I have a paragraph from Newsweek. Please read this and tell me if it scares the crap out of you?

“..A new study argues our personal choices cause more than 1 million premature deaths a year. What, if anything, should the government do to protect us from ourselves..”

After reading that statement from Newsweek, do you feel:

Grateful that the government is “looking out for you” and your heath?

Terrified, because experience tells you that another American freedom will be lost?

Answering THAT question will tell you a lot about yourself.

Slip- sliding away: Freedom


I have been slammed by news stories this week, all pertaining to “what the government can do for us.”

(I have a few links located below.)

All of these stories are based on ways that the government can “protect” you from- “something.”

And the way that the government will protect you is by taking away your right to choice.

From restaurants being told how to make food, to cigarettes that “burn themselves out”, to cars that will not start unless you pass a test, to mandated exercise…

My God man, where is our freedom.??


There used to be a time when one political party checked the other. But I cannot find that in these days.

Who can I blame for this..??

From the moderate republicans, to the extreme conservatives: from Sen. John McCain, to President Bush, to Newt Gingrich; they are all on board with global warming laws that restrict freedom. These laws reject personal conservation and rely on FORCED- mandated conservation.

However, the republican / conservatives are the “old guard” and are stepping down soon.

Liberal / Democrats have control now and I need to ask you a few questions..??

You believe that a woman has the right to choose if she will abort her child, however you do not want a woman to have the right to drive a big car; if she feels safer in a bigger vehicle?

(Let me see if I understand this correctly?) It is OK for a woman to choose to terminate a child, but not OK to keep a child safe in a big car..??

I can’t understand that? How can that be..??


I have another question…

Liberals believe that the government has NO RIGHT to tell people who they can marry. However, the government has every right to tell you what you can put on the dinner table..??

The government has no say in what constitutes a “family”, however the government can mandate what this family eats..??

OK, before you begin to believe that I am attacking the left and giving the right a pass. I am going to get back to republicans in a minute; because I am equally pissed at them.

It is important to focus on the left now because they hold the power.

I’m not sure what happened to the democrats. They are far from the party that my grandfather and mother supported many years ago. I cannot recognize them anymore?

Liberals seem to want to FIGHT for the right for Kathy Griffin to say the word “Dick” on live TV.

They want Amy Winehouse to have the freedom to be, (aahhh) freaking weird.

However, they want to BBQ a White comedian (Paul Shanklin) for making light of a Black situation. (Barack the magic Negro- song.)

Who is deciding this stuff..?? And why would any of us allow a “person” to tell what is right and what is wrong, for all of us?

Who are “these people” who are deciding this stuff? Who are “they”, the ones who believe that “they” know what is BEST for “us”..??

About a half a dozen states passed the “safe- cigarette” law this year. My state: Pennsylvania, was one of them. I had no idea it was happening. I do not know who pushed the bill into a state vote? Who voted for it? We, the people of Pennsylvania didn’t vote for it. No candidate that was running for office listed “safe- cigarettes” as a campaign promise?

Maybe you do not care for cigarette issues and that is fine. However, many states are pushing the idea of a higher gas tax. (Either by the gallon or by the mile.) “Who is pushing for this gas tax..??” Why do I not have names of the congress members that want this?

The reason I do not have names to go with these freedom killing bills is because the American media is on “auto- pilot.”

No one in the media has balls anymore.

Newspapers, TV, the Internet…

You are my eyes and ears.

You have us all flying blind, today.

The next thing I know- SLAM. We fly right into a “gas tax.” (Who the hell voted for it?) The media has no clue. And that means “we the people” have no clue.

(And you wonder why your ratings are down.)


The media needs to hirer journalists who can relate to the topics that Americans are interested in. Sure, Britney Spears’ ass might interest many and it probably pays the rent for the news room. But don’t forget to tell us who (in congress) voted to change property rights.

The left is to blame primarily (now) because you folks hold the keys to this country. Liberals used to fight for freedom. Now you are fighting for “light bulbs”..?? (How bright my house lighting is..??) What the hell happened to you?

But the conservative wing of republican party takes the brunt of my anger.

This stuff right here…

The stuff that I am talking about in this editorial..

This is exactly why I am paying your salary. To stop this “government babysitting service.”

We do not need a babysitter.

We need an affordable, lean, trim, strong government.

Republicans: Now do you understand why we fired you?

Because you didn’t do your job.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Here is a tad bit more from the Newsweek editorial:



“..Each year more than a million people needlessly die because of their own personal decisions,” says Keeney, whose work gives new meaning to the clich


é we’re our “own worst enemies.” That means more than half the population will make a decision leading to an early grave, he reports, including a full 55 percent of people who die between the ages of 15 and 64. Most alarming, that figure has jumped fourfold since 1900, despite the world becoming a safer place overall thanks to seat belts, smoking laws, health food and a host of other tools to help people stay inside the lines..”

“Stay inside the lines..??”


The Newsweek editorial explains that “we” have health food, seat belts, smoking laws (and people are still dying so this stuff didn’t work) and Newsweek suggests we add MORE babysitting laws..???

So we can “stay inside the lines”..??

Ohhh hell, I got to get away from this topic or I am going to pop a gut.

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