“..Treat others as you would like them to treat you..”
(Or, in politics; this MUST be the phrase that is used…)
“..Screw others, as they screwed you..”
This has to be the thought process, because I can’t see any other reason for scaring old people and children into thinking that America will crumble (and die as we know it) because one president passed a BIG spending bill..??
I did not care much for the wacky left wingers who tried to scare Americans into thinking that we killed our own people on 9/11 and blew up the WT Towers ourselves.
Nor did I enjoy liberals who claimed President Bush destroyed this great country by taking away our freedoms. (Wiretapping, Gitmo, etc..)
So, I cannot take part in the rhetoric from the right that President Obama has destroyed America by passing a BIG spending bill.

“..We cannot keep spending money like this..!! Our children will never be able to pay off this debt that we are creating. Our children will suffer…”
Who said that..??

(A) A modern “hero” of the conservative movement?
(B) A liberal “hero” during President Reagan’s era?
(C) A person opposing FDR in the 1930’s?
(D) A person on the Roman Senate during 100 AD
(E) All of the above
(The answer is, of course- E)
So, I must ask you:

“..How does it feel paying off the debt of generations that have come before you..??”

Are you suffering..??

Or did you even realize that you were paying off this MASSIVE debt..??
Every American, since President Jackson, (who was the last president to actually balance the budget- 1830), has payed off the debts of the past generation. And guess what? It will always be: “The highest debt ever..”
Taxes are sure enough high. No one can deny that.
But are taxes this high because of past sending? Or current spending?
“..We can’t keep printing up money..”
Bill Gates has more money today than the United States had a dozen decades ago.
So, any idiot can understand that WE HAVE printed up money in the past.
Here is an interesting debate that I had with an individual, I would like to share it with you:

(Me) When America needs money, we print some up.
(Him) That’s stupid. You can’t just print up money. It will KILL the economy.
(Me) So when do YOU think that the United States prints up money? When we DON’T need it?
(Him) Well, no. The government has a system that they follow for printing up new money.
(Me) Yea, the system is: they print up money when they need it.
(Him) No they don’t. That would cause inflation.

There it is..!!
That evil word that strikes fear into every American.
Inflation. (Spooky..!!)
Let’s have us a little experiment, at this point.
My Grandfather use to make a dollar a day, working for the railroad. This wasn’t a bad pay for a blue collar worker in his day.
For my Grandfather to take his wife out on the town, for an evening, is as follows:
Local Theater- (no movies in those days) ten cents per person. (For a good LOCAL play.)
Dinner for two at a nice restaurant- 20- to 30 cents.
Ok, for my Grandfather to head out for a night with my Grandmother was about half a days pay.
Now, let’s look at today…
An average pay for a blue collar worker, like my grandfather, would be around $30,000 per year. Which breaks down to $125 per day.
For a blue collar worker to head out for an evening today would cost:
Movie- $7 per person- $14 bucks
Dinner for two- $60 bucks
So, for a blue collar person to have a night out, it equals $64 dollars.
Which amounts to: Half a days pay.
(How can that be..???)

How can the value of a night out be exactly the same for people today, as it was for my Grandfather- back in 1925..??
Because the value of (X) never changes.
You can raise or lower dollar amounts…
A government could raise the minimum wage and companies could run a “sale” on their goods.
This is all irrelevant because the value of (X) doesn’t change.
Let’s try one more…
When Ford was selling Model T’s, the cost of the car was roughly “one years pay” for the average worker of that day.
Today: the average, (no frills) car is priced around $24,000 to $30,000.
(Which, by the way, is the average yearly pay for an average American, today.)

How can that be..??

We have had inflation.
We have had massive national debt.
We have had all kinds of Wars.
We created the “Great Sociality” and the “New Deal.”
So, how can a car cost “virtually” the same as it did in the early 1920’s?
How can dinner and a movie cost the same as it did 80 years ago?
Because the value of (X) never changes.
What is the value of (X)..??
The value of (X) is simple:
(X) equals the amount of money that you are willing to work for; to do a certain job.
If your boss pays too little a salary, you will search for a new job. Your boss will lose good employees and his business will suffer.
If your boss pays too much, (Ford, GM, etc) he will lose money and go out of business.
(X)- the actual value of (X), never changes. It doesn’t matter what dollar amount you attach to it.
The second part of this equation is: what you are willing to spend.
If a business charges too much, you will go somewhere else. If they charge too little, they go under.
So, I am not as worried as others are that America is printing up money. We have in the past and we have survived.
“…We are borrowing all this money from the Chinese. They will freaking OWN us. One day they are going to want to CASH IN, and that will be the end of America…”
Hey, I got an idea here…

Let’s all just SUCK on that lemon called: FEAR..!!

The Chinese are buying American bonds. Matter of fact, just last week the Chinese decided to KEEP buying US bonds because they do not trust the Euro, nor do they trust an investment in Japan.
OK, what do you think is going to happen here..??
Do you think the Chinese are going to ONE DAY: walk up to us with a stack of American bonds and ask to turn them in..??
They would devalue the worth of each bond by doing that..!!
Folks, think with your brain..!!
We are not forcing the Chinese to buy our bonds.
They are doing it on their own accord.
Here is when we might have to worry…

When the Chinese stop selling us their goods.
When the Chinese decide that they no longer want to sell America ANYTHING, because our money is no good.
Then, we have to worry.
When Saudi Arabia quits selling us oil, because our money is no good.
Then we have a problem.
But, we are not even close to this scenario.
(Note) And even if the Chinese stopped selling us goods; it would force us to make our own stuff. (Which would help us create jobs.)
So, quit worrying.
Big deal..!!
President Obama passed a big spending bill.
It doesn’t mean the end of the world. Least we forget that President Bush passed a $700,000 billion dollar bill before he left.
We have got to be careful NOT to turn into the “liberal lite” party and use these dam scare tactics that were used on us.
People are tired of the “fear society.”
I am a conservative, make no mistake about that.
But we have gone too far.
For eight years; republicans have made people worry about terrorism.
Now, we are going to make people worry about America collapsing and turning to communism..??
Enough already.
We have to provide answers, solutions, and we have to be optimistic.
President Reagan isn’t my favorite modern President because he scared the crap out of me.
Reagan became my favorite president because he had answers and he made me see how great this country is. With Reagan in charge, there was no mountain too high to climb.
There is nothing that President Obama can do, that cannot be fixed in four years.
Barack Obama is making many mistakes and people now realize that the passing and signing of this HUGE spending bill means: NO CHANGE.
This Pelosi, Obama, Reid spending bill is business as usual; DC style.
People will see that.
We need not “frighten people to us.”
Scaring people away from the democrats didn’t work in 2006 and 2008.
It will NOT work in 2010.