As Obama gains experience, so to come wisdom.

It is easy to stand on the soapbox and tell The Daily Kos bloggers that you intend to pull all the troops out of Iraq- quickly.

(Frankly, you can tell those people at Kos just about anything, and they will believe you. Just as long as it is anti- military and anti- American.)

However, when you gain experience and knowledge, you realize that you cannot pull the troops out of Iraq- quickly. Insurgents will overrun the country and you will look like an ass.

With experience and wisdom comes the realization that you cannot set a “pull out of Iraq date”, (such as 16 months- the time frame that Obama told his liberals worshipers.) Because the enemy will wait until that date, overrun the country, and you will look like an ass.

Barack Obama doesn’t want to look like an ass.

So Obama has decided to NOT stick to a “pull out date” and NOT leave Iraq- quickly. Obama wants to end the war, but now he cannot tell YOU when.

It is easy to stand on the soapbox and tell people like EKYprogressive and Strider that you are against wiretapping without a warrant and that you would like to see the telephone companies, that help the United States Government, SUED because they helped eavesdrop on terrorists.

However, with experience comes wisdom.

Obama now realizes that to catch terrorists in the act, you may not have time to get a warrant. Telephone companies are helping the government and therefore it does not justify criminal punishment.

It is easy to stand on the soapbox and tell the Black community that you cannot throw your church or your reverend under the bus for things he may have said.

However, with experience comes wisdom.

After Obama actually took the time to listen to Reverend Wright, he quickly tossed the reverend under the- diesel sucking, 5:35- blue route- metro bus.

As a conservative, it would be easy for me to grab a pair of rubber flip-flops and wave them in the air, while chanting “flip-flop.. flip-flop..”

But I am not going to do that with Barack Obama.

If you people are intent on electing Obama as the 44th president of this great country, I dam sure hope he “flip-flops” on these and many other issues.

I applaud Obama on his “flips,” and I encourage Obama to do more “flipping- flops.”

But it is interesting to note that Obama has been telling liberals exactly what they wanted to hear. (But that isn’t what Obama will do, once he is president.)

Let’s sum this up for the peanut gallery, shall we…

Obama doesn’t mind if the government listens in on terrorists phone calls. Obama doesn’t want the phone companies punished, in court, for helping the government. And Obama is NOT going to give a date for the end of the Iraq War. Obama will pull the troops out, but he will not commit to how many, and when.

Isn’t that what we already have right now under President Bush..??

So, which candidate would be George Bush’s third term..??

Sounds to me like George Bush’s third term is Barack Obama.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

The “flipping” Obama story from the AP.

The Angry Republican Video Broadcast number 8

“Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ..??”

(Note) This video was done in humor, (and revenge.) Idiot- lefties claimed President Reagan was the “anti- Christ” in the 1980’s)

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