I had my mind made up to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

That is until I heard that Pamela Anderson said Sarah Palin could “Suck It.”

If anyone knows a thing or two about “sucking it”, it would be Pam Anderson.

I generally do NOT pay much attention to Pam Anderson on matters such as: ethics, science, and the geopolitical atmosphere. Usually, my attention on Pamela Anderson is limited to video of her running on a beach.

However, when we enter the realm of “sucking it,” I must assume that Ms. Anderson speaks from experience.

If this were not enough, superstar Matt Damon is also highly critical of Sarah Palin.

Matt is concerned that Sarah will not be able to confront a leader like the Russian Prime Minister- Putin. (All though, Sarah Palin seems to have no problem dealing with Barack Obama, Charlie Gibson, and the hundreds of other reporter / pundits who have been attacking her for 2 weeks.)

Matt believes that leadership under Sarah Palin could be like a “bad Disney movie.”

Well, Matt



I have seen a Bad Disney movie; (“Herbie- The Love Bug- rides again”), and I sure as hell do not want to live through that again.

Matt Damon is concerned that Gov. Palin would hold the nuclear codes. He wants to know one basic question:

Sarah- “Do you believe dinosaurs were alive 4,000 years ago..??”

Well, Sarah may be too busy burning books and hunting moose to answer that question, Matt. So I will.



Dinosaurs were alive 4,000 years ago.

Dinosaurs were alive 4,000 years ago because they are still alive today.

If you study science and evolution, you would know that many researchers believe smaller dinosaurs never went extinct. They evolved into modern “birds.” (The study is based on bone structure of dinosaur fossils and modern bird skeletons.)

So, yes, Dinosaurs were alive 4,000 years ago because they are still technically alive today. (Not the really big dinosaurs that Matt Damon may have seen in the movie Jurassic Park.)

Whoopi Goldberg of “The View”, asked if she should be worried about slavery coming back to America if John McCain and Sarah Palin are elected. (That is; if you interpret the founding fathers meaning of early America and The Constitution.)

I agree with Whoopi¼

I do not want to see slavery brought back to America..!! Leave slavery where it is today; in some Muslim countries.

A vote for McCain / Palin is a vote for slavery.

Even the superstar- Rapper: Sean P diddy- daddy Puffer P Combs had this to say about Sarah Palin:







What the F#*K

They don’t even got crack heads in Alaska.




There ain’t any brothers in Alaska.

What the F#*k, Alaska.

How could I possibly vote for Sarah Palin..??

 You have four of America’s finest:

Sean “P” puffer diddy daddy “P” Combs- superstar in the music industry, who has the ability to put sentences together that rhyme.

Matt Damon- mega superstar in the movie business, who has the ability to act like someone else. Matt has been featured in movies such as “Jay and silent Bob strike back.” (He played an evil angel.)

Whoopi Goldberg- Great American thinker; who once did a monologue about her snatch.

Pamela Anderson- mega superstar female, who has the ability to have “breasts.”

No sir, no ma’am



There is no way that I could support that moose hunting, book burning, Independent Party supporting, dinosaur believing, terrorist supporting, slavery wanting, abortion hating woman who comes from a “small” city that is located in a “small” state¼

I can’t do it..!!

On election day- November 24, (liberals and democrats: mark that date on your calendars- November 24- Election Day 2008, you do not want to miss voting) on Nov 24, I will NOT show up at the voting booth and vote for McCain and Palin.

Who would vote for a contraception hating, secede loving, gun toting, lipstick wearing, mother who disciplined her children..??

On Election Day, November 24, you have to vote for-

Vote for that other guy-

What was his name..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

“My definition of an educated man is the fellow who knows the right thing to do at the time it has to be done.” — Charles F. Kettering, American inventor (1876-1958).

TODAY- on Sept. 13, 1788, the Congress of the Confederation authorized the first national election, and declared New York City the temporary national capital.

TEAM- Obama is now making fun of a war hero’s severe injuries..??

A new political ad, (which will be pulled quickly, I am sure) put out by TEAM Obama was poking fun at the fact that John McCain cannot use a keyboard and doesn’t know how to explore the Internet.

I have heard several local bloggers refer to this in a derogatory way.

McCain cannot use a computer keyboard because he cannot hold his hands in that position, on account of his prison camp torture.

“TEAM Obama- resorting to picking on physical handi-caps and war wounds..??”

It’s limbo time…

How low, can Obama go..??

It’s Saturday Night Live..!!

SNL returns tonight for it’s first live broadcast of the season.

Obama was scheduled to appear tonight, but following the republicans lead, Obama has cancelled due to hurricane Ike.

Rumors are spreading rapidly on whether Tina Fey will show up to impersonate Sarah Palin.

Tina Fey was on SNL for 9 years and became the head writer. She left the show after the success of her movie “Mean Girls”, which Tina wrote and stared in. Today she writes and stars in the TV show “30 Rock.”

Politically speaking, it will be interesting what Tina Fey might do with am impersonation of Sarah Palin. Tina was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, if I remember correctly.

What will Tina Fey, say?

Was it “fair” of Charlie Gibson to quiz Sarah Palin on the “Bush Doctrine”..?

Did Mr. Gibson ask Obama if he supports the Clinton Doctrine? (Which is ordering pizza at 10 pm- being delivered by a girl in a thong.)

Which version of the Bush Doctrine are you referring to Charlie..??

By Charles Krauthammer

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