I asked this question almost a year ago. Some liberals tried to defect the question and tell me that it isn’t relevant. However, it is very relevant. Only one liberal took a chance and answered it. Many pretended that they hadn’t read the post. (They have to pretend that they didn’t read what I am about to say because if they answer honestly, it blows the crap out of their argument on “what is torture.”)

The Hypothetical****

You are found guilty of a misdemeanor crime.

I am the judge and I offer you a choice of two punishments:

One- thirty days in jail

Two- 48 hours of sleep depravation in a cold room with loud rock music playing.

Now, jail time sucks. I don’t know about you but I would take the 48 hours of a cold room and loud rock music then do 30 days in the pen.

Let’s try one more…

You are convicted of theft.

A judge offers you a choice of punishment:

One year in prison. During that year in prison you will lose your job. You may lose your house, (unless someone is willing to pay for your house while you are in the pokey.) You may even lose your family.


The judge will waterboard you and it will feel like you are drowning. A doctor is standing by and no one has ever died from it. After the waterboarding is done, you are free to go.

Which would you choose..??

If you answer that question honestly, then you have to question “what is torture..??”

For me, one year in prison would be MORE of a torture because of all that you lose. I would take the waterboarding over prison time any day.

As I said earlier, one liberal did answer the question and said: “..I would take the year in prison because I could have a heart attack being that afraid of drowning..”

Well, keep in mind that no one ever died from our use of waterboarding and a doctor was standing by just in case.

You believe that “prison” as an acceptable form of punishment. You have accepted it because “someone” told you it was “acceptable.”

However, I just proved to you that there are exceptions to that rule.

If you chose waterboarding over jail time then you also believe that jail is a worst punishment then having a bucket of water poured on you head.

Taking away someone’s freedom, (prison) IS torture.

We MUST be able to have “tools” to interrogate combat prisoners.

If the CIA has to be careful of everything that they do, (can’t raise their voice to a prisoner, can’t touch a prisoner, cannot take away “pleasantries” from prisoners; then the CIA’s hands are tied and they cannot (will not) bother to get valuable information because you assholes might sue them later on.

The soldier on a future battlefield will only have two choices, (because of you stupid idiots) This future American soldier will have to let all war criminals go free, or this American soldier will have to shoot to kill.

The American soldier will have to KILL a person, that he may have placed in prison during the Bush years.

He MUST kill this prisoner because liberals have made it easy for a prisoner to press charges against the soldier.

A DEAD prisoner cannot testify against you.

Liberal progressives- they never think past their own “wants.” They NEVER do the critical thinking and take a political decision that they make- beyond the obvious.

They have no problem aborting babies. Killing the unborn gives them no moral dilemmas.

However, pouring a bucket of water on a terrorist’s head is out of the question..??

Folks, I just read those last two paragraphs again and had to laugh.

The liberal mind is so strange that it is funny.

Release all of the “interrogation” documents..!!

This liberal investigation will be a circus.

The democrats will spend a ton of money on this. They will lose, of course. Because there are 15 previous president who also used “questionable tactics” during a war or conflict.

Are liberals also going to charge Washington, Truman, FDR, Lincoln, Wilson, Adams, Jefferson, for using “questionable tactics” during a war..??

(I believe a few of those past presidents helped write the constitution..!!)

Bring it on..!!

Unfortunately, President Obama is NOT this stupid. (He is trying to shut Dick Cheney up by threatening an investigation.)

Having studied law, Barack already knows this case is unwinnable.

At best, they may be able to get a “Scooter Libby” type fall guy who will forget what he said in court testimony.

Waterboarding is NOT torture until congress deems it to be.

As of yet, congress has not done that.