Today- in 1775, Britain’s King George III proclaimed the American colonies in a state of “open and avowed rebellion.”

Open and avowed rebellion…

However, (and lucky for us) King George didn’t do much to stop this rebellion in 1775, which allowed the founding fathers to draft up the constitution and the Battle of Brooklyn took place a year later, the Revolutionary War had begun.

Democrats may have felt that they were part of a NEW revolution. A rebellion from the “old guard.” (Old- WHITE Washington politicians.)

After all, Barack Obama stood for change.

Obama was NEW..!!

Barack is NOT one of those DC insiders.

So when picking a VP, Obama would naturally pick a second in command that represents this “newness” that Obama talks about. The – “change factor.” A person full of “hope-ness.”

Obama picks- Joe Biden.

An old WHITE guy with more time in the senate than John McCain.

(So much for the newness of hopey- change.)

The democratic- election winning ticket was there, all along.

Obama- Hillary.

With an Obama- Hillary ticket, (or Hillary- Obama ticket) there is no way that a republican could have won the 2008 election.

However, Obama’s ego could not allow a Clinton looking over his shoulder, and stealing HIS stage.

So, Obama picks Joe Biden.

Conservatives have a room full of “tapes” consisting of dumb things Sen. Biden has said, in the past.

One of my personal favorites is how Biden said that Barack Obama wasn’t ready to be president. Maybe someday, but Obama wasn’t ready now.

(Apparently, Sen. Biden has changed his mind on Obama’s experience. Now that Joe Biden is on Obama’s payroll.)

We now can look forward to many great Joe Biden comments; like making fun of people from India working at convenient stores, to calling Obama the first “clean” Black man to run for president. (I believe the Reverend Al Sharpton does take showers.)

Rush Limbaugh will be extremely happy this Monday when he returns to the airwaves. Rush, along with many of us conservatives, was hoping Obama would pick a person like Biden.

When looking for a VP, you would want to cover an area that you are weak in. For Obama, this wasn’t a hard choice to make. Most people in DC have MORE experience than Obama has. Obama could have thrown a dart at a DC phone book and he would have had a 99% chance of the dart landing on someone with more experience than he has.

So much for change…

Goodbye to Hope…

Joe Biden will bring comic relief to many of us conservatives, while watching the left wingers try to explain what Obama, and now Biden, meant during any given speech.

Unfortunately, great comics like David Lettermen, Jon Stewert, and the likes will not dare to poke fun at Obama and Biden. (You know, that whole liberal media bias stuff.) But Fox News, talk radio, and us folks on conservative blogs will have tons to laugh at.

John McCain’s VP pick could be Mitt Romney. Romney would cover McCain’s lack of fiscal experience. However, with John McCain, I have learned to never guess what he will do next. Just when I believe McCain is on our side, he begins talking about global warming and “cap and trade” laws.

When I have given up on McCain, the Senator gives one of his best performances at Saddleback Church and he “sounds” like a conservative.

Maybe I will have to follow Ann Coulter’s advice and get drunk before I go vote for McCain on Election Day. Then, maybe, it will not feel so bad.

Just how many houses do you own Sen. McCain..??

“..I’m not sure. I will have my staff get back to you on that..”


That was probably the worst answer that you could give to that question.

In my mind, I was trying to think of a worst answer that McCain could have given. I am drawing a blank here. Only if it were found out that McCain had an affair with a transvestite, and he answered that question in that manner, would it have been worse.

When one of the attacks against John McCain, by Obama, has been his age (71), the last thing you want is an answer like that one. Obama was able to use this answer to illustrate how “forgetful” old people are and how “rich” McCain is.

The answer was stupid.

But it was honest.

John McCain had no idea how many properties that his wife had invested in. (McCain, personally, does not own these houses. His wife Cindy, does through her Budweiser Beer investments.)

I like the fact that McCain wasn’t sure where his family money had been invested. John Kerry, John Edwards, and Nancy Pelosi could learn a lesson from McCain.

See, a person like Democrat- Nancy Pelosi, who has $150,000 thousand dollars invested in windmills and natural gas power, (T. Boone Pickens company) might be tempted to vote DOWN more drilling in the US and favor windmills and natural gas powered cars because it would benefit them financially.

But McCain had no idea what his family investments were. How could it ever taint his vote..??

This stupid answer actually helped me respect McCain even more.

I bet if you asked John Kerry how many homes he had, he could probably tell not only how many, but also what color the shutters are on the windows.

I bet if you asked the democratic speaker of the house- Nancy Pelosi: how much money her stock in windmills is worth today, she could probably tell you to the penny, what that value is.

But McCain had no idea how many freaking houses he had.

I like that…

I just hope that McCain can find his way home. (Not being sure which house is his.)

Besides, McCain isn’t the only one with “home” problems…

This summer, I have been BIDEN my time in the blogging world. I really miss reading and commenting on your blogs.

However, you have to make hay while the sun is shining. A human is lucky to see 70 summers. In your lifetime, that is all you might have. 70 summers.

When you reach an age where you look at life in a certain way, you realize- “Oh crap, I might only have 25 more summers left..!!”

Things begin to fall into perspective.

Not that blogging isn’t important..!!

(It just doesn’t make much money, for the time spent.)

I have always been a “part-time” blogger. Winter being when I do the most writing and commenting. When the snow is falling and the temperature reaches zero, sitting at the computer- writing and debating politics is much better than staring at a TV set.

I have been using this summer to fix up a couple of properties we have, plus travel. Make money. That type of stuff.

October seems like a great month to get back into blogging again. (Besides, I still have plans for September.) October will see the election heating up. There will be plenty of “stuff” to debate, and I will even resume those “crappy” videos again.

Socialism must be stopped.

Social freedom is the main reason America is great. It is the reason that people try to get into America, and the reason that millions of people have tried to get here for hundreds of years.

If we lose freedom to socialism, then we lose our identity.

We will not be free.

Obama loves socialism.

Freedom is secondary to a person like Obama.

I am grateful that there are many of you conservative bloggers out there who can keep the debate for freedom alive, while a guy like myself “makes hay while the sun is shining.”

I will join you in full- force, come October.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

“Verily, when the Day of Judgment comes, we shall not be asked what we have read, but what we have done.” — Thomas a Kempis, German theologian (1380-1471).