My LAST post on President Bush

I thought about NOT doing a final editorial on President Bush. (What’s left to say..??)
If you like the guy; you are going to talk about how George Bush kept this country from being attacked again, like it was in September of 2001.
If you hate President Bush; you are going to take this last moment to kick the guy in the face, one more time.
So, really; what is left for me to say?
However, after thinking about it, I should do at least (one) editorial. After all, I supported this president, the least I can do is explain why I supported Bush.
I will do that right after we take a short break for a word from our sponsor. (We must pay our bills.)
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OK, back to my editorial on President Bush.
Like it or not…
President Bush has become an image of a slice of America, frozen in time.
There are those people who believe that 9/11 was a “police matter.” That terrorism is a crime not unlike theft, and should be dealt with by cops and US courts.
However, most people feel that terrorism is NOT an average crime. Because of the nature of the funding, the reach of the organization, and the death and destruction that terrorists can claim; the US military is a better defense than using a traffic cop to catch terrorists.
That is why most Americans believe that the invasion of Afghanistan was justified.
It is the invasion of Iraq that has America divided.
We will return to this editorial right after another word from our sponsor.
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OK, back to the FINAL President Bush editorial.
President Bush’s decision to remove Saddam from Iraq is the turning point for many Americans. (Note) I didn’t notice many anti- Iraq War sentiments until the Iraq War started to go bad. During the “Shock and Awe” portion, through the Saddam statue coming down, on up to Saddam being dragged from a hole in the ground, most people were in support of the War.
(Even democratic politicians were on board with the war at first.)
It was when strategic errors were made and terrorists began entering Iraq, did people began to question the logic of removing Saddam.
President Bush won his reelection.
However, Bush lost much support from middle America over the federal response after hurricane Katrina.
President Bush lost the support of many conservatives from his spending spree on federal projects.
During this whole period, the Bush administration was never able to communicate “why” it was doing “what it was doing?”
This LACK of communication left many “blanks” in the media.
Liberals were able to fill in those “blanks” and were able to win in the 2006 and 2008 elections.
President Bush was never able to communicate that President Lincoln took a few liberties with the constitution to win the Civil War. FDR did the same with WW2. (So why is it wrong to take liberties with the constitution to win a war against terrorists..??)
President Bush was never able to explain to conservatives why he felt that amnesty for illegals, or funding a senior drug program, were important to him and not necessarily anti- conservative. (President Reagan had no problem granting amnesty for illegals?)
President Bush NEVER had the support from the far left. (Because of politics and the screwed up 2000 election.) However, Bush went from a 90% approval rating, (just after 9/11) to the current low: which is in the twenties. Bush lost support from most of America. Why..??
Because Bush was never able to explain why he was doing- what he was doing.
In the end, (at the risk of sounding redundant) it was President Bush’s lack of communication that brought him down. (And Bush placed trust in some people that he shouldn’t have.)
My final thoughts on President Bush after this message from our sponsor.

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All right, glad to hear that “Comrades” is being bailed out! Nothing like playing “Twister” with a person who hasn’t bathed in a week.

Back to Bush.
My personal feelings on President Bush is:
“What you see, is what you get.”
There is nothing “phony” with this guy. And that is very refreshing in a political world where politicians will say one thing, and do another.

Bush said he would not fund embryonic stem cell research. (And he didn’t.)
Bush said he would remove Saddam from Iraq. (And he did.)
Bush said he would stop terrorists from attacks on our soil. (And he did.)
Bush said we could win the War in Iraq. (And we pretty much have.)
Bush said he would find Osama bin Laden. (And…)
Hence; the problem…
Bush was never flexible enough to change; when change was required.
President Bush was NOT conservative.
Bush was mostly republican, (with a little hint of liberalism thrown in.)
I believe President Bush was a good man who did the best that he could.
I rank Bush WAY below President Reagan, but above President Carter. I believe Bush was better than President Clinton on defense, but way below Clinton on the economy and domestic issues.
In my opinion…
President Bush is a good man who tried to do the right thing.
In my life, I have never seen this much “stuff” thrown at one president.
The biggest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, by an enemy who comes from no particular country and doesn’t identify itself on the battlefield with uniforms, or follow the Geneva Convention.
(I sometimes wonder how FDR or Lincoln would have handled an enemy that doesn’t reveal itself and hides in the civilian population?)
Bush had to deal with a massive hurricane and flood that destroyed a major US city.
Plus an economy that could have rivaled the great depression if “things” weren’t done quickly to stop it.
(“Things” that both republicans and democrats seemed to agree on?)
When you put it all together;
I believe that President Bush is a good man who did the best that he could, during a difficult time in American history.
As more time passes, and secure documents are released; we will find out how close and dangerous certain elements where during this time that we live in. This will change a few people’s minds on “why” Bush did what he did.
President elect Obama has already changed his mind on a few things, now that Obama has been privileged to inspect this inside information.
More will be revealed…
Time has a funny way of changing what you believe to be true.
Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Do you think you know President Bush..??
Take the President Bush test.
(I got 17 of 20 questions right.)
One question that I missed…
What has NOT been thrown at President Bush during his term in office?
A shoe
A pumpkin
A grenade
(I guessed the wrong answer to that one..??)

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