For bringing scandal, corruption, and entertainment back to the political scene.

I was getting worried..!!

President Bush was getting boring. He hadn’t cheated on the First Lady. Bush didn’t rip off little old ladies in some shady land deal.

And let’s face it, there was nothing funny about Barack Obama. There must NOT BE anything “funny” about Obama because David Letterman makes fun of all politicians, but he hasn’t made fun of Obama yet. So there must be nothing funny about the President Elect.

Hell, Chris Rock makes fun of everyone- even Black people. However, Chris Rock hasn’t poked fun at Obama- so there must be nothing funny about Barack.

But, today…

Well, thanks to democrats, we have corruption once again in the forefront of American politics.



Of course you have heard about democratic Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich wanting to “sell” Obama’s senate seat for cash or a good job.

Alone, this would just be another democrat caught in a major crime. No one high up can be involved because Obama said (we) he had never talked about the senate seat with Blagojevich.



Except- Barack Obama’s (brain trust) David Axelrod said that Barack Obama and Blagojevich had met just recently over the question of Obama’s vacant senate seat.


Who is lying..??




Here is what America wants to know..??

What did Barack Obama know about Blagojevich, and when did he know about it.

We all know that Obama stayed in Trinity Church for 20 years and never walked out, after hearing the racist rantings of hateful Rev. Wright.

We know that Obama befriended terrorist Bill Ayers, and never walked away from him.

Obama knew ACORN was corrupt and still raised money for the group.

Today- Did Obama know that Gov. Blagojevich was a crook, and Obama did nothing..??

How can anyone say Obama was looking out for the people in Illinois?

Well folks, all kidding aside. I feel bad for the young “hopey / change” people who voted for Barack Obama. They REALLY believed that Obama was going to bring a sense of pride back to America. (But all Obama will bring is scandal and corruption. Maybe you see that now?)

This can cause all of those new voters to hate the US government. To never trust the government again.


Can I give you a little advice..??



Become: self- sufficient.




Take pride in yourself. Take pride in your family. Take pride in your job and your country.

Do not ask for the government to take care of you. Do not ask for the government to give you medicine or health care. Because- well, I think you can see it now, those idiots cannot take care of anyone other than themselves.


And one more thing…




Please, don’t fall for the “Hope and Change” crap again..!!

We will get by these 4 years and I will help make you laugh about it.

However- next time; find out MORE information about the person you are voting for, please..!!

But most of all, don’t lose faith in the American system. We hold our own. And every so often we will get a Reagan, or a JFK: who turns things around and makes you feel good about the government. (We are about due for another great leader.)

So, (for us political people) the question is..??


What did Obama know, and when did he know it?



Another great question might be:




How long will Obama supporters leave their “Obama” bumper stickers on their cars?

(My guess is one month. By then, even people who have tunned out of politics, after the election, will finally learn about the TRUE Obama.)


Thank you- Democrats..!!




Politics were getting boring because President Bush was focused on keeping us safe from terrorists, and trying to bailout EVERY FREAKING American company.

But you- Democrats; have returned excitement to politics with Chicago style “change”, and an empty bucket of “hope.”

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Where the HELL is VP Joe Biden..??