want to end his LONG senate career LOSING to a “nobody” republican (Toomey) in the primaries…

So, Specter said: “Screw you, all you republicans that backed me, all those years..”

Specter said: “..I’m getting my free chicken dinners and trumpets. President Obama,VP Joe Bidden, and Gov. Ed Rendel will make sure that I will keep my senate seat..”

Specter said: “..Screw you republicans, I don’t need you anymore. I will retire from the senate on my own terms. I don’t need your little votes..”

Yes, the democrats have won themselves a prize..!!

But is it really a prize..??


Would Arlen Specter favor the Obama administrations decision to fly Air Force One low over New York City, without telling anyone, and scare the SHIT out of everyone in New York City..??


Specter is not that stupid.

Will Arlen Specter vote with the democrats on issues like health care, gay marriage, and hearings on the Bush interrogations methods..??

Democrats would have better odds if they flipped a coin, than counting on Specter to support them.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

(Note) For Obama’s next “photo op”; instead of flying a plane low over New York City and scaring everyone. Obama plans on having a large tanker truck drive through DC. This tanker truck will have the radioactive “skull and crossbones” symbol on the side of it. And driving the tanker truck will be an Arab man who is yelling: “Death to America..”

That will make a nice photo, for the president, of Americans running for their lives..!!