Obama speaks about mis-speaking, when he spoke about how we speak.

When he spoke, about speaking, Obama was speaking about the spoken education on speech.

He wasn’t speaking about the speech that an American bloke had spoke, if the “spoken bloke” would speak about speech..!!

(He) told me to: Walk this way, TALK this way

“…instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English — they’ll learn English — you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish…” (Said by Barack Obama, July 2008)

He told me to “walk this way, talk this way..”

“…You know, it’s embarrassing when Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German. And then we go over to Europe and all we can say is ‘merci beaucoup!'” Obama said, laughing…” (Obama- July 2008)

To quote Aerosmith one more time…

(He) told me to “walk this way, talk this way..”

“…While the Obama campaign says that Obama speaks a little bit of Indonesian, Obama himself admits that he isn’t bilingual.

“I know because I don’t speak a foreign language. It’s embarrassing!” he said…”

I listened to many, many talk shows on this topic of Obama and foreign languages, and to me; most people are missing the big picture.

The reason that Europeans, who come to America, can speak several languages is because mostly- these people are affluent.

The poor and the middle class in other countries cannot afford to travel around the world.

However, in America our standard of living is such that a middle class person, who may not have any college education, can afford to travel to France, Germany, or Spain.

Many Americans, who are affluent, can also speak several languages.

(Fact)- 70 % of American school children ARE learning a second language.

So what the hell is Obama talking about..??

He must have this cartoon image of Americans (named- Bubba and Bertha) heading to Europe, looking for a hotdog with cheese fries, and a Bud Beer…

Obama, like many on the left, does not have high regards for Americans. I blame liberals in the education system for this. However, children should reach beyond their schooling. (Remember, I was once a liberal. But after educating myself further on how social programs stunt human growth and potential, I became conservative.)

Most of the people, who I know that learned a foreign language in school, have forgotten most of it because they never use it here in America.

America isn’t Europe…

In Europe, with many countries clustered together, you would have an opportunity to meet people that speak other languages on a daily basis.

However here in America, where most people speak English, it isn’t that valuable of a tool.

Matter of fact, when I lived in Los Angeles, knowing Spanish wasn’t that important. Most of my bosses spoke English. My boss was the only person that I needed to understand. If I wanted to be a manager, foreman, or team leader, I would just place a bilingual person as my- second in command.

I’m not sure why Obama decided to take this stand..??

It doesn’t make sense..?


Out of all the issues of the day, learning a second language is important to Obama..??

I might place Math a little higher on the importance scale.

Maybe proper English and writing…

How about that one Obama..??

How about kids learning to speak proper English- First..!!

I would place science and engineering much higher on the scale, than a second language.

Why do so many liberals want to “change” America into “little Europe?”

If you LOVE Europe so much, go visit the place..!!

(Learn the language first, however. Obama will be “embarrassed” of you, if you only speak English.)

Why is Obama “embarrassed” about this anyway..??

Embarrassment is formed in your mind when you believe that you, (or the Europeans) are BETTER than average Americans.

Obama has proved once again that he is a snob. Obama is an elitist.

Obama insulted my State of Pennsylvania by saying “we cling to our guns and religion because we are bitter…”

Now Obama has insulted middle class America because we do not speak French.

What the hell do I need to speak French for..??

I know one French guy, and he has lived in America most of his life. He doesn’t even know French. And he doesn’t plan on going back to France, anytime soon.

If you love Europe so much Obama, you can always go live there. (Word to the wise) You better stay in America and make several more millions first, before you head over there. You will need it. A cheap apartment goes for $300,000 US, gas is $9 bucks a gallon, (buy a scooter), food is expensive, and you will pay tons in taxes.

If you love Europe, then go live there.

We are NOT changing America into “little Europe. Not on my watch, Pal…” We fought a war and paid tons of money to break away from Europe.

I have said this many times and will probably say it a hundred times before this election is over-

When Obama reads a prepared speech from a teleprompter, he does pretty well.

However, when Obama wonders around the English language- searching for a coherent idea (that he can call his own,) Obama sucks big time.

Obama screws the pooch, every time.

There is one way that John McCain will win this election… (That would be) if Obama continues to screw up the only thing that Obama has going for him:

Public speaking.

Hard line left-wingers are pissed at Obama’s “right turn.”

The Reverend Jackson is pissed at Obama, and his “Black-ness.”

And even the die-hard democrat: Actor- Robert Redford concludes; “…I hope (Obama will) win. I think he will. If he doesn’t, you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye…”


There is no unity in the Democratic Party.

The “party of the people” has insulted it’s “people” because we do not speak French.

PICTURE- demo fine

False democracy shouts “Every man down” to the level of the average. True democracy cries “All men up” to the height of their fullest capacity for service and achievement.” — Nicholas Murray Butler, American educator (1862-1947).

Tony Snow has passed away do to cancer. Tony was 53 years old.

My first thought when I heard this news this morning was: “Well, those bastards at The Daily Kos got their wish.. Tony Snow is dead.”

(You may remember that when Tony Snow’s cancer returned, commentors at Daily Kos were happy that Snow had cancer. Because Tony Snow worked for President Bush and was conservative. Because Tony Snow was a republican, he should be dead. Was the thinking at The Daily Kos.)

My second thought was sadness. These men, Tony Snow and Tim Russert, who pass away in their 50’s, are missing a lifetime.

We see John McCain in his 70’s, starting out on a new career as president. George Burns was still doing stand- up comedy in his 90’s.

Cancer and heart failure…

We still have a long way to go in this medicine.

I am beginning to wonder if the traditional thought- that men who reach age 50 should check for colon cancer- might be too late?

Maybe at age 45, men should start being checked periodically. If you can spot colon cancer early enough, it is not deadly.

Tony Snow will be missed.

If you are interested in the life of Tony Snow, just tune into Fox News, (anytime today.) They will do a much better job of recalling Snow’s achievements, than I ever could.

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Robert Redford says: If you don’t vote democrat, then this party is over.


Obama speaks about mis-speaking, when he spoke about how we speak. When he spoke, about speaking, Obama was speaking about the spoken education on speech. He wasn’t speaking about the speech that an American bloke had spoke, if the spoken bloke would speak about speech..!!

You follow me on that one..??


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican