The STEELE curtain

How the hell can you talk about football and the new RNC leader on the same post..??
When the weekend news is about the Republican National Committee Chairman Michael STEELE and (at the same time) the Pittsburgh STEELERS are in the Super Bowl.


Having lived most of my life just a one hour drive from Pittsburgh, you can imagine that I have been a Steelers fan for many years.

(Except for the time that I lived in LA and watched the SF 49’ers and Joe Montana,) I have focused on Chuck Knoll, Bill Cowher, and now Mike Tomlin; as these men have “somehow” brought the Steelers to the big game.
I’m not sure how they do it..??
Pittsburgh is NOT a “big money” city. We lose some great players over the years because we cannot offered them the big money deals.
The Steelers have been a very lucky and scrappy / ruff team, with some players who become very loyal.
That has to be the reason, because they could make better cash somewhere else.
Maybe some players stick around because Pittsburgh becomes their best chance to make it to the Super Bowl?
Whatever the reason is, I have never seen a team that gets into the Super Bowl, like the Steelers do.
So, I was already happy and looking forward to this weekend…
And then- Friday; I was really surprised that the republicans nominated Michael Steele as the new Chairman of the RNC. (Republican National Committee.)

Steele was the person that I was hopeful would get the republican leadership position, and I will tell you why in a minute.
Yes, I realize that Michael Steele and the Pittsburgh Steelers share very little in common with each other. (Other than a section of their names.) But, it is two subjects that I am happy about, and I wanted to talk about both of them. Besides, the: “Steele Curtain” kind of fits.
Why Michael Steele..??
Steele is the perfect person for the direction that we must take.
Let’s face it, the republican party has been like a ship with no captain.

The party has drifted FOR YEARS relying on things that “we did in the past.” Hoping that people would vote republican, because: “Hey, what would Reagan do..??”
Well, I’m sorry to say that Reagan might not vote for this current Republican Party?
I have listened to Michael Steele for many years. He is very smart man and a hell of a good guy. I like his ideals and his image of the future for the Republican Party.
Listen to these words from Steele:
“..For so long we’ve allowed the Democrats to define us. We’ve allowed the media to define us, And so it’s important for us to be able to establish with clarity what we believe…”
Steele went on and had this to say about President Obama:
“I would say to the new president, congratulations. It is going to be an honor to spar with him,” Steele said. “And I would follow that up with: How do you like me now?”
Folks, you gotta love it..!! (“How do you like me now?”)
Yes, as modern as we are today…
There are those who are still prejudice. (I know, I know. But they are out there.)

Oh, I’m not talking about the “Archie Bunker” types. White guys who hate everyone who is not White.
I’m not talking about the “Fred Sanfords” of the world who hate everyone who isn’t Black.
I’m not talking about these bigots.
Actually, there is something that is comforting about these racists. They do not hide their racism. They stick it out there, for all to see. You know who you are dealing with and you can move on with your life.
It is the ones who hide their racism that scares me:
The news reporter who is afraid to comment on an Obama cabinet appointment because “Obama is Black, and people might think that I am picking on a Black man..”
The editorial editors that are afraid to print an editorial cartoon of President Obama, because: “Well, they are making his ears really big and that might offend someone..”
These are the racists that scare me the most because they hide. They actually tell you that they are very “sympathetic to minorities”, but yet they capitulate the divide between Whites and Blacks even more.

I have always felt that I am on equal ground with everyone else.
It is up to each of us to define our worth in life. Skin color (to me) has nothing to do with this definition.
With this comes the realization that a Black person is my equal; then I am equally free to criticize a Black President. (Just the way that I have done with the many White presidents we have had.)
As much as I would have hoped that today we would treat all men equal. We still have problems in this area.
There are things that a “White man in a business suit” cannot say on national TV about a Black President. (The TV editors would NOT allow it.)
If republicans elected another White guy as their chair, (or even a White female) we would still have to watch our words carefully.

When trying to cut the spending on some social program, democrats would hit us over the head with: “You’re a freaking White guy in a business suit. What the hell do you know about the suffering in the Black community..??”
We have taken away that weapon from the Democratic Party with the appointment of Steele.
Now, when a democrat tries to say that republicans do not care for the Black community, Steele can fire back: “Aaahh, do you need glasses? Let me take you to Chicago. To one of the poorest sections of town. I will PROVE to you that social programs keep people poor. People do not need a hand out. They need a hand up. President Obama has been giving people “hand outs” for years in Chicago and there are MORE poor people today, than 20 years ago..”
What can President Obama say to that..?? We have taken away his weapon.
The left will attack Michael Steele on a personal level. (Because they cannot defeat his ideals.)
This can be expected.
However, Michael Steele brings intelligence and wit to this old party.
Lets face it folks…
There are things that us old White people cannot say on national TV.
Michael Steele can say these things that we cannot.
Steele takes the issue of “skin color” out of the equation.
With skin color gone, what is left is a debate on the issues.
An “equal” debate on the issues.
Isn’t that what we ask for in a country..??
An equal debate..!!
Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Prediction- Steelers over the Cardinals 17- 10