You have offended me for the last time

I just read a story in which some people are offended that White actor: Robert Downey Jr was nominated for an award for playing a Black Man in the movie “Tropic Thunder.”

Actually, Robert plays a White actor who is playing a Black man. So it isn’t Robert playing a Black man. (Although he is.) You following me on this..??

So, some people feel that a White guy playing a Black guy is a little Queer.

(I’m sorry. I didn’t mean “queer” as referring to a persons sexual preference.)
Let me try this again…
Some people are offended that a modern movie and a present day actor would actually have a White man paint his face dark and play a Black man.
Do these “offended” people have a point here? Or are they just being gay?

(OK, I screwed up again. I didn’t mean “gay” as in homosexual. I meant “gay” as in “weird.”)
Oh.. Crap..??
I didn’t mean to say that “gay” was weird. I meant “gay” in the sense like they would have used the term “gay” back in the 1940’s. Back when a White man could play a Black Man in a movie and no one would be offended.

OK, I didn’t mean that Black people in the 1940’s were more “tolerant” than Black people today. No, I didn’t mean that at all.
What I was trying to say is that in the 1940’s, you didn’t have people getting offended if a White man played a Black man or an Indian.

Hey, in the 40’s, they called Native Americans: “Indians.”
What the hell does that have to do with me..!!

What the #@$# could I have possibly said that would have offended a cow..??

Hey, all of you “offended” people are really starting to piss me off..!!
I can’t say anything without “offending” someone.

I have never been this “offended” in all my life..!!