Obama- Send lawyers guns and money

They boarded the “greenhouse gas” spewing jets, (riding first class, of course.)

Each, carrying a fake leather brief case that was given to them on some forgotten holiday.

“I never thought I would be working in Alaska.” One was heard to say.

“I hope you brought something to read? Because that seat will be your home for a while.” was the reply.

For two weeks now, the call has gone out from TEAM- Obama:
Many have answered the call.

What call..??

The call from TEAM- Obama, was:

“Send lawyers, guns, and money..”

“We’re going North- to Alaska. We’re going North, the rush is on..”

Dozens, upon dozens of lawyers- paid for by TEAM Obama, have been heading up to Alaska for weeks now. Packed like sardines into first class.

TEAM- Obama’s goal..??

To destroy Sarah Palin

Also, along for the ride- hundreds of “journalists” (sic).

Maybe this is a good thing..??

Maybe people will start getting Sarah’s history right..??

(Ha- ha..!!) What am I saying?

For days, the liberal blog sites have posted any kind of written “thing” that they could find. (And if they couldn’t find it, they made it up.)

-Sarah Palin wants to ban books- she wants to burn them..!!

This story turned out to be untrue.

-Sarah did not sell the Alaskan governors jet on eBay. She lied..!!

Sarah Palin NEVER said she “SOLD the jet on eBay”. (Go back and listen to her speech at the RNCC) Sarah said she PUT the jet on eBay. The jet did sell, but not by way of eBay. Big freaking deal..!!

-Sarah was a member of the AIS (Alaskan Independent Party) and she wants Alaska to leave America, then turn and attack America and burn books, teach the bible, and ban all contraception.
(Also Sarah wants mankind to stop using fire.)

Again, all of these stories are untrue.

Can you “cry wolf” any louder..??

Folks, if it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be laughable..!!

Here is what makes me sad about this whole situation.

I believe Sarah Palin is strong enough to handle this attack, that is not what I worry about.

The blog world will be destroyed by people putting out false stories.

People, who use the Internet, to put out these fake stories, are the ones who will KILL free speech in America, on the Internet.

The Blog service providers, and there are many, give us a blank page to put anything we choose upon it.

We could write a book and “self- publish” it.

We could write a song and place it on video. Hell, the world could hear our song.

But some people choose to print up “fake” stories to destroy a person’s reputation.

All to advance the goals of one political party.

Mark my words-

One of these days, the federal government will propose “restrictions” on the Internet and it will lose many of the great freedoms that we have come to love about it.

All because some assholes want to destroy one woman, to advance their political party forward.

By lying and cheating, this is NOT moving forward.

As I am writing this, Sen. Obama is addressing his controversial comment about “putting lipstick on a pig.”

Barack Obama asks that we should move away from all these attacks and phony headline grabbing stories that we see every four years.

I hope he was speaking to The Daily Kos crowd?

I hope Obama was talking to the left-wing of his party.

Maybe Obama shouldn’t have sent ALL of his paid lawyers up to Alaska to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin.?

Maybe Obama should have sent a few lawyers into the left wing of his own party?

Because, ever since the left began making up stories on Sarah, McCain’s polls are rising faster than Obama can react.

The crazy left is turning Sarah Palin into a sympathetic character, and Americans feel sorry for her.

Obama, you better get some of those lawyers on a FAST plane back to the lower 48…

They need to check out the Democratic Left Wing, because those are the people who are hurting your campaign.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

I read a great editorial by a blogger named NobullTHINKER. He talks about how we jump to conclusions on some “lesser” news stories. (Such as Obama referring to his “Muslim faith”, and we miss the BIG picture.)

Check his editorial out here

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Also, if you do not know what we are talking about when we make the comment:
“Lipstick on a pig..”

You can check this video out and get up to speed.


And, of course, don’t forget the response by McCain / Palin to what Obama said in the above video.


If you are listening to Rush Limbaugh right now, then you are also laughing at Joe Biden telling a person in a wheelchair to: “Stand up, Chuck..”


Barbra Streisand and President Bush getting together..??

Oh, man..

That super particle smasher that the scientists are testing has screwed up our universe.

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