My question to the democrats
Is this what you wanted..??

“Tea Baggers”- (I thought I would NEVER use that term, unless I was referring to a porno flick?)
Tea Baggers are growing in numbers. They will become a force to be reckoned with, regardless of how much “fun” people make of them.
The “Baggers” will haunt President Obama during his first term. Questioning every presidential decision on it’s merits of constitutionality.
My question to the democrats:
“Is this what you wanted..??”
When you were questioning the authority of the Bush administration on wiretaps, war prisons, and interrogation technics, DURING A WAR; did you ever consider what will happen when YOUR president makes unpopular decisions..??
Decisions like using the government to break an agreement between an employer and an employee. (90% tax on AIG workers who make over $250,000.)*
This is, without a doubt, a breach of The Constitution. If the feds can go after the banking system and set pay levels, nothing will stop them from going into other institutions and doing the same.
If we move closer to national health care, the feds might decide that nurses make too much money. They could cut nurses salaries in half.
Where are the concerned members of the left? Where are those people who worried that President Bush would listen to private phone calls?
I read the Huffington Post and I am not seeing the ANGRY liberals: worried about President Obama stepping on the constitution?
Hey, I know…
Lets ask Rosie O’Donnell:

Aaahh, Rosie seems kind of busy right now.
So, now, today; we have angry mobs of liberal groups like Code Pink hanging out at AIG members houses, screaming death threats at these AIG family houses.
Is this what you wanted..??

We have congress members telling AIG executives that they should commit suicide..??
We have some guy dressing up like a founding father. His videos on YouTube are grabbing millions of hits and he was featured on Glenn Beck. He is telling Americans that they should “tar and feather” a fellow American for using his freedom of speech rights.
Because an “idiot” in the Obama administration said America has become a nation of cowards because we do not talk about race; this “modern” founding father thinks we should ship him off to another country, or tar and feather him.
“..He called you a nation of cowards… and you do nothing…”
I’m sorry folks, but ignorance is wasteful.
The “actual” founding fathers never called for violence until after the British used force on the colonies.
John Adams and Thomas Paine NEVER called for an ANGRY mob to do “anything”, much less tar and feather someone for using free speech.
John Adams wanted representation in Britain, he was not looking for revolution. Not until the British took, by force, two Massachusetts cities, did Adams make a call for arms against the British.
(Keep in mind, John Adams had to write his “freedom” essays “anonymously” in fear that the British might snatch him up. And yet, John Adams STILL didn’t call for violence.)
My question to the left…
Is this what you wanted..??
When you were poking fun at President Bush. Highlighting every gaffe and verbal mistake, you must have known that it would come back to haunt you?


Or did you think that you are so high on that pedestal that any president that YOU picked “could never be as bad as Bush..”?
It was a terrible thing that President Bush played a round of golf while America was at war. (Highlighted in a Michael Moore film.) However, there is nothing wrong with President Obama bowling or having a few laughs on the Jay Leno show while America faces the worst economy since the Great Depression..??
Where is Michael Moore..??

Where is the outrage..??
Is this what you wanted..??

When you were calling for Dick Cheney to resign because he once owned stock in Halliburtin, you must know that today you have to call for Chris Dodd and Barack Obama to resign; because they received campaign cash from AIG.
Fair is fair, right..??
Your congress passed the biggest spending bill in American history and no one in congress read the bill before signing it. (Including President Obama.)
This is a very sad display of leadership, and this bill WILL destroy your party, once we all go through it. (The AIG bonuses are just the tip of the iceberg.)
You can blame Bush all you want, but the fact remains: this bill was passed and signed by your congress. The people that you elected to watch over your interests. (And they never took the time to read the bill before signing it.)
My question to the democrats…
Is this what you wanted..??

Let me take you to, what I believe, will be a very sad day in American history.
Picture a well dressed couple heading to a hotel. They are not democrats, nor are they republicans. This couple happens to own a business in the community and wanted to attend a political event, to listen to a politician and determine if this candidate has their interests in mind.
An angry crowd has gathered near the entrance to this hotel. This mob begins to spit on the well dress woman, while calling her a “whore” and a “slut.”
Her companion begins to scorn the crowd, telling them to “back the fuck off..”
Three members of the crowd surrounded the businessman and ask: “What are you going to do about it..?”
What the rowdy crowd members didn’t know was this businessman happened to be a Black Belt in martial arts. They soon found out and took off running.
Unfortunately, the businessman lost track of his wife in the mob of thousands. He spent the next 15 minutes frantically looking for her, being spit on and taunted the whole time. He even climbed a light post to try and find his wife.
On the other side of the hotel, a grandfather in a wheelchair was making his way to the hotel. A thirty-year-old protester, wearing a mask, stepped in front of the wheelchair and said: “..Where do you think you are going..??”
The wheelchair bound man replied: “I’m going to the reception, if this were reversed and you were me, I would let you pass..”
Another “masked” protester told his friend: “Let the old bastard go..” Hotel security saw the old man and helped him through the crown.
City police were of no help.
They had their own problems.
The president was due any minute, and this could get ugly, real fast.
The presidential motorcade was having problems making its way to the hotel, through the thousands of protesters.
Just then, a rock was thrown at the president’s car and it made a loud “thud” as it hit the window. “How the hell did city police allow…”
Before the secret service member could finish his sentence, a protester lunged for the president’s car and slammed his body on the fender.
“…The package is being routed to plan- B” “I repeat, the package is being routed to plan B..” was the call that went out to the secret service and local police.
Out the window, the president could see signs being held up by protesters.
One read: “Fuck you, mother fucking fascist.”
Another sign read: “(The President)- wanted dead or alive.” The protester put an “X” over the word “alive.”
One sign read: “Impeach the court appointed junta and the fascist, egomaniacal, blood- swilling beast..”
President Bush turned to his aid and replied: “I’ve been called a liar and an idiot… But… blood swilling beast..??”
The president smiled and demanded the event go “as planned.”
And now you know the rest of the story.

I wasn’t talking about some future protest against President Obama, “by mean, angry neo-cons.”
I was talking about an actual protest that happened in Portland, Oregon in 2002.
This out of control, display of ignorance, was not conducted by angry republicans against President Obama.
This “dark day” in American history. A complete lack of respect for fellow Americans, was carried out by liberal democrats.
So, my question to the democrats…
Is this what you wanted..??
Now that you see “this” coming back on you..??
I used to think that America would be better if more people were involved in politics.
I no longer feel that way.
Some people SHOULD focus on their own lives and stay away from politics.
(Of course, I am NOT talking about you.)
I am talking about the people who care more about their party winning, and care less about America winning.
In the past, I have been called a “puppet” or a “mouthpiece” for neo-cons.
Today, I have been called “a liberal leaning republican.” Or, “I am walking in the middle.”
Behind my back, some have question whether I was ever a true conservative. Yet, I have never in my life voted for a democratic president.
It really doesn’t matter to me.
At times, I may have a thousand people read my site. Other times, it is less than ten.
Year after year, I have been here.
What is said about me, or how many people read this site, is of little consequence. I am just some little blogger who speaks his mind.
(And will continue to, God willing.)
I feel the anger inside. I too, worry about socialism.
However, I never want to witness a spectacle like what took place in Portland Oregon in 2002. President Obama needs to be free to travel and conduct business where ever he sees fit. And liberals MUST be able to attend these rallies without being harassed, or spit upon, in the manner that they did to us.
We conservatives are bigger than that. We are wiser than that.
This problem that we Americans face today must be solved with wisdom, not anger.
President Bush and his team are all gone now.
Presidents Carter and Clinton are out of government.
There are only a few people involved in politics today who helped create this financial crisis we face today.
Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.
If liberals want ANY credibility.
If you want anyone to listen to you in the future, you MUST remove these men from office, as soon as possible.
I’m not sure how much proof you need..?? We have Barney Frank on video tape saying Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac need no further federal regulation because there are no problems. That was just a year before the financial collapse. And Chris Dodd help author the bill that allowed the AIG executives to receive their bonuses.
And liberals…
Do we need this MUCH spending..??
I know that President Bush started this “stimulus” spending, but that doesn’t mean we have to continue it.
Some say anger motivates men to action.
However, I say anger motivates people to spit on an old man in a wheelchair, who is trying to attend a Bush rally.
Wisdom solves problems.
Anger just makes people angry.
(Yes, I see the irony of a guy called: “The Angry Republican” lecturing about the evils of anger.)
So, with that, I will begin my conclusion with some ironic words from Winston Churchill.

Mr. Churchill said:
“America always does the right thing. (Once they have exhausted all other options.)”
It is, without a doubt, one of Churchill’s funniest lines. But it is so true.
We may not always “get it right.” but in the end, “we make it right.”
We made it through slavery and today, we can live side by side.
We forced Native Americans from their land, but yet today; we can live side by side.
We made it through a Civil War and several World Wars, and today; we can live side by side with our past enemies.
Some of us treat homosexuals like they are not human beings, and yet; we can still live side by side.
This mountain that sits in front of us, is not too high to climb.
America has survived MUCH greater challenges then this financial crisis.
You are JUST as strong as those who walked this path before.
(It’s just that no one tells you that.)
Because the pundits are too busy selling fear. (On both sides.)
Fear turns to anger.
And anger solves nothing.


*(note) At the time of writing this, President Obama was questioning whether he would sign a bill that would add a 90% tax on AIG executives. But, Obama hadn’t yet made a decision.