Democrats and liberals everywhere are worried if Barack Obama has enough toilets for the inauguration.

Matter of fact, a professor of law at George Washington University warns that Obama could be sued over toilets. (The lack of enough toilets.)

It was only 7 years ago that we were worried about terrorists flying planes into our buildings and killing innocent people.
Just a few months ago, we were worried about the economy, and that we might head into a great depression.
However, today- that has all changed.

Democrats are (almost) in the White House, and we are worried about toilets.
Hey: Toilets are important..!!
So, I want to ask you…
How many toilets should Obama have?
5,000 are fine
20,000 toilets
100,000 toilets
300 billion toilets- one for everyone

Since all of the “BIG” issues like the War, the economy, and stuff like that are solved (or at least- tucked away somewhere), why not talk about toilets..??
I voted for 5,000 toilets because I know that Obama has researched this and I am sure that Obama has given toilets much thought.

Besides, why should we worried about the BIG issues, look at who Obama has selected to lead us forward:
Leon Panetta, who has never worked in the CIA, or been an agent, is going to be the top CIA boss.
(What could go wrong here..??)

Tim Geithner, (who didn’t know that he needed to pay his taxes) will head up the US Treasury Department. Geithner, who helped cut restrictions on banking which helped Citi Group go on a risky loan spree, which caused Citi Group’s demise. Geithner will now helm US taxes and banking.
(Really, people; you are in good hands..!!)

Hillary Clinton: who’s husband takes money from friends, enemies, and just about ANYONE who will deliver millions to the Clinton library. Hillary will run the State Department.
(So, I ask you again: “What could go wrong..??”)
I think I now understand why liberals are talking about toilets.
Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

LINK: It’s flushing and gushing- toilets are the talk of the town.