If you think nothing is wrong, you will never see it coming.

If you think nothing has changed, you cannot correct the problem.

If you do not act now…

You will lose.

From time to time, I like to try and analyze what went wrong in a given situation.

The momentum of this election has clearly changed and certain key actions led to this change.

A liberal democrat will scoff at what I am about to write. (They shouldn’t, but they will.)

Major political campaigns will often hire someone from “the other side” to give them insight for future moves.

The media used to do editorials in this manner. That is BEFORE the media started picking a political candidate and favoring that party.

Obama has lost the one major thing that he had going for him…

Obama is no longer “new.”

This alone did not torpedo Barack’s campaign, but coupled with 6 major mistakes, is the reason Team Obama is in a panic today.

I believe that five major events happened to taint Sen. Obama’s run for president.

(First) If you are going to run for office, don’t think your past is buried and hidden.

You MUST have a response prepared and witnesses ready to back you up.

If you check a post I wrote (Dec- 2007) called: “My picks for the 2008 election”, you will see that I spoke favorably about Barack Obama. However, that was before I found out about his past. After learning about Ayers, Rezko, and seeing the tapes of Reverend Wright, I knew at that point Obama could NOT be president.


Skeletons in Obama’s closet caused him to lose some moderates.

(Second) May I talk down to you..??

John McCain may not know how to use the Internet, however Sen. Obama forgot that people today have video recording abilities in their cell phones and conservatives have alternative ways of getting this video out to the people.

Obama, speaking to “the elite” in San Francisco, decided to belittle most of the country by saying that we are “bitter and (we) cling to our guns and religion..” That we do not trust people who are different.

I know that when you are standing in Times Square, Midtown Manhattan; it can feel like you are at the center of the world.

But most Americans do not live in the BIG cities. His comments were deeply offending and he never really apologized.

Obama lost more moderates and some middle state Americans.

(Third) Traveling overseas and giving speeches that were apologetic for America.

Sure, President Bush is unpopular.

But America isn’t one man.

Bush is only one man out of 300 million people. George Bush was president for only 8 years out of the 230 (plus) years America has been a country.

You do not need to apologize for America.

We did nothing wrong.

We were trying to do the right thing.

History is the only judge that will decide if our choices were right or wrong. Sen. Obama, nor President Bush, or myself: we cannot say that we made the right choice or the wrong one. But we, the American people; fought, voted, protested or supported “the cause” for the right reasons.

Obama; in Europe, putting down America, did not sit well with many Americans.

(Fourth) Not picking Hillary Clinton for VP.

This may turn out to be the nail in the coffin for Obama. Team Obama has asked Hillary to hit the campaign trail after the attention that Sarah Palin has gained. I am not sure if Hillary has been offered a position in Obama’s cabinet? I do not know how much “heart” Hillary will put into her speeches.

But it could be too little too late.

The Republican Convention was the “most watched” political convention in the history of America.

This shouldn’t have happened..!!

Sen. Obama had the momentum. Obama spent more money on his convention. Obama had big name celebrities playing in a concert type setting. The media spent WEEKS talking “up” the Democratic Convention.

By all indications, Barack Obama should have killed the republicans in viewers and attention. Even Mother Nature seemed to be a democrat by sending a hurricane to the US shores on day one of the Republican Convention.

But, something went wrong..??


(Fifth) Someone took Obama’s “new”.

Obama is no longer “new.”

This guy has been campaigning for over a year and a half. We have all heard his speeches. He cannot talk about his past because the topic of Ayers, Rezko, Rev. Wright, or dealings in Chicago politics could come up. Obama cannot run down a list of things he has accomplished in the senate, because he wasn’t there very long.

So Sen. Obama has nothing “new” to talk about.

The media LOVES “new.”

Along comes Sarah Palin.

I have been following politics for decades now, and I have never seen anything like this.

People either like her, or they hate her.

But everyone is talking about her.

This is why the Republican Convention was the highest rated convention in American history.

You could not buy the amount of advertising that Sarah recieved from The Daily Kos, The New York Times, and the BIG Media networks.

All free, all tainted, and most of the reporting was based on “bad news” and terrible fact checking.

Some people tuned into the convention thinking they would see the devil, (wearing a dress and lipstick.)

Or you tuned in because you felt sorry for this mother of five children. “Why is everyone beating this poor woman up..??”

Maybe you tuned in just to see what everyone was talking about?

Whatever the reason, people were watching.

Much of the “FREE” advertising that the Republicans got from The Daily Kos and BIG Media helped the McCain camp save funds, which will be used in the next few weeks.

(In case the republicans forget to thank you, I will send out a little thank you note:)

Thanks, going out to the BIG Media and The Daily Kos for the free advertising.


Had Obama NOT made these 5 mistakes, this election would be over with Obama way out in front.

But now, Obama is locked in a head to head competition and he will have to adapt.

Joe Biden was a good pick to debate Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, or Joe Lieberman. But not Sarah Palin.

If Biden comes on too strong, he will look like a bully. If he tries to be a “know it all”, he will come off as an elitist and an ass. If he is too weak, he will piss off the liberal base. I cannot see how Biden will win a debate with Sarah Palin and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

Barack Obama can no longer rely on vague speeches that repeat the mantra of “hope and change.” Attacking Sarah Palin seems to HELP the republicans.

Obama needs a new strategy and he needs it now.

I would like to say that this election is in the bag.

But I cannot.

To much can happen in the next few weeks.

Some strange “story” could come out from Sarah Palin’s past. Barack Obama could make another mistake. John McCain could piss off conservatives.

There are too many variables to say it is over.

However, I have never seen republican and conservative people this fired up in years..!!

If this were a boxing match…

If round one was the Saddleback Forum.

If round two was the conventions.

I would say the current score is:

McCain- 2

Obama- 0

(But there are many more rounds to go.)

Clearly, Barack Obama will have to find a new strategy, and quick.

Time is ticking away and Sen. Obama has lost his “new.”

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


Election Erection

Team Obama has shifted its strategy by adding top democratic females into his campaigning.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t slated to campaign at this point, but has been asked to help Obama in Florida.

Also, governors: Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas will head out and help bring order to Team Obama.

Also, Barack has dropped his previous speaking schedule, to focus on the battleground states.

From the AP News Wire:

“..Obama, seeing hope in Ohio, shifts schedule there..”

Obama is also campaigning HARD in my state of Pennsylvania.

Here are the “battleground” states, in which both candidates feel they have a chance of winning.

Also from the AP News Wire, which I found humor in:

“…Despite early optimism, Obama’s strategists are mapping out an electoral plan similar to Democrat John Kerry’s from 2004, with a few tweaks…”

Oh, man…

If Obama plans to use ANYTHING that John Kerry used in 2004, Obama may have just added “mistake number 6.”

Since Sarah Palin brought up the topic of Obama calling most small town Americans “bitter”, what better time to run-

The Angry Republican Video Broadcast Number 12

“Pennsylvania gets invaded by Democrats”

(Keep in mind this video was recorded BEFORE the Pennsylvania primary.)