Alaska- too small to govern

Since Sarah Palin comes from the “little” state of Alaska, there is no way that she could ever govern this country.

Obama comes from the BIG state of Illinois, (or maybe Hawaii, or Kenya??) Obama CAN govern the country because his state is BIGGER than Palin’s “little” state of Alaska.

Obama never governed the state of Illinois, but that is irrelevant. Just the fact that he had something to do with the state is all that is important.

As a senator from Illinois for 147 days, Obama would have to vote on issues and attend meetings and stuff. These meetings are held in special rooms.

Dangerous stuff happens in Illinois. They can have bad weather with flooding. Obama, as a senator, would have to rush to a meeting room and vote on stuff.

Once, long time ago, a cow kicked over a lantern and started the Great Chicago fire that burned most everything in the city. If Obama had been a senator back then, he would have had to rush to a meeting room and vote on stuff.

In Sarah Palin’s “little” state of Alaska, they do not have cows that kick over lanterns. Alaska is too small to have that kind of thing happen. Palin would never have to deal with a kicking cow.

The only thing that ever happens in Alaska is earthquakes. Alaska is the second most prone state in the Union to have earthquake, second to only California. As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin would be responsible for EVERYTHING that transpired before and after the earthquake.

But what are the chances of an earthquake happening..??

Also in Alaska, they have massive oil spills from sea tankers and pipelines. If the clean up didn’t come off properly, people would blame the governor- Sarah Palin.

If Illinois had a massive oil spill, (he wrote- while laughing) Senator Obama would have to head to a meeting room and take a vote. No one would blame senator Obama for the aftermath. They would blame the governor of Illinois.

Illinois has a bunch of people.

As senator of Illinois, Barack Obama is responsible for all those people. He, on a routine basis, has to attend meetings and vote on stuff.

Alaska doesn’t have any people living there.


As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin doesn’t really have to keep books, or budgets, or make payrolls for state employees.

Hell, in Alaska, they keep all state government business on “sticky notes” and they paste them on Sarah Palin’s refrigerator.

Illinois has terrible snowstorms. Snow can get really deep in Illinois.

As senator of Illinois, Obama would have to rush to a meeting room and vote on stuff, if a snowstorm occurred.

As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin doesn’t have to worry about snow. Alaska has mild weather year round and no one lives in Alaska.

However, if it did snow in Alaska and people lived there, Sarah Palin would be responsible for snow removal equipment and rescuing anyone trapped, without power and heat, in a storm.

Sarah Palin cannot be Vice President because she has a 17-year-old daughter that is pregnant.

Never, in the history of America, has a 17-year-old girl gotten pregnant. Never mind that the father of the baby plans to marry Sarah’s daughter,

just the thought of this spectacle makes me fear for the future of America.

Barack Obama doesn’t have a pregnant 17-year-old daughter. Obama’s record is clean. Aside from some drugs that he used to do, and the fact that he was politically friendly with a terrorist (Ayers) who wanted to bomb the Capital Building, and that he was friendly with slum landlord (Rezko) who is heading to jail. Obama has a clean record and we need not look into it. Because we trust Obama. So do not check into Obama’s past.

Sarah Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton.


Women in America will only vote for Hillary.

Women are not stupid, but they are all liberal.

Women will never vote for Sarah Palin.

Women will stay home and wait for Hillary Clinton.

Sarah Palin cannot be Vice President because her husband has two DUI’s. We all know how “those” people, who drink beer and alcohol, are..!! You cannot trust a person who drinks..!!

Cheating on your spouse is OK, (Bill Clinton, John Edwards, John McCain) and doing drugs is fine, (Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush) but we cannot tolerate someone who drinks beer.

Not as Vice President..!!

It makes me fear for this county’s future.


John McCain only met Sarah Palin once or twice. Sarah was on McCain’s “short list” for months, however she cannot be vice president because McCain didn’t meet her often enough. John McCain should have been talking to her on a daily basis for 50 years before he made this decision.

Obama is different..!!

Everybody knows Obama.


We have known Obama for at least a couple of years.

Obama started speaking when he was a child.

Obama was speaking when he went to college. (And I guess he has a bunch of deploma’s on his wall..!!)

Obama was speaking while he was a street activist.

Obama was speaking while he was in Illinois government. (Where he would have to meet in a room and vote on stuff.)

Obama is still speaking today.


Everybody knows Obama.

They have heard him speak.

Obama has been speaking for- forever. (Ever since he was a child.)

Sarah Palin has none of this.

The only thing Sarah ever did was hunt moose, work a fishing boat, do some sports casting, and she was in a beauty pageant. She also was the mayor of a city and governor of a state.

Sarah Palin is the only person in this 2008 election, who has run a state. Barack Obama, John McCain, and Joe Biden have never run a state.

Only Sarah Palin has the experience of running a state and a city.

But it doesn’t count.

Because Alaska is small.

Alaska is “tiny.”

Alaska has no people living there and they have good weather year round.

Nothing “bad” ever happens in Alaska.

If you want to know the Alaskan State budget…

Find the pink “sticky note” on Sarah Palin’s refrigerator.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

“A cynic is not merely one who reads bitter lessons from the past; he is one who is prematurely disappointed in the future.” — Sydney J. Harris, American journalist (1917-1986).