Some rule by FEAR.
Some rule by GUILT
However, they both plan on ruling: YOU.
Try and explain to someone the difference between Republicans and Democrats; what you will find is every strawman and stereo type known to mankind.
Republicans- want BIG business to get filthy rich so they can piss on the poor. (And yet, why would so many poor “red state” folks vote for Republicans, if this were true..??)
I know..!!
Because those “red state” people are all stupid. Every last one of them. All dumb.
Line up all your straw men against the wall. Give them one final cigarette; (with the new Obama tax of 62 cents per pack.)

Democrats- “really, really” care about the poor. (Except that the Democratic Party started in 1836. Democrats have been in the office of president for 82 years. How can we possibly STILL have poor people..??)
I know…
Because Democrats are stupid and do NOT really care about the poor people. They just talk about helping poor people to get elected.
The straw men have all smoked their last cigarette; (with the new 62 cent Obama tax on it.) “..Ready, aim, fire..”

The straw men are all dead now.

Both parties talk about helping people.
Democrats- (this is easy) believe that the best way to help people is to take money away from other people and give it to the poor; (in the form of some government run program.)
Republicans- (a little harder to explain) believe that if you let people keep MORE of their money, people will be BETTER off. If big business can keep more of it’s money, they hire more people, and pay higher wages.
That just amazes the hell out of me..!!

Both American parties have the same goal.
To help people.
(Except, we have two different ways of getting the job done.)
Thus, all the political fighting on this blog site. Yet, the long term goal is the same? (People; having a better life.)

I was listening to a radio talk show and a liberal caller was explaining why capitalism doesn’t work. She said: “The reason capitalism fails is because, I believe, deep down in every man’s core is dishonesty, and someone has to control this. The government needs to watch BIG business because they can be evil…”
The conservative host, (Andrew Wilkow) replied: “Wait a minute.. You just said that in EVERY man’s core is dishonesty, why would you trust the government- which is made up of men- to rule you..??”

There is the weakness in BOTH parties.
Both the democrats and republicans rely on the “goodness” of others.
Democrats: believe that government officials are MORE honest, and can be trusted as the “watchdogs” for the people. (Yet, every democrat has seen crooked politicians.)

Republicans: do not trust the government with this much power. Leave us alone, my boss and I will work on my pay and benefits. We need no help from you. Stay out of my wallet. (Yet, every republican has seen a crooked business man.)
Both systems could work GREAT..!!
Both systems could fail miserably.

But both systems rely on the “goodness of mankind” in order for each system to work.
OK- if the goal is to make a BETTER country, wouldn’t it make sense to take the BEST ideas from both points of view, and use them..??
I mean, no liberal can deny that social security was a noble concept, (helping the elderly) yet the program was conceived and run in a “half- assed” fashion. S/S- as it has been run, will fail in a few years. Social Security will fail because it wasn’t planned out good enough. (Now, do you understand why any intelligent person would question the idea of “quickly” throwing a national health plan together..??)
No conservative would deny that taking away social security would cause riots in the American streets, as 200 million Americans “bust your ass”, (after paying into S/S all these years and you want to end it..??) Plus, taking away money from old people is a mean thing to do.
So here we sit…
One party comes up with an idea.
The other party shoots it down.

One party goes after a terrorist enemy and a ruthless dictator.
The other party tries to make the American President and his administration- the enemy.

I have come to the conclusion that both parties are MORE alike then they are different.
Both parties have goals, and these goals are the same:
Goal 1- get elected.
Goal 2- set the stage for your re-election.
Goal 3- maybe look into some of the crap that you talked about when you were campaigning.
Goal 4- protect your legacy. Tell the American people why you were a great leader.

These 4 goals are shared by both the republicans and democrats. The problem is, these goals have very little to do with helping America.
I have come close to wanting to vote out EVERY incumbent candidate in the Senate and the House. This would allow a fresh / new group of idiots into office.
However, there could be a few good people who need to be returned to office. If I had more time I would create a web site which people could list “good” candidates and they could explain why this person needs to be in political office. Other people could question these choices.
But this web site would be hard to police. It would be easy for a political action group to bombard this site to promote a candidate.
My only answer is that “the answer” lies somewhere between what the two parties are bitching about.
It will take a new president who can step away from his or her party and become “an American” president. Instead of being a “party cheerleader.”
It will happen.

I have read about these leaders, from our past.
Until then, I am enjoying being able to watch the democrats struggle with explaining President Obama’s political decisions. (It is NICE being on the offence for a change.)

And I am enjoying all the inventive ways that we republicans are coming up with to scare people into fearing this skinny little man with big ears, that we call “president.”
One rules with FEAR.
Republicans- the terrorists will get you. We will all be socialist next year. Eating our swill from a bucket, if Obama gets his way.
One rules with GUILT.
Democrats- America has been “arrogant.” America has done wrong. We are rich while we step over the poor. The earth is dying, and you have the arrogance to breath..??
One rules with FEAR.
The other rules with GUILT.
However, they both plan on ruling- YOU.

The Angry Republican
Video Broadcast number 18

“I hope he gives you hell.”
(Note) You may hear a “thumping” sound in the payback of this video. I may have blown out the sound card in this computer? Or maybe my video converter? Whatever the problem, we will fix it in the future. The problem wasn’t apparent until after it was downloaded to YouTube. Sorry for the “thumping”..!!