On the topic of Obama and his past “life”, what I keep hearing from the left can be summed up with this statement:


“…Guilt by association didn’t work out very well for you republicans. You lost. Get over it. You can’t make Obama guilty just because some of the people in his past are criminals…”


Here is what I try to tell some of them:


Placing a paper bag over your head might make you more appealing for sex. However, it is no way to go through life. YOU CAN’T SEE..!!



Here is the divide:


Liberals WANT to believe that Barack Obama is an honest man and they invoke the American tradition of “innocent- until proven guilty.”


Fine- that is fare enough. (However, you never gave President Bush the same accommodation. By the left’s standard- Bush is a war criminal and yet he has never been charged with any “war crimes.”)


Conservatives (like myself) believe that Barack Obama MUST be guilty of “something”, (we just haven’t put it all together yet.) But we will keep at it.



But I stand here today, to tell you that I have found PROOF that Obama IS GUILTY. (Of something.)


The proof is in an old movie.


OK- hear me out for a minute and I will get to the point.



The movie was called: “The Accused.” Jodie Foster played a waitress who liked to drink and party. One night at a bar, she was gang raped by 4 men. What upset so many people in the courtroom is that the bar had dozens of customers there the night of the rape, and no one helped this poor girl. They just let the rape take place. Some even cheered it on.


So in the movie, Jodie Foster’s lawyer went after and charged the customers in the bar who sat there and didn’t STOP this rape.


I know that you are thinking: “AR, this was just a movie. Get over it..!!”


Yes, it was a movie. But it was based on a true story. They did, in fact, charge the “bystanders” who didn’t help this girl, with a crime.

The city of Chicago is being raped.

The state of Illinois is being held down and gang raped by thug politicians and people who are out for a quick buck. (Blagojevich, Daley, Wright, Ayers, Rezko, etc.)


Barack Obama was at this bar, the night that Illinois was being raped.


Maybe Obama didn’t actually take part in this rape. However, Obama did nothing to stop this rape from taking place.


If fact, by campaigning for Daley and Blagojevich, Obama was cheering on this rape of Chicago.


In this country, we have always known that we could never have enough police to effectively control the population. This is why every state has “citizen arrest” clauses built into the law. That you, a private citizen, could grab; arrest, and charge another with a crime- that you witnessed.


What I am asking is WHY?

Why didn’t Obama do something about this crime infested culture in Illinois?


Why did Obama endorse Blago for governor? Why didn’t Obama do something to stop Daley? Why did Obama sit in Trinity Church for 20 years and listen to Reverend Wright? Why did Obama sit on a board with the terrorist William Ayers?


Why does Obama only distance himself from these crooks AFTER they get caught?


America is founded on a principal that we look out for each other and we do not tolerate “crooks.” We have a justice system that can deal with all levels of corruption.



Hell, even the TV comedy series: “Seinfeld” starring Jerry Seinfeld, ended it’s nine year run with the Jerry and the group being charged with: Witnessing a crime and doing nothing to stop it.


They were all placed in jail.


I can only find three reasons why Obama would live in that Chicago environment and do nothing to stop it. And in fact: Obama only denounces this activity after the main actors have been caught.


(One) Barack Obama is so stupid (or self- centered) that he doesn’t even realize that all of the people around him are criminals.


(Two) Barack Obama is indifferent. His moral compass is F**ked. He doesn’t care. (Screw you, I’m getting mine.)


(Three) Barack Obama is (somehow) involved in these crimes.



Folks, Obama isn’t stupid.


And, at least in his speeches, Obama sounds like he understands the basic ideas of morality?


So, from my standpoint, Obama is either so self centered that he cannot see the crimes committed around him, (not a good quality for a president) or Obama is involved in some of these crimes.


Folks, this is nothing personal. I am happy that America is open- minded enough to elect a Black President. And I have said this many times: I hope I am wrong and Obama becomes a GREAT leader. America needs a leader today. President Bush was focused on terrorism, and he let us down on many other issues.


But just like the liberal’s who believed that they were “the watchdogs” over the republican White House; we conservatives must take over and watch President Obama. (Because liberals have that bag over their heads, they cannot see.)


So, we conservatives must take up our positions as “watch dogs”, keeping the great “checks and balances” alive in America.


Obama may have gotten a free ride during the campaign. But that has all changed. (Just turn on MSNBC, CNN, or Fox. It’s everywhere.)


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic



I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.” — Adlai E. Stevenson, American statesman (1900-1965).


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