Obama NEEDS protection (from himself)

It is, in every sense of the term: The “mean streets.” (Chicago)

You don’t just stroll down the street unprotected. (No, we are not talking about condoms.)

Some carry mace, other pack a gun. However, the president elect: Barack Obama chooses to use a body guard;

Rahm (Rahmbo) Emanuel



Rahm is the “enforcer”, a “bone crusher” in politics. A guy who takes out the trash. (Using body bags.)

Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel is the kind of man who will get in your face, reach down your throat and bites your ass off.

Why would our “president- select” need a “Rahmbo”..??


Let’s take a look at where Barack Obama got his political start. This might answer the question of why Obama needs “political” protection.

Chicago, Illinois: Famous for drugs, thugs, and hookers with an attitude. Where the politicians are THE BEST- that money can buy.

The governor of Illinois, Rod “Blago” Blagojevich; has a part- time job. (He sells important government positions.)

In the old days, we Americans use to vote on these political offices. We would get together in places called: “voter polls” and we would cast our vote for a person to represent us.

The democrats have found a different way to do this. They sell off the political offices to the highest bidder. (Why waste all that time “voting” like the founding fathers used to, the rich guy is going to get it anyway. Just have him BUY it..!!)

This is why Barack Obama NEEDS a Rahm “Rahmbo” to protect him. Democrats might try and sell off Obama’s presidential position.

But it goes much deeper than just that…



Look at Obama’s neighborhood. Look at Obama’s past friends:

Just down the street from Obama, lives a man by the name of William Ayers. Bill Ayers likes to build pipe bombs. He used to blow up buildings to promote peace. Ayers teaches young minds in a Chicago college all about how evil America is.

Barack Obama may need protection from his neighbor and former board member- Terrorist: William Ayers. Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel could handle Ayers in a “pipe bomb” contest.

Rahmbo may also be able to help Obama with Tony Rezko. Rezko, who is also a neighbor of Obama and helped Obama buy his house, is in prison for defrauding people, running slum apartments, and receiving money from terrorists in Syria.

Having a “Pit bull” like Rahmbo might also help control Obama’s former preacher: Rev. Wright. Who teaches young Black minds to hate the White man. Black people CANNOT achieve because “Whitey” is keeping them down. (So don’t even bother to achieve, just stay poor and donate to my church. Amen..!!)

So, you see…



Barack Obama does need protection.

Obama needs protection from the people around him.

Obama needs protection from his past.


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic