I can’t believe it is that time again..!!

(Where does the time go..??)

It is time again for our annual “Piss- mad and angry Gay: issue.”

If you are new to my site, you may not know that once each year, The Angry Republic web site goes- Gay.

(Aaahh, we talk about Gay issues.)

So, let’s get started with this year’s installment.



Gay people in America have had a ruff- 2008.


Some States started to marry Gay people, only to rescind it later on. California passed Proposition 8 which makes Gay marriage illegal, and President Elect Barack Obama picks pastor Rick Warren to preside over his inauguration.

This is some crappy “stuff.”


The only bright spot is that someone tossed a shoe at President Bush.

However, neither Bush, nor the “shoe tosser”, or the shoe- was Gay. So what does this all mean to Gays in America ..??

It is of little comfort for “The Gay Community.”

So, understandably; lesbians, Gays, hermaphrodites, transsexuals, transvestites, and asexuals are pissed off.

(Though, I do not understand what the “asexuals” are pissed about? Who the hell are they going to marry? I think that the “asexuals” just wanted to join a group, any group? If I were a lesbian, I would tell the “asexuals” to go f**k themselves.)

But I’m getting off topic here…

This has to be a severe blow to the Gay community:

Barack Obama picks Pastor Rick Warren.

Warren: who is NOT the most fanatical religious figure in America, but non the less; very much against Gay marriage.

This would lead many Gays to ask: “What was Barack Obama smoking?”


Some Gay Americans thought Barack Obama was their BEST hope for a change in Gay Marriage, after suffering through 8 years of President Bush. (??)

(8 years?? President Clinton did nothing for the Gay community. Nor did Carter. I do not believe any American president has fought for Gay rights. So it has been a lot longer than 8 years.)

So, will America EVER be ready to accept a Gay marriage..??

I believe so- someday.

My personal opinion: I do not care what people do in their bedrooms. It is none of my business. Actually, I do not WANT to know what some people are doing in their bedrooms.

God has told me, (not actually told me- as in “hearing voices” and such. Via- writings) that I am NOT a judge of mankind. I cannot judge you. I have no power to judge your actions. We will all be judged one day. The only thing I can do is “talk about this stuff.” (Which I do often.)

So- religion aside, legally speaking; I believe the federal government shouldn’t be involved in aspects like “how big my car is”, or who you can marry, or what I can put on my property. (As long as these things do not hurt anyone else.)

However, I do not want “judges” making laws. In a representative democracy- we vote on issues and we elect people to represent us on these issues.

Each State has a right to vote on these issues. It is the constitutional way.

Let’s put it another way: I believe that a “flat tax” (or fair tax) would be a better system for America than this IRS system we have now. With that said, I do not want 5 judges in black robes mandating a “flat tax.” It needs to be ratified by the states. This insures a check and balance type government that has held strong for over 200 years.

Will Gay marriage pass in some States..??


50 years ago, no one would have believed that we could have a Black president.

15 years ago, no one gave Rev. Jesse Jackson a chance at winning the democratic nomination.

Why did Barack Obama win and Jesse Jackson lose?

Because Jesse Jackson was still militant on racial issue. Jackson was “in your face” about race. Jackson was threatening.

There was NOTHING threatening about Barack Obama. He was calm in the middle of scandal. Obama was not “in your face” about race. And maybe it was TIME for a Black President?

Someday soon, a person will emerge from the Gay community. This person will NOT be threatening to the rest of us. They will remain calm and non-confrontational at all times. They will NOT be dancing half naked in a Rockettes uniform in the “Gay Pride Parade.”

This person will not lecture me on why I am wrong and they are right.


This future leader from the Gay Community will explain why we are both right, and we are both wrong.

But most of all, this future Gay leader will never shout at me and call me names like homophobe or neanderthal.

The Gay community needs to study the rise of Barack Obama and his many speeches. Because this angry- “in your face” gay movement is NOT working.

If someone teaches me, I am more apt to learn.

If someone listens to me, I will talk.

If someone talks at me but doesn’t listen to me, I will probably walk away.

If someone yells in my face, I will put my foot up their ass.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

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