Republicans are talking about issues.

Democrats are talking about skin color.

What is more important in an election..??

The color of a person’s skin?

Or the policies they propose?

The Democratic Chairman- Howard Dean, was explaining how minorities are more successful in the Democratic Party (sic), which is a total lie…


Look at President Bush’s administration. Colin Powell and Condi Rice have held the highest office of any minority in American history.

The highest minority in Democratic President Clinton’s cabinet was a Black man named Jordan, who was a personal servant to Clinton and helped Bill sneak his “chicks” into the White House. “White people” held all of the major cabinet positions during the last democratic presidency.

Non the less, here is what Howard Dean said:

“If you look at folks of color, even women, they’re more successful in the Democratic Party than they are in the white, uh, excuse me, in the [laughs] Republican Party.”

Was that just a simple slip of the tongue..??

I do not think so.

It was a well-planned injection of “race” into this election.

For democrats, the 2008 election is all about race.

Sen. Barack Obama doesn’t offer anything NEW to this election. He is offering the same thing that all socialists have offered since the beginning of liberalism in America in the early 1900’s.



“I will over-tax the rich, and give you little people FREE stuff..”

If you elect me, I will give you a $1,000 bucks by taxing the oil companies.


(Translation- Oil Companies will raise the cost of gas to pay for this tax, and you will pay back that $1,000 bucks at the pump.)If you elect me, I will give you FREE medicine.


(Translation- Free medicine that you will pay for in taxes.)BECAUSE…

Nothing is ever FREE.

Everything has a cost.

During my recent trip to New York City, I met a Russian woman. Man- oh- man, the insight that I gained from talking to this woman, money cannot buy and no college could provide.

Socialism is a dead end street.

And we have been driving down that street since the early 1900’s.

(Hopefully, it isn’t a “one-way” street..??)

I will get more into the Democratic Parties socialism and this conversation I had with this Russian woman in an upcoming post I call: “F**K you- America.”

But, back to the story at hand:

So, if you cannot offer anything NEW, (there is nothing NEW about socialism) then you must inject race into this election.

Howard Dean reminds us that the Democrats have a “Black” candidate. Republicans have a “White” candidate, so therefore- republicans are the “WHITE” Party.

Obama’s preacher for 20 years: Reverend Wright- reminds us about how evil the modern White man is because 150 years ago Black people were slaves. (Are you responsible for the “sins of your fathers?”)

Obama’s wife reminds us on how hard it is for a Black person to climb the ladder of success in America, when the Obama’s made more money than President Bush and John McCain’s personal income combined.

At every turn, democrats inject race into this election.

And they should..!!

Because they cannot win on the platform of socialism.

“Race” is the perfect cover for socialism.

People, who do not follow economic trends and the cause and effect of high taxation, would be more than happy to talk about race.

Talking about economics is boring.

Talking about skin color is fun and everyone can join in the conversation.

“Hey, who insulted you today because of your skin color..??”

“I had a guy by the name of Howard Dean insult me because I am White and I am a republican.”

The election- 2008

Was it about the Iraq War..??

Was it about the high price of fuel..??

Was it about the advancing Russian threat..??

Was it about the economy, stupid..??


It wasn’t about any of that boring stuff..!!

The 2008 election was about skin color.

What color is your skin..??

My skin is kind of a Mediterranean tan color. Definitely NOT white. If a Black person and a White person mated- then this interracial child mated with a White person, that would be the color of my skin.

But you could never say that my skin is WHITE.

WHITE people have it easy. They win money and get jobs. All the “chicks” dig WHITE people. (See- John Edwards and Bill Clinton.)

Us people of color have it ruff. We do not win money and get all the “chicks.”

What is your skin color..??

That is the important thing in this election.

While those stupid Russians were invading Atlanta, Georgia; that old- WHITE- McCain was raising hell about it.

You didn’t see Obama worried about it.

While the Chinese were screwing around with the Olympics, that old WHITE Bush was over there talking about that shit.

You didn’t see Obama talking about that stuff.

Obama is too cool to worry about that stuff. Obama is phylshofical. Obama thinks about stuff..!!

Like when they debated in that big ass church. McCain kept answering question directly. Yes and no type answers. That is stupid.

Obama gave answers that you couldn’t pin him down on later on, like: “It’s above my pay grade, so I will not answer..” Is that cool or what..??


If you need guidance, name three people you would get advice from..??

Obama said his grandmother and his wife. And that is true because his grandmother and his wife might have more national government experience than Obama has. Believe that shit..!! Hell, they watch that government stuff on TV.

Obama is cool.

The 2008 election isn’t about money, or taxes, or war.

The 2008 election is all about skin color and Obama is the right color.

What is your skin color..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic