None so blind as those who cannot / (will not) see.
Some top democrats do not mind raising taxes on us Americans, because top democrats do not pay these taxes. (How much proof do you need..??)


Who’s not paying taxes?
President Obama’s cabinet picks: Nancy Killefer, Tom Daschle, Tim Geithner…
Oh, let’s not forget Gov Richardson; who had to bail out of Obama’s cabinet early on because of “Pay to play” type scandals. (You donate to my campaign and I will give you these multi- million dollar state contracts.)
Should we throw Hillary Clinton in there, for good measure? (Though I think that Hillary HAS paid her taxes?)
Where is the “hopey change” that you people were talking about..??
All I see is business as usual.

I have tried to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt. I have tried to focus on social issues on my web site and see what Obama will do.
However, you democrats are NOT making it easy for a guy like me to sit back and give President Obama the “space” to prove himself.
I have to ask this question…
(Because there has to be at least a thousand democrats in American politics, to pick from…)
Can’t you liberals pick a handful of democrat leaders to fill Obama’s cabinet WITHOUT picking a crook..??
My God man, it’s getting embarrassing.

The world is laughing at the American democrats.
“..They voted for Hope and Change and they got a 900 billion dollar stimulus bill that builds a frisbee golf course in Austin and adds more neon lights in Vegas..”

That is what the world is saying.

What pisses me off the most is how I had to listen to liberals “preaching” how crooked and evil the republicans are. That’s all I heard from liberals for the past 8 years.
Where are these BIG liberal bloggers at..??
Where the hell are you..??

I could name these bloggers, but what is the point? Everyone reading this knows the ones that I am talking about.
Where the hell are you now..??
Most liberal bloggers have their blinders firmly in place. They choose to only see corruption when it is convenient for them. They are commenting about their job, their dog, or their personal life. Anything- to keep their minds off of President Obama.
Obama says: “I screwed up..”
Those liberal bloggers who are willing to comment; conclude that this is just “unfortunate.” It is a “glitch”, a “hiccup.” Some comment on how refreshing it is that Obama ADMITS that he screwed up.
The guy that you hired as president has tried to place 4 crooks into HIGH government office, and you are “just” happy that he said he “screwed up”?
Geee, I was worried for a minute. But now I see that Obama is willing to admit that he was wrong. (Though, he doesn’t seem to STOP surrounding himself with crooks.)
To us conservatives; this comes as no surprise.
We were the only ones who were willing to look into Obama’s past. We already knew the types of people who Obama surrounded himself with. We have known it all along.
Here is the best way that I can describe Barack Obama to the millions of voters who walked into the voting booth on November, “blind as a bat” and voted for Obama:
Obama is, (and always has been) a “pay to play” politician.
You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Obama needed Rev. Wright to gain popularity in the Black community. When he no longer needed Wright; he dumped him.
Obama needed Ayers to lift him up in the Chicago “elite- intellectual” community. Obama dropped Ayers like a rock when he was no longer needed.
So, why are you surprised today that Obama has surrounded himself with crooks..??
So here we sit.
Liberal bloggers are writing stories about their dogs and jobs. Hoping that no one notices all the shit that has gone wrong in Obama’s first two weeks as prez.

Conservative bloggers are desperately reporting anything and everything that goes wrong with Obama. As if somehow, the last four months could be reversed.
Middle America is walking with their heads down, thinking; “I voted republican, now I voted for the democrats, and nothing is changing..”

Change is coming.
But it will take a few years.
However, I still can’t believe I had to listen to liberals tell me how corrupt republicans are…
When liberals cannot even form a presidential cabinet without stumbling over crooked democrats.
God, that makes me laugh. What poetic justice.
“What can a liberal say..??”

I guess if I were a liberal, I would be talking about my dog and job too.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic