August 2…

In the year- 1776…

Members of the Continental Congress began attaching their signatures to the Declaration of Independence.

This little act, by our first congress, could mean a certain death for congressional members- IF…the revolution failed.


Pressing forward, in the tradition of that FIRST congress, our democratically controlled congress has managed to do some monumental stuff-

– Congress has re-named several Post Offices.

(Post Offices need a name. And just naming a Post Office by the city or the street that it is located at is so… so… well it is just so “old school.”)

  • Congress has written a nasty letter to Rush Limbaugh.
  • Congress sent out a bunch of “stimulus checks.” (Copying what President Bush did in his first term.)

However, when the mud hit the face, and things got really tricky…

Congress was there.

(For one week, at least. Then they took off for vacation.)

When faced with the extremely tricky subject of an energy bill, this democratically controlled congress SHUT THE DOOR, and turned out the lights. They went on vacation.

Turned out the lights…

And left republican and a handful of democratic congressional members in the dark on America’s energy future.

When many Americans are scaling back vacations, or canceling travel plans this year, the democratic congress doesn’t have that problem.

Because- YOU- the taxpayer will pay for congress’ fuel to head back home and travel to Disney World or to see the largest ball of string in America.

So I must come to one conclusion…

If the Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrat controlled congress were faced with the same dilemma that our first congress faced, we would be paying taxes to Britain and counting “pounds” to see if we had enough money to buy a pint of ale. And we would all be speaking English right now.

Congress would be on vacation, so the Revolution would have to wait.


On the topic of energy, Barack Obama has decided that if we all are really, really good. If we brush our teeth and say our prayers, Obama will allow some off- shore oil drilling.

This is another “Obama flip flop”, and as a conservative, I hope Obama keeps “flipping”..!! If you people are intent on electing a person who only has 143 days of experience in national government, he better be flipping the flops my way. (And Obama is.)

Obama wants to drill for oil in America, Pelosi doesn’t want to drill of oil, however- John McCain wants to let the States decide their own oil drilling policies.

I would like to see one of these people show me the deed to these oil fields…

The way that these politicians are talking, it sounds as though they OWN the oil fields and they might let us “little people” drill on it.

NO, mister (and Ms.) political person. You do NOT own the oil fields. We- “the people” own this land and 75% of us want action- NOW.

However, there will be no action.

Because the democrat controlled congress has went away, on vacation.

There will be no talk about windmills, nuclear power plants, drilling for oil and the likes.

Congress has gone to Disney Land.

Maybe some congress members will head to China for the Olympics and breath it all in.

So, nothing new will happen on the energy problem for a while.

However, you need not worry..!!

The News Media will find something to report.

You will be treated to stories on “Designer Vaginas.” This is a story where women head to a plastic surgeon and have.. aahhh… Well..

(The title of the story probably gives you enough information. Much more than we need to know.)

Another story that can fill the void- Is Lindsay Lohan Gay..??

This is much more important than any story on America’s energy future, because Lohan’s sexual preference effect all of us.

America- you need “Designer Vaginas” and a homosexual Lindsay Lohan.

Energy is just that stupid stuff that is killing the earth, while it runs your house, car, and your way of life.

Mankind, (and womankind), lived for thousands of years without electricity and fuel. We rubbed two sticks together to make a wood fire and we cooked a dead rat. Life was simple and we were happy.

So don’t worry about energy. (Congress isn’t.)

Focus on the important stuff. “Designer Vaginas” and Linsey Lohan’s sexual appetite.

The Democrat controlled congress is taking a break and heading to Disney Land.

Where are you going..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic.

Where did I get this stuff for my editorial..?



Pelosi shuts the door, turns out the lights, and says no more talk on America’s energy future.

Pelosi focuses on Designer Vaginas and Disney Land.

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Are you unhappy with your vagina..??

Has your vagina got you feeling down..??

(Cut and paste the story)



“Flipping” Obama keeps “Flipping” flopping..!!

Gives into the demon oil beast from hell.

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Sex with Lindsay Lohan…

It’s all about the “O”

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