Every TV channel is sending their News Anchors overseas to broadcast Barack Obama setting foot on foreign soil.

This didn’t happen when President Bush last traveled overseas.

When John McCain ventured to Afghanistan and Iraq, maybe you saw some stock video footage of McCain walking and talking. However, the TV News teams did not send their “top dogs” to cover McCain’s visit.

Why so much attention on this visit overseas from Obama..??

Because this is the first time that a “Black Man” has visited Europe.

I am trying to figure out why so much attention on one man traveling to Europe..??

John Kerry, who is also a democrat, traveled overseas and did not get this kind of attention. Kerry, McCain, and President Bush all share something in common; they are “White.” So party affiliation has nothing to do with it.

It MUST be about skin color..!!

People in Europe have never seen a “Black Man” before, so this is an historic visit of a “Black Man” traveling to Europe. Therefore, we must send all of the TV News anchors to cover this monumental event..!!


Reverend Jesse Jackson, (who by the way, is also Black, and also ran for president) traveled overseas and did not get this kind of treatment. Jackson was lucky if a small child captured his arrival on a home video camera.

So maybe it has nothing to do with “the first Black Man traveling to Europe.”

Could it be that “BIG Media” is actually pushing for a “President Obama”..??

This just can’t be…

I can’t believe this to be true..!!

Remember how angry Liberals get when they think that “BIG Oil” has any influence on republicans..??

So liberals WOULD NOT tolerate “BIG Media” pushing an American political candidate?

Would they..??

I must conclude that Liberals are watching “BIG Media” the same way that they watch “BIG Oil” and no “monkey business” is taking place here.

Because if there was some “monkey business” going on, our liberal “watch dog” friends would report about “BIG Media” pushing a particular political candidate.

So what could it be..??

Why would every national TV channel send it’s top people to cover Barack Obama landing in foreign countries..??

Why would every News channel need to cover Barack Obama setting his foot on foreign soil, when they did NOT do this for Bush, Kerry, Jesse Jackson, or John McCain?

Could it be that every News producer in the business is infatuated with Barack Obama and his “WE COULD HAVE” speech..??

You remember Obama’s “WE COULD HAVE” speech, that he delivered this past Monday?

I am paraphrasing because I do not have a copy of it here handy. (And the Obama people keep changing the Obama Web Site to match current poll results.)

Obama’s speech went something like this:

The famous “WE COULD HAVE” speech, by Barack Obama.

“WE COULD HAVE” paid higher taxes and helped the poor people. People like that homeless man that I stepped over to get into my SUV.

“WE COULD HAVE” stayed in Afghanistan instead of invading Iraq. Then we would be fighting the full strength of al Qaeda in Afghanistan- a country with mountainous terrain that bogged down the Mighty Soviet Empire for eight years. Instead of fighting al Qaeda in Iraq- a flat country in which you can use tanks, trucks, and other modern equipment.

“WE COULD HAVE” hidden in the grassy knoll in 1963 and then we would know who really shot JFK.

“WE COULD HAVE” stopped our friend from eating that greasy bean burrito, and he wouldn’t have puked in our car Saturday night.

“WE COULD HAVE” invested in alternative energy so we wouldn’t be so dependant on foreign oil. (Duhhh)

“WE COULD HAVE” invested in Microsoft when Bill Gates was just starting out. Today we would be filthy rich and I, President Obama, could tax the crap out of all of us.

“WE COULD HAVE” stayed in the Senate a few more years and gain some experience.

Obama’s national government experience- 143 DAYS in the senate. (Then he started running for president.)

McCain’s national government experience- 20 years, plus almost two decades in the military.

“WE COULD HAVE” captured Osama bin Laden in Sudan when the government had him held at the border. Then 9/11wouldn’t have happened, and we wouldn’t be HERE right now. Instead, President Clinton told Sudan to let bin Laden go free.

I believe that is how the famous- Obama: “WE COULD HAVE” speech went. (A couple of those lines might not be totally correct. Remember that I am going from memory.)

Maybe the American TV News teams are on to something..??

Maybe the Europeans will love Barack Obama and his “WE COULD HAVE” speech?

I can just picture it now…

Obama, (standing somewhere in Europe) pick a place. Delivering the famous “WE COULD HAVE” speech…

“WE COULD HAVE” known that the colonists would start a revolution. (English, French, and Spanish colonists) We could have placed more soldiers in the New World to stop this revolution and today we would be getting tax money from America, Canada, and Mexico. Money we could use here in Britain, France, and Spain.

“WE COULD HAVE” known that the “Moops” would invade our land. We could have stopped the “Moops” in their tracks.

Oh, yes…

Obama could be a HIT in Europe.

Maybe we need to call Dan Rather. He needs to pack his bags and get on the next fight overseas.

This is big, people…

“WE COULD HAVE” stopped Hitler and also WW1. “WE COULD HAVE” stopped the creation of the gasoline engine and saved the earth. “WE COULD HAVE” stopped that crazy Monk and his Spanish Inquisition.


Written by AR Babonie, (who is not blogging much during this GREAT summer) for The Angry Republican

“I always turn to the sports page first. The sports page records people’s accomplishments; the front page (is) nothing but man’s failure.” — Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States (1891-1974).