I was worried that this day may arrive.
That some day the GOP would have a civil war and end.
“..Old school republicans are scared S**tless..”
“..That creepy Karl Rove is following me..”
(Statements made by Meghan McCain.)

Meghan McCain (daughter of GOP candidate John McCain) has warned that there could be a CIVIL WAR in the Republican Party.
My first question is…
Who the hell is Meghan McCain..??
Why, all of a sudden, is she getting so much press..??
I followed her fathers campaign. Pennsylvania WAS one of the states that McCain spent some time in. I do NOT remember seeing Meghan McCain- anywhere..??
Matter of fact, I knew that McCain had a daughter named Meghan, but didn’t know much else about her; during the entire campaign.
Meghan is a VOICE of the Republican Party..??

(How did this happen..??)
Welcome to the world of “citizen journalists.”

These “citizen journalists” have also called all of the Tea Bag Party members: “Racists who hate a Black President.” (Janeane Garofalo.)

We will get to her in a minute, but first; back to Meghan.

I believe that I do remember hearing that Meghan McCain was writing a blog site while her father was running for office. However, it didn’t get much attention.
I assume that because her father was a republican, no liberal media outlet wanted to give Meghan’s blog any attention, during the election.
And I also assume because Meghan is a RINO, no conservative media outlet wanted to promote her blog either.
So, during the election; Meghan received very little press.
Meghan McCain’s rise to FAME…

Rush Limbaugh makes his famous cl.. “Obama- I hope he fails..”
Meghan McCain, (writing on her blog) says that Rush is being mean, Obama is our president and Meghan hopes that Obama is successful. (And then Meghan goes on to talk about her issues with controlling her weight and body fat. Her favorite Punk Rock Bands. Stuff that many people say on their personal blog sites.)
Liberal media outlets pick up Meghan’s comments and promote it. As a way of showing the rest of you racist republicans how you should act during President Obama rein.
Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham, (surprised that the media is taking Meghan McCain’s political thoughts seriously) makes a joke about Meghan’s weight issues…
And a STAR is born..!!

Today, Meghan McCain, the voice of the “young” republican party(??) claims there will be a Civil War from within the party.
Meghan made these comments at a meeting of Gay Republicans. (Log Cabin Republicans.)

OK; I read this story twice because I wanted to find out HOW many people were at this lecture for Gay republicans..??
MIA- The number of Gay Republicans was missing in action from this story.
Which is really odd..??
Numbers are usually VERY important..??
During the Iraq War we had dozens of numbers. The amount of people killed. The amount of money spent.
Even during last weeks Tea Bag Parties, liberals gave their “numbers” of how many people attended each city party. Conservatives listed their numbers of how many people attended each city rally. (Both numbers didn’t match, by the way.)

However, how many Gay republicans turned out to hear Meghan McCain say the GOP is heading for a Civil War: is unknown..??
We do not know..??
Maybe the room wasn’t very well lit and it was hard to count all the Gay republicans..??

(Or maybe both sides didn’t want you to know? Republicans do not usually talk about Gay republicans. And liberals do not want to admit that the attendance was low.)
But, from this example of Meghan McCain, we can see the new trend of the citizen journalist, (being promoted by the “old guard.”)
This is the current trend of the progressive (liberal) movement…
The liberals will tell us who we should follow and listen to.
Pick your enemy, target them. Create a strawman and destroy it. (Using the enemies own words.)
“(Obama) I hope he fails..”

You know what Rush meant. I know what Rush meant.
But that doesn’t matter. That statement has brought more sympathy to President Obama, than any democratic political commercial or democratic speech could have.
The liberal media MADE Rush Limbaigh the FACE of the republican party.
The liberal media has lifted up Meghan McCain to be a “voice” of the republican party.
CNN sent out reporters to cover Wednesday’s Tea Parties and only talked to the wacky bastards holding crazy signs.

(Citizen journalist) Janeane Garofalo was allowed to call EVERYONE who attended a Tea Party: “racists”, because you hate a Black President. (And you do not even know the history of the Boston Tea Party.)
David Axelrod calls the Tea Parties: “Unhealthy” and maybe even dangerous.
James Carville claims the Tea Parties are harmless because: “mostly it was 72 year old ‘cranks’ with a couple of young kids put in the front…”
From this, we can conclude that the Tea Parties are working.

The Tea Parties have some on the left very worried.
Why would they worry if it truly IS just a bunch of “72 year old cranks who are racists”..??

Because they know that they have a problem.
To pay for this massive Obama spending bill, they will have to raise taxes on everyone. (Including people making under $250,000 per year.)
Of course, they will leave income tax alone. (So that President Obama can roll through the 2010 and 2012 elections claiming that he never raised “income” tax on you.) However, that is of little consequence when you are paying more for everything else. (Higher taxes on: cigarettes, beer, gasoline, electricity, phone bill, natural gas, etc.)
In the years to come, as average Americans begin to pay more for everyday things, these Tea Parties will NOT look so silly to the moderates.

When new “global warming” laws are passed and average Americans are told how warm their house can be, what car to drive, and when they can mow their grass; these average Americans WILL show up at a Tea Party because they have become concerned on how powerful the government has become.

When Average Americans see President Obama fumble a meeting with Hugo, or help “patch things up” with Iran; only to be publicly spit on by these idiots. These Tea Parties WILL BE the place for “real change.”

Progressive liberals know this, and it has them worried. (This explains all the name calling.)
The Tea Parties are on the right track.
I’m looking forward to seeing more Tea Parties on Saturday- July 4th. And I promise to get more involved with them. (I felt I couldn’t get involved with the last Tea Parties because I publicly favored the FIRST bailout bill, under President Bush.**) I no longer believe that the “bailouts” / stimulus bills are working, and should be stopped.

As far as “citizen journalists”, I’m all for it.
The Internet has given us all a voice.
It kind of reminds me of stories from history about the “pamphleteers.”
In the old days, people would spend large sums of money to print up pamphlets of their thoughts. They would lay these fliers in public places or hand them out. Some were witty, some were very wise, and some were down right crazy.
Ben Franklin was a pamphleteer before he started his own newspaper.
The Internet blog system is the modern pamphleteer. (Except, we do not have to pay a ton of money to print our words.)
So, I am all in favor of citizen journalists.
My only problem is that “the old guard” still controls who gets famous.
Newspapers, radio, and TV only pick a few bloggers to promote. They allow only a few of you to get famous.
But hey, we promote each other with our friends lists, blogrolls, and such.
The “old guard” might just get left in the dust, if they do not welcome this new interactive world.

In a world where citizens are journalists; we will have our Meghan McCain’s and Janeane Garofalo’s.

However, unlike other media; we can quickly click away from that stuff.
(Or we can leave some really silly-assed, offensive comment that will be deleted as soon as the writer logs back on.)


My reason for favoring the first bailout, ($750 billion by President Bush) was based on a study of the Great Depression.
Did the fancy programs conceived by President Hoover and FDR end the Great Depression..??
Most historians believe that WW2 helped end the Great Depression.
What is a war..??
Aside from the fight over land, blood, and guts; a war is spending. Massive amounts of government spending.
From Jeeps, to guns, uniforms, food, etc.
I can name three factories in my community that employed thousands making parachutes, zippers, and tools for the war effort.
We didn’t want to start WW3 just to get out of a recession. However, we could spend like we had a war going on.
Thus, I was on board the first bailout. That is until we found out that the government had no clue were the money went. And the companies receiving the money were not using it to stimulate growth.
I was wrong on that issue. I should have known that you can never trust government to “spend wisely.”

However, this is the reason I felt that I couldn’t get involved in the Tea Parties. It would have been hypocritical.
However, by July, I may have atoned for my bad call in backing the bailouts.