Happy New Year,

Even though we are changing our calenders to a NEW year, some old issues will follow us forward:

The thousand year war between the Jews and Muslims.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad wrote a note of congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama on his victory. This is the first of it’s kind in over 30 years.

Did Obama write a note back to Ahmadinejad?

Or, has Obama been too busy picking his cabinet, creating government policy, and relaxing in Hawaii: to write back to the Iranian President?

Should Obama reply to the Iranian president, or should he remain quiet?

How will what Obama does next, effect the current conflict between Palestine and Israel?

In the Huffington Post- writer: Hooman Majd believes that Barack Obama SHOULD write a letter to Ahmadinejad and even takes the time to pen a letter that Obama could send to Iran. (LINK located below- WARNING- control your politically correct “gag” reflex. Take some Tums first.)

The point of this being:

If you figure that Iran has some “pull” over Hamas and Hezbohla, then you must conclude that Iran has some power over what is taking place between Hamas, the Palestinians, and Israel.

In fact, the Iranian President came out yesterday to offer a reward to anyone who is willing to blow themselves up, (and kill Israelis.)

Mr. Majd believes that any “solution” in the Middle East must include working with, or at least acknowledging Iran.

So what can Obama do for this Middle East conflict?

Some liberals believe that for the past 8 years, (The Bush Kingdom) we have NOT talked to Iran because they want to build a nuclear power plant. There are people who believe that Iran should be allowed to have nuclear power because everyone else does. (So it is unfair to punish Iran.)

The reality is that EVERYONE wants Iran to have a nuclear power plant. Matter of fact, France, Russia, the USA, and others want to help Iran build one.

The problem is, Iran doesn’t want to be inspected.

Every country HAS TO BE inspected by the nuclear regulatory commission, before they can build nuclear power plants in their country. America is inspected. France is inspected. Even Russia allows inspections.

But Iran doesn’t want inspections to take place.

That is the problem.

Why MUST nuclear power plants be inspected by a “worldly” organization? Because: if you build a faulty nuclear power plant and blow yourself up- the wind could blow the radioactive fallout into a neighboring country and kill millions.

Iran doesn’t want inspections because they are paranoid that “we” (you and me) will STEAL their valuable secrets. (Or, Iran is working on a nuclear weapon.)

How will Obama deal with Iran and what, if anything, will stop this conflict between Israel and the Palestinians..??

Most people want to pick a point in time to prove who is right and who is wrong between Israel and the Palestinians.

Where do you want to start- to prove that YOU know who is right and who is wrong between the Palestinians and the Jews?

You could start with this current conflict- where almost 6 months of peace was violated by Hamas rockets raining down on Israel?

Or maybe you want to hold Israel responsible for the 6 Day War, in which Israel took control of more land. Did Israel even START the 6 Day War? (Or did they finish it?)

Maybe you want to start with the Suez Canal conflict? (Who started that one?)

Or maybe when The United Nations granted Israel the right to exist?

Maybe your starting point is when Jews began to move back to The Holy Land during the Aliyah periods?

How about starting at the Ottoman Empire when Arabs took control of much of the known world?

You could start at the Crusades when Christian and Jews battled for the region?

Could you use geology to prove who was in the Holy Land first? Some of the great Jewish Temples are buried under Arab buildings. (Would geology tell you who was there first?)

Where do you want to start, to prove that “your side” is right?

Or maybe so much time has gone by, that you cannot pick a starting point, to justify your beliefs?

Maybe we cannot use history to prove who is right and who is wrong in The Middle East?

Maybe we have to look at the next “cease fire” between Israel and the Palestinians and see who violates it first?

So when we do this; when we look at the last cease fire between Israel and the Palestinians, we can clearly see that Hamas began firing rockets into Israel.

So, it would be Hamas- who is protected by the Palestinians, who started this battle.

However, people want to say that Israel is using too much force. (I guess people want to see a trade of rockets between Israel and Hamas? Hamas fires a rocket, so Israel fires one back?)

People claim that Israel is targeting Mosques and killing innocent people. You remind these people that Hamas is hiding in these Mosques and using the Mosque to launch rockets

Some people claim that Hamas is so frustrated by Israel being “mean” to them, that they are lashing out. People tell me the rockets that Hamas is using do not have explosives in them. (Aaaahh- now there is a comfort; knowing that the 200 pound rocket falling on your house and killing everything in it’s path will not explode.)

You carry on with this debate and the next thing that you know…

You are brought back into this “walk through history” on who started this conflict between the Jews and Arabs.

Maybe the answer is: no answer at all?


Maybe the best way to stop this Middle East conflict is to quit stopping it?

Maybe the best solution, is NO solution at all.

For my entire life, there has been a conflict between Arabs and the Jews. Can you imagine living in a country that you are always bracing for war? What kind of life is that for it’s people?

Every American President, for the past 4 decades, has tried some solution. Nothing has worked.

The British tried for many years and found no solution. The UN has failed.

Maybe it is time to just let it happen..??

Maybe it is time for us to “mind our own business..??”

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

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