I thought about writing an editorial on the American colonists who declared Independence and freedom on this day in 1776.

However- declaring freedom and WINNING freedom are two different things.

From my understanding of history, most colonists were scared shitless from the thought of fighting the mighty British Army. Many Americans gave the “revolutionaries” little hope of beating the British.

In reality, the 4th of July- 1776, would have NOT been a very “free” day for this young country, because we had a hell of a job ahead of us.

Today, we can enjoy the freedom that all those poor souls fought and died for long ago.

So that is what I wanted to talk about today…


Today, I am free to live where I want to live, in America. If I feel like moving- anywhere; I can do so.

(Note) that is until some liberal / environmentalist / socialist realizes a little thing call “population management.”

What is the one problem facing every State, every City..??

Answer- too many people living in one region, while not enough taxpayers are living in another region.

A future socialist, using “population management”, will TELL you where you can live. (It will, of course, be for the “good of the planet.” It will, of course, “save the earth.”)

Today, you are free to see a doctor, or NOT see a doctor. You are free to eat what you want and live how you like.

However, some future socialist, under the guise of “national health care”, will tell you what to eat, when to go to the doctor, and how you can live your life. (It will be done, of course, to make you “more healthy” and “more productive.”)

Today, I am free to work wherever I choose. I can study any field or profession, and make that my occupation.

However, some future socialist will discover “employment management.”

As a child, you will be given several choices on profession that you can go into. You will have to pick from those choices given by the government. These “choices” will be derived from the current “job market.” If the government believes we need more plumbers in the workforce, then you will become a plumber. (This will be done, of course, for “the good of THE PEOPLE.”)

Today, you are free to excel in your chosen profession. If you do something better than anyone else, and you become rich by doing it…

Let me shake your hand brother, you are living the American dream.

(Hard work) + (new ideas) = wealth

Wealth = a better life for you and your employees.

However, some future socialist will demand higher taxes on the rich. “Why should THEY make more than us..??” 50 % of your income will be taken from you. Then 65 % will be stolen from you.

How “free” would you be, if the government took 65 % of YOUR income..??

“Free” to build..??

“Free” to create..??

There will be no incentive to “work harder” and create new things. “The more you make, the more they take.” So you will NOT work harder. (This will be done, of course, for the “good of the poor.”)

Today, you are free to set up your dream house in the fashion that you choose. If you want to create a “studio room” with artwork and photographs, you can. Display that artwork with bright lights, so the detail can be seen.

However, some future socialist will tell you how bright the light bulb can be. (This will be done, of course, for the “good of the planet” to save “the earth.”)

Freedom isn’t free.

It takes muscle, blood, and brainpower to remain “free.”

We have to be smarter than the politicians.

Socialism (does NOT equal) Freedom.

Socialism is the opposite of freedom.

The zenith of socialism is a jail cell.

Prison is the pinnacle of socialism.

Everyone is equal in prison.

Everyone has health and dental care in jail.

You are told when to wake up.

What to eat.

When to exercise, when to read a book.

You are confined to a small area, the total area is no less or greater than anyone else.

You are given a bed to sleep in and three meals a day.

You should be happy.

You have everything you need to exist. There is no worry on “how will you provide for yourself.”

You should be satisfied.


You are, in fact, a caged animal.

And you are the one who built that cage around you.

This 4th of July, I wanted to talk about freedom.

But more precise, how easily freedom can slip away.

When the founding fathers decided to fight for freedom, I am quite certain that they never envisioned a future American government taxing a citizen $30 bucks to catch a fish in a nearby river. So I can say with conviction that the founding fathers wouldn’t be concerned with how much “lamp oil” you used to brighten up your living room.

So the fight for freedom never ended in America.

Celebrating the 4th of July is a great way to remember the battles for freedom, from the past. (Plus, it gives you a reason to shoot fireworks into the air, blow stuff up, and drink booze.)

However the battle for freedom rages on today.

Socialists want to take away more of your freedom.

Patriots want to return some of that freedom to you.

I am not trying to act like a philosopher. There is no wise man here. I am some guy who is spilling his brains out on paper, while having my morning coffee.

“How can anyone BE- a socialist..??”

I mean, I can sympathize with a socialist, to some extent, I fall victim to liberalism, from time to time.

But my love of freedom is too great to give it up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to help the poor..??

But helping the poor by stealing money from others, isn’t freedom.

Wouldn’t it be better to help the poor by giving them YOUR money? (“Giving”- being the optimal word here. As opposed to stealing, taking, taxing.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to help the fish, and the trees and the birds..??

But why do we need to pass a federal law forcing people to help the fish, and the trees, and the birds?

Can’t you help the birds and trees on your own?

You could do that today, if you wanted to. You need not wait for the government to pass a law, or a new tax. Just head out and buy a few bushes and trees. Plant them in your yard. The trees and birds will love you. As for the fish, donate some money to your State’s Fish and Game Commission. They love raising baby fish in a State owned water tank and then throwing the baby fish into a nearby lake. (To be eaten by bigger fish.) But hey, it seems to work, somehow..!!

Freedom is personal responsibility.

You need not wait for the federal government to save the poor, or the Earth, or the fish. You can do that, on your own, today.

So, as I celebrate this 4th of July, 2008, I am remembering the importance of “freedom.”

Freedom has not yet been won in America.

If anything, we face one of the more challenging battles for freedom, yet to fight.

This election has grown beyond the labels- “Democrat and Republican.”

It has little to do with “Liberal” and “Conservative.” (In the traditional sense.)

This election has everything to do with socialism.

Both candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, have socialistic tendencies.

“More freedom” is NOT an option in this election.

My vote, this election, has nothing to do with who is “conservative.” It has more to do with who will do the least socialistic damage to this great country. I am, as always, certain a future / wiser generation will fix the damage socialism has caused in America, because history shows this to be true.

The 4th of July is a celebration of freedom in America…

But the fight for freedom continues.

Freedom = (the freedom to choose)

Can we pass a law making Americans “free” to choose..??

How about passing a law that makes it illegal to make new laws?

(Naww, that would never pass congress. Thousands of democratic lawyers rely on new laws so that they can drag you into a courtroom for breaking their laws that they passed.)

So screw that, let’s get ready to drink beer, cook greasy meat, and blow stuff up with colorful explosives..!!

I believe that stuff is still legal..?? (Greasy meat, booze, colorful explosives.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican