The pundits filled the halls of CNN and MSNBC to proclaim:

“… this was a stupid pick by McCain, Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton. Hillary supporters are not going to vote for McCain just because of this VP pick of Governor Palin. Her beliefs are totally different than Hillary’s…”

The pundits are correct-

Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton. (She will never be “like” Hillary Clinton.)

But let me ask the pundits one fundamental question-

Just who was it that turned down Hillary Clinton..??

Who was it that rejected Hillary Clinton..??

Barack Obama.

We conservatives never embraced the principals of either- Clinton; we only gave Hillary a stage and attention to cause “chaos” within the Democratic Party.

(Which seems to have worked.)

I was all set today; to give a rundown of the Democratic National Convention, and a funny thing happened:

No one is talking about it.

Let’s face it, packing a football stadium with 80,000 people would be difficult.

It is something that only Madonna or Britney Spears could do. Obama pulled in a crowd like only a “pop star” could. Some “bubble gum” celebrity that kids line up to see; filled with theatrics, fireworks, and music.

I was ready to go over many of the points in Obama’s speech…

But no one is talking about Obama.

Or his speech.

Or the millions of dollars that was pumped into this 4 day show. (While people are starving and losing their medical insurance.)

Oprah cried so much that her fake eyelashes fell off.

It was a memorable speech…

Obama said: “Yes we can.”


That was before Thursday. Obama now says:

“No we can’t.”

Or maybe it was: “Not this time.”

I’m not sure what Obama said, but I know he used the word- “no.”

Yes, it was a good speech..!!

But today, no one is talking about Obama.

MSNBC did play a montage of the 4-day spectacle. Chris Matthews had a “tingle” running up his leg and Keith Olbermann had a “tingle” running up his back when they both think about Obama. (Or did the “tingling body part belong to the “Morning Joe” guy..?? I get those two confused.)

MSNBC reporters seem to have “tingles” running through their body parts while Obama is speaking? I guess I can understand that. I think I felt a “tingle” the first time I saw Angelina Jolie in the movie “Tomb Raider.”

Other than MSNBC, (the last place cable NEWS network in America, with fewer viewers than the Home Shopping network) no one is talking about Obama.

As I am writing this, CNN is talking about the hurricane Gustav, which is heading for New Orleans. (I wonder if CNN has the same problem that I have?) We were all set to talk about Obama, but no one is talking about Obama, so CNN is talking about a hurricane.

(And, of course; I am talking about- NOT talking about Obama..)

Even left- wing filmmaker Michael Moore wasn’t really talking about Obama. Moore was talking about how he hopes George Bush doesn’t win this 2008 election, (yes, democrats are still running against President Bush) and how happy Moore is that a hurricane is about to slam into New Orleans during the Republican Convention.

Moore said this:

“…I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven,” Moore said, laughing. “To have it planned at the same time – that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for day one of the Republican Convention…”

Moore, being the great humanitarian, later said that he hopes no one gets hurt. You have to give Moore some slack here, he was just so excited that a major hurricane would slam into a US city and taint the Republican Convention, that Moore temporarily forgot about the human suffering involved.

However, no one is talking about Barack Obama..??

(Except for me. I am talking about- NOT talking about Obama.)

Over at Fox News, they are talking about Alaskan Governor Palin. (Whom no one knows of.) However, after this next week, EVERYONE will know Palin as if she lived next door to you for 44 years.

Palin is nothing like Hillary Clinton and in the coming weeks, you will find out how much different Palin is from Hillary.

I know that the democrats want to frame the debate on Palin being a “substitute” for Hillary. But Palin is a conservative and that debate will not fly. (Besides, Team Obama already lost hard-core Hillary voters by ignoring their voice and bypassing Hillary as VP.)

Democrats want to claim that the choice of Palin now negates the debate of Barack Obama’s lack of experience.

On the contrary, the choice of Palin BRINGS OUT THE DEBATE of Obama’s lack of experience. Which is what we conservatives have been trying to do for months.

Hard-core Obama supporters, who have not focused on Obama’s government experience, will have no choice but to debate Obama’s experience to Palin’s.

Barack Obama- Street activist

Governor Palin- Mayor

Barack Obama- 147 days as a senator, (then he ran for president.)

Governor Palin- 2 years as a governor, running a state and commanding the Alaskan National Guard.

Barack Obama- would be president if elected.

Govenor Palin- would NOT be president if elected, (unless, something happened to McCain.)

Oh, yes… Bring on the debate about experience..!!

This is what we conservatives have been waiting for- for months. Many liberal bloggers will fall victim from this debate on experience. Because they have been unwilling to truly look at Obama with rational eyes. Now, they have no choice.

Here’s what I know:

If you had a bear or a wolf hanging around your property and harassing your pets, Governor Palin could shoot that bear, because she used to hunt moose.

Would Joe Biden shoot a bear..??

(He may give the bear a bloody nose. But the bear could come back.)

The News Teams are talking about hurricanes, shooting moose, and Palin.

However, no one is talking about Obama.

Even big celebrities like Rap Star: Sean Diddy “P” Puff diddy- daddy- puffy Combs; is NOT talking about Obama. Sean is talking about how he cannot fly his personal jets anymore. With the high cost of fuel, Sean is now flying first class- commercial, lowering himself with the rest of the average “first-classers.”

It is tough..!!

What good is it to make bajillions of dollars selling Rap music, when you cannot afford your own private jet..!!

I know the feeling Puffy-Sean-Diddy;

I used to drive my car to the lake and see if the fish are biting. Today, I drive my motorcycle to the lake. It is tough, but we must live within our means.

Even Sean “P” diddy- daddy Puffer Combs is NOT talking about Obama.

No one is talking about Obama. (Except for MSNBC- who had “tingles” running up their pants.)

It must be tough to be a “star.”

To be a celebrity like Michael Jackson and just 20 years ago, be able to fill football stadium with screaming fans, only to find a hollow, brief mention that today is your 50th birthday.

To be a celebrity like Britney Spears who could fill a football stadium with fans just 10 years ago, only to find yourself today- alone and not able to sell a record.

To be a celebrity like Barack Obama who could fill a football stadium with fans just two days ago, only to find that today- no one is talking about you.

Think about it:

You spend millions of dollars, (in a terrible economy- as the democrats love to remind you of) hiring the guy who builds Britney Spears’ concert stages- to build you a stage. You rent The Denver Bronco’s stadium, and you prepare the speech of a lifetime…

And two days later, no one is talking about it..??


I’m talking about Obama.

I’m talking about how we are not talking about Obama.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

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