For those of you who believe that LOUD rock music is torture…

Those who believe that pouring a bucket of water on the enemy’s head is evil…

If you believe that President Bush is a “War Criminal” for allowing LOUD rock music and water poured on terrorist’s head, I got GREAT news for you..!!

We are now giving terrorists- DRUGS, instead.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The US military is now giving tribesman in Afghanistan DRUGS to make them talk and work with us.

This has got to be GREAT news to liberals and libertarians alike..!!

(Ok, maybe not all liberals.)

One of the cornerstones of liberalism and libertarianism is that if drugs were legal, we would have less crime and suffer less costs in fighting crime. (I will get into this in a moment.)

As the old saying goes:

“You attract more flies with sticky, gooey- cream filled donuts, then you do with an old sock that smells like vinegar.”

Instead of placing female panties on the heads of the enemy, (which has been deemed “torture” by the left) we are now giving Afghan tribesman- Viagra.

It makes sense and this should please the democrats in America, who felt that loud rock music was torture.

Liberals are all about giving away free condoms, birth control pills, and Viagra.

So, this is GREAT news. We switch from waterboarding to Drugs.

Hence- no more “torture.”

Even today (Sun Dec 28)- Arianna Huffington writes about torture during the Bush administration:

“…Bush and company didn’t mean to illegally torture prisoners at Gitmo – they simply “forgot” torture was illegal. They didn’t mean to trample civil rights – they simply “forgot” about the Constitution. They didn’t gin up phony intel to hype us into war – they simply “forgot” that WMD had to be real…”

Ms. Huffington should be happy today, to find that the US government has switched to giving the enemy- drugs.

And it might work better:

Picture this: You are an Afghan farmer. You are tired from growing poppies all day, harvesting you heroin.

You come home and all 4 of your wives give you that glowing smile. You know, that little “wink” and nod that tells you that SEX is going to take place.

Maybe you can handle one, possibly two of your wives. (If the weather is just right). BUT ALL FOUR..??

Along comes the US military with a truck load of Viagra. (Just in the nick of time.)

Hey, what heroin growing, gun toting, Afghan rebel wouldn’t want drugs..??

And best of all, this should satisfy the “Obama” crowd.

The left is all in favor of drugs.

Because we all know that if drugs were legal, we would have less crime.


If this were true…

Why would Amsterdam be shutting down some of it’s marijuana coffee houses?

Amsterdam- the place most often cited by liberals as an example of a liberal society; where drugs are “cool” and sex is for sale. Where medical help is FREE, and you need not worry about a thing.

A paradise.

Except, that crime was getting out of hand because of all the drugs and uncontrolled behavior. So the government has to do something. They are shutting down some of the sex shops and drug “coffee shops.”

What does this all have to do with our friendly, heroin growing Afghan farmer (with 4 horny wives)..??

We need intelligence to win these wars..!!

I do not care if we use Viagra, or pour a bucket of water on a guy’s head, or we play loud rock music. We need information on our enemy.

How did we find out where Saddam was hiding..??

How were we able to locate the exact hole in the ground that Saddam was living in..??

You guessed it.

We politely told a fellow that he would DIE if he didn’t reveal where Saddam was. (And guess what?) He told us. And the guy didn’t die because we do not torture people. We just scare them a little. (With loud rock music, water on the head, and now Viagra.)

War is hell.

We need to be united to win these wars.

No one ever won a war by dying for his country.

You win a war by making the other dumb bastard die for his (country.) Gen. Patton.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

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